Well, well, well.  If it isn’t one of my all-time favorite editors, Nicholas Wong (he of such amazing Dark Matter episodes as: My Final Gift To You, Isn’t That A Paradox, One Last Card To Play, and It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This).  And look! In honor of our first official producer’s cut sit-down on this new show, he wore his pug-themed shirt.


It’s always a pleasure collaborating with Nick who has done great work on our first two episodes.  We’re still a ways from an actual finished with footage still to be shot, visual effects to be finished, and scenes to be scored and mixed, but it’s slowly coming together.


Whenever there’s a whiteboard in the area, even if it’s not my office (Okay. ESPECIALLY if it’s not my office.) I’m always to jot something down, just to see if anyone notices down the line.  Story Editor Sam Godfrey, who sat in on yesterday’s edit, snapped one of my latest inspired contributions…


Boy, I’m going to feel guilty if this is eventually used as evidence in Nick’s murder trial.


What’s in the box?  What’s in the f&%$ing box?!!!  Well, if you must know, it’s an injured rabbit Mean Jean Brophey found on her way in to work this morning.  We contacted the Toronto Wildlife Centre where we had one of our drivers drop him off.  No news on the little guy’s condition yet, but the entire crew is anxiously awaiting an update.

Hey, speaking of bunnies, check out this little in-show children’s story (words by Sam Godfrey, pictures by Roxanne Borris) sitting in props…






What kind of final act Deus Ex Machina is this???  Where is our protagonists’s agency?!  The Death of Dreams?  The Crossing of the Third Threshold?  The Catharsis and Resurrection?!

7 thoughts on “April 30, 2019: This entry with 200% more bunnies!

  1. I dunno. Probably could use a few more bunnies.

    You have to let us know how poor street bunny makes out!

    Not a whole lot of dramatic tension in that bunny story. Unless there’s a sudden twist ending on the next page!

  2. Got kick out of your “to do” list. Everyone should have some lye lying around. I also was very enthralled by the bunnies. So frickin’ cute! Is the artist available? I’d like someone to draw my Beakle children’s story about a fuzzy glove who tries to become a bird to search for his brother.

  3. I need to know what happens next, did the Bunny mom turn off the Wi-Fi as punishment for running away? Where can I buy this book with it’s ridiculously cute pictures? I have little nieces that need this book stat, along with the tee-shirt and coloring book. Get to work Sam and Roxanne who both have names fit for a story book about wayward bunnies.

    Acid wash corpses are so last year, you need dragons to dispose of those corpses.

  4. Does Nicholas Wong have a pug or did he just wear that in honor of Suji and Lulu? Pretty cool shirt!

    Poor bunny. Please drop us an update.

    Love the list!

    Sweet children’s book, too!

    Have a good day All!

  5. Mean Jean Brophey is not mean. You are going to have to rename her. Anyone who saves injured bunnies is an angel. Angel Jean Brophey.

    “in-show children’s story” What does “in-show” mean? Is the book going to be in one of the episodes?

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