You know what I hate more than driving around looking for parking?  Or weddings?  Yes,  rewriting scripts.  More often than not, it’s just a pain in the ass necessary evil.  Other times, it can be downright infuriating as you realize…

March 21, 2019: Well – This May Take A While.

And that afternoon script polish suddenly turns into a three day rewrite.

March 21, 2019: Well – This May Take A While.

Production meeting for the Episode 1/2 First Block!  We breezed through it in under two hours.  We could have gotten it done in one and a half if not for The Great Grinder/Flint/Spark Generator Debate.  Following a long and involved discussion on the shot in question (eventually tabled and picked up later that afternoon), a decision was finally reached.  And, as my former Stargate editor Rick used to say: “Saved the episode.”.

March 21, 2019: Well – This May Take A While.

Only days away from the commencement of principal photography, so I picked up some professional-looking pens to be used in important meetings and for the signing of contracts and the like.  White sheep for good mood.  Black sheep for bad mood.  Poultry for undecided.

March 21, 2019: Well – This May Take A While.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to sis’s blind rescue husky Fernando who is in emergency.  Get well, Fern!

14 thoughts on “March 21, 2019: Well – this may take a while.

  1. So here’s the thing. At what point in your script do you have to just get typing even when it is half formed or only just a high concept in your head? So you’ve written a billion scripts already but is there ever a point where you say to yourself… “where is this going..? I thought i knew but now it’s headed off on a tangent which might be better for the script and the show but I just don’t have time” Do you invest the extra time or do you compromise and get it finished and worry about it in the polish to stop the backlog piling up. I am really interested in this because script writing and show-running is not often seen as an elite profession but it is, and comes with all the pressures associated with it. I know your’e up against it so not really expecting a response. Good luck anyway.

    1. I used to simply write without a safety net, starting a script and seeing where it took me. But my time on Stargate taught me that outlines are a crucial part of the writing process. Without this story blueprint, you’re flying blind. And when you’re heading into production, that’s something that can’t be risked.

  2. From a fan, just want to say, all of you and your team’s hard work are very much appreciated!

  3. Today’s blog entry is dedicated to sis’s blind rescue husky Fernando who is in emergency. Get well, Fern!

    Oh no! I’m praying for Fernando’s quick recovery.

    And March seems to be the month for, “You can get this done by Friday, right? RIGHT?” Needless to say, I’m doing some re-design of my own…I’m hoping to be wrapped up tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is Friday.

  4. Ah, the sour stench of frustration. It seems it’s a necessary part of any job. On the bright side, we get to work 60-70 years so we can enjoy the last 10-20 traveling, falling apart, & forgetting things. I wish the forgetting part was selective, because I’ve got a playlist.

    You have me interested in novelty pens. I’ve been in a sour mood at (and about) work due to some turmoil in the executive area. You know the Executive Suite, it’s where everyone has a spacious office with a view & a door, & for some reason it always smells better … cleaner. The rest of us, managers included, are in veal pens. I mean cubicles. And of course they have all the privacy of a shoddy bathroom stall with a missing door.

    tl;dr – The novelty pens might calm me from wanting to stab someone in the neck. Worst case scenario I stab someone in the neck with a novelty pen. That’s gotta carry a lighter sentence than using a regular pen!

    All my love to Fernando and your sister. He looks like a sweet guy and I really hope he gets better soon.


    P.S. – Any idea how much longer we have to wait before beans begin to spill? I like pictures! I like to look. Thanks.

  5. My thoughts are with poor Fernando today. Hope you recover speedily and comfortably, little buddy.

  6. Ksaa! Ksaa! Ksaa! ….. oops. Did I just say that out loud?.
    Was just imagining you slashing thru the pages of the those re-writes
    with Japanese stabbing knives.

    Love the pens. XO

    So sorry to hear about Fernando.
    Very much hope the doctors can help him recover quickly.

    Hows Sweet Lulu doing? Is her eye any better?

  7. I hope Fern is better today. It’s tough when our furbabies get sick. 🙁

    I love the chicken pen!

    Any chance you can get some rest this weekend? Here’s to hoping you won’t be so exhausted!

  8. Joe do you still work with your writing partner??? I cannot get interested in these new comics they do not peak my interest. I have a whole lot of golden age and silver age comics including a bunch of number 1 issue’s. Avenger’s 1, fantastic four #1, and so on. I have bought some of the new issue’s Joe but I can not get into them. I do love comic’s and often go to comic con’s. What can it be…

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