So today was our last day of prep before Monday’s start of production and we celebrated, as is the custom, with a cast read-thru, mini cupcakes, and some 11th hour blue pages.  Also, a tour of the stages culminating in the grand space piano reveal!

Tonight, is the cast dinner followed by bowling –

March 22, 2019: Production Looms!

 – which, quite frankly, will take me well past by bedtime.   This weekend, I’m going to do a future slang pass on Episodes 3-6, finish my rewrite of Episode 7, and wade into Episode 8.

Meanwhile, developments await on three other future fronts…

Oh, hey.  Good news.  Sis’s dog, Fernando, is apparently on the mend from Severe Acute Pancreatitis.  Here he is, all smiles –

March 22, 2019: Production Looms!

Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve done a mailbag.  If you have any questions, be they Stargate, Dark Matter-related, or just general questions about the t.v. industry, post them in the comments section and I’ll answer them in my next blog entry.

17 thoughts on “March 22, 2019: Production looms!

  1. Good news about pupper Fernando.
    I have a question about Stargate Atlantis. Once you had decided to have David Hewlett reprise McKay did you have a contingency plan if he had not signed on?

  2. Hi Joe

    Some Dark Matter questions regarding our beloved Android:
    1) How come she didn’t detect that Devon was an addict?
    2) Zoie Palmer has said Android was going to have an English accent, but right at the last minute before filming the decision was made to change that. Why was that?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.


  3. So glad Fernando is getting well!
    I once went through pancreatitis with one of my cats, Scooter, God rest him.
    Scooter was hospialized at my vet’s office and had all 4 vets involved in saving him, which they did, thankfully. I was told that particular issue is very rare in cats, and seen more often in dogs. Poor Scooter lived to 16 yrs., the diabetes & hyperthyroidism finally got him.

    Ques 1… When can we expect to know more about this production? Name of show, cast, etc.?
    Ques 2… Do you find having a solid track record with previous productions, Stargate, Dark Matter, opens some doors for new product consideration?
    Ques 3… Do you ever dream about your past shows, as in assuming a character or playing out alternate scenes that never were shot or used? Since you write them, just wondering how much lingers in your psyche?


  4. Great news about Fernado 👍

    Thanks for Q&A session. Here’s two Dark Matter questions from me 😊

    The very popular ‘Isn’t it a Paradox ‘ was written because another storyline could not be fulfilled. How would that original episode have played out?

    In Season 2 onwards, what would have been One’s story arc, had you not been asked to ‘kill’ him off?

    Thanks again for this!

  5. Hi Joe, Do you ever have ideas for stories that seem so grandiose you feel you can’t do it justice ?

  6. I’m so glad Fernando is getting better. My Sadie Ann has been through two bouts of Pancreatitis and I know how scary it can be. Some nasty shit!! Hugs to all the fur babies!! 🐶🐶. Need better pup emojis. Lol

  7. Yeah Ferandoooo!! Glad he is better!

    How about the success of Jason Momoa since Stargate Atlantis? He was even presenting at the Oscars! Pretty cool!

  8. Hi Joe,

    In your future projects (like the highly anticipated “Untitled Awesome Project”), will you ever try to work-in any Akemi-isms?

    Love to hear the phrase “Jesus Crisis” delivered somewhere in a character’s line;)

  9. When Dark Matter comes back and with people trying to get more seasons of Killjoys, if its saved do you think the Dark Matter/Killjoys crossover could still happen? Also, what happened to those Dark Matter rumblings? Is that group of people still trying to save it?

  10. That’s great news about Fern. Here’s hoping sweet Lulu’s eye ulcer is doing better, as well?

    Bowling, eh? There’s a blast from the past. It’s been 40+ years since I’ve done that. Didn’t even realize any bowling alleys still exist in North America

    Good Luck next week.
    May the next few months prove
    smooooth sailing. XO

  11. Great news that Fernando is feeling better! Harry, my cat, had Chronic Pancreatitis. It’s a terrible condition. Did the Vet say if there was a way to prevent the Acute kind?

    Mini-cupcakes are pretty awesome. They are great for sampling different kinds, without getting full.

    I hope you get some rest this weekend!

  12. Hi Joe,

    If Disney made a serious offer on the Stargate IP/Franchise, (do you think that) MGM would sell or not? And why (not)?

    Have a nice day.

  13. Bit of an odd question I had after watching an episode of Stargate the other day and seeing the credits roll by at the end. What percentage of those names in the credits (or the credits for Dark Matter) would you have actually known/interacted with? As opposed to them being background/periphery crew or outside the studio or whatnot.

  14. So glad Fernando is on the mend. Really good news.
    How did your bowling go? Better than the vid above I hope 😂

    I guess there’s only one question I want to ask at the mo’…. Is there anything more we can do to help get Dark Matter back up on our TV screens? I haven’t even seen any repeats – which would, I’m so sure, gain even more fans.

    I feel so helpless (I know I’m not alone in that feeling). Thanks though, Joe, for all the Dark Matter tidbits. Much appreciated and keep ’em coming!

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