To those of you asking whether I managed to take some time off from writing this weekend – the answer is “Yes!”.  I set aside my laptop for a few hours on Saturday so that I could clear out my storage locker, moving my toys into the spare bedroom.  And by “toys” you’re no doubt assuming some manly tools or cool tech – but no.  I’m am literally referring to TOYS –

Note they’re almost all super-villains.

This past Christmas, my mother wondered whether I had gotten around to purchasing a spare bedroom for the guest room.  When I told her I had not – and wasn’t planning to – she was very disappointed.  What if she came to town?  =Where would she stay?  I informed her that we’re right next to one of Toronto’s best hotels and that I would happily put her up if she ever decided to visit.  THAT did not go over well.  She was offended.

Mom: Whenever you come to town, you prefer to stay here with me instead of at some hotel.

Me: No, I’d actually prefer to stay at a hotel.

Mom: You don’t mean that.

I don’t know.  It’s an old-fashioned European thing I’m thinking.  But I don’t want to seem like an ungrateful ingrate.  So maybe we can find a compromise.  I can continue to use my guest room for storage and just find a bed slim enough to slide in here –


What’s slightly smaller than a single?

Today, I leave you with another page from the Stargate: Extinction script, and one of my favorite scenes in the planned movie – Sheppard does Iron Man!

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 6.06.08 PM.png

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“Me: No, I’d actually prefer to stay at a hotel.”

Oh. Dude. it’s probably going to take a while to fix that one up. Good luck. Probably start with flowers and maybe some high-end chocolate from somewhere.

I’m not sure what would fit in that storage room. A padded shelf, maybe? I though you guys were doing the whole Marie Kondo thing? Clearly you have too much joy in your lives! smile


Surely you could ask a favour from the set design people to help turn a room into something resembling one of the shows you’ve been a part of, that way your mum will either love it, or think you’re totally nuts and end up staying in a hotel.

Brian Hughes
Brian Hughes

An army cot would fit nicely.


What’s slightly smaller than a single?

It’s called a Narrow-Twin (meant for cots), but if your mother asks, you didn’t hear it from me wink

On the hotel vs guest-room, I think it’s a mom-thing. A hotel implies distance and separation, things that are anathema to most moms’ instincts. Then again, certain cousins that I visit would be offended if I came to town and didn’t stay with them. The only times I got leeway was when I had the whole family with me and there simply wasn’t room.

Line Noise

Your Mum looks quite spry. How about a hammock?


Can you have “day” in space?

Tom Gardiner (@Thogar)

I’m with you in preferring to stay at a hotel when visiting family or friends. I think it’s easier on everyone and I like having a bit of space at the end of the day.

Now that both girls are gone I’ve really been wanting to turn their room into a storage space. We are completely out of space and there are still so many toys to be had. Then there’s all the existing stuff I’d like to store in a more accessible manner. Maybe one day.

Also, I’m getting really angry we never got to see Stargate: Extinction after reading the script snippets you’ve been sharing.


I know your mom is real cool and hip, but she needs to be watched when traveling. When she leaves her comfy house and comes to visit you, she’s going to be confused. She has to stay with you.

Option 1: Does Ivon have a guest room/spare bed? When your mom comes, you take everything out of your guest room and put it in Ivon’s. Take his guest bed and put it in your guest room. That way you don’t have to buy anything. All she needs in the room is a bed, lamp, chair. Switch back when she leaves.

Option 2: Or, just make sure your sister comes too and then you can honestly say there is not enough room for the two of them in your little guest room, so they have to stay at that hotel across the street.

Why do all your toys look headless?

Tam Dixon
Tam Dixon

Thanks for the 😀 this morning! I’d rather stay at a hotel too. One problem, there’s only one motel in my mom’s town. The police found a meth lab in one of the rooms. Soooo, I’m going to take a pass on that place. 😉

Ivon would probably ❤️ hosting your family. 😉

Very cool toys! My hubby has a LOT of his childhood toys. They’re mostly legos. We have boxes and boxes of legos. Also, a few board games too (Dark Tower, being one).

One of my cousin’s has his legos boxed, separated, arranged by function and labeled. It’s a OCDs wet dream. 😉


Does the building you live in have a guest suite? A lot of places have a complimentary room for your guests/family to help you out.

You can’t make your 80-something year old mom sleep on a cot. You get a cot, you sleep on it and give her your bed. (I guess you better get 2 cots – one for Akemi too) smile


You need storage, a bed and comfy seat from whence to admire your toys. The solution is the Enzo Full Sleep + Store! Use the couch for comfy laptop and reading, convert to full bed when mom visits, and store toys in it year round. The result will be anyone who rests on it will gain superpowers in their dreams.

Just looking at those boxes, containers and bins unsettles me, I want to own less stuff and spend my savings on fun stuff like Shore Leave with both SG and DM panels.

Mom Knows Best
Mom Knows Best

Not sure why your mom should ever feel need to fly to Toronto to visit you there
when you have managed to visit her in her home often enough over the last 12 months.
if such an occasion should ever arise ….
I think its a fabulously tortuous idea asking Ivon to accommodate her.
And who knows eh? It might even inspire a new long running hilarious #1 hit family sitcom
you can both become exorbitantly wealthy off of.
So then, you can both move out of those smaller apartment spaces
into spacious private homes without having to worry about its upkeep
because you’ll now each have enough momeny to hire, personal assistants,
gardeners/lawn-care, handymen/ home maintenance personnel, and
chauffeurs to drive you where ever you wish to go on demand.
All thanks to your mom simply complaining
about not wanting to stay at a hotel when she comes to visit. grin grin grin


I was initially amazed by the size and depth of your toy collection, and then I thought about all the car parts I have stored in the garage, the basement, and now in a storage facility in Michigan. In retrospect, I guess it’s not too remarkable after all, but it does make me feel like a pack-rat. wink

Kat Karena

Mr. Mallozzi, she’s your mother.
Get her a decent bed. neutral

And speaking as a Tiny House Builder, your design for storage is poor. If you give me the dimensions of the room, I’ll build you a plan for a guest/storage room.