Check out these A.I.-generated anime characters…

Now check out these A.I.-generated people by refreshing this page:

Now check out the Jennifer Lawrence – Steve Buscemi hybrid accepting at a Golden Globe presser:


A brief overview of deep fakes:


And it’s not just video but audio as well…


Deep fakes and the technology behind it…


Spotting a deep fake (for now).  It’s all in the blinking!

7 thoughts on “February 15, 2019: Artifice!

  1. I wish this was fake news. I wonder what the world thinks about when the jacks up his ass speaks! Rat Bastards! Peace Beth
    Thank-you for the silly, when all else fails, find a reason to laugh! Uff Da!

  2. How much longer until actors are simply motion capture artists? And even then, a good human motion limits AI algorithm would replace that job as well.

    Still, I find the recent attempts (Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher in Star Wars) to be little more than creepy, animated wax figures. As the saying goes, though, it won’t be long before you can’t tell the difference.

    However, it would be hard to replace the spontaneity and ad-libbing that a human being brings to acting (which is often better than the source material), so perhaps that’ll save the profession?

    Where are we headed with this? My thoughts are that CGI actors will have their place, but it likely won’t replace mainline characters anytime soon.

    Joe, what’s your perspective?

  3. Yeah, it’s an interesting thing…I was considering a move to D.C. awhile back and all the design/illustration work assignments were something like “Must know the full Adobe Creative Suite and have Level 3 security clearance” lol So you end up in a room analyzing/creating this stuff probably. not for me

  4. And you can’t trust anybody any more. Even the White House “doctored” some recent video footage to sway the truth to their favor.

  5. It’s going to be a scary future as time goes on and that technology gets better. Insert that into our political landscape and it is downright frightening and can change the course of history. Patrick’s Proloquo2go app is speech said for him and we can choose from a variety of “names” I think we use Ryan right now for him. But we can also change it to be a different accent, etc. That’s level 1 of this technology. It has a purposeful use. It allows people who can’t speak (like the Patrick’s of the world and people who have had a stroke) and people who are deaf and maybe know sign language but can’t communicate with another that doesn’t know sign language. But with every technology that is truly developed to be helpful, some asshole of the world will take that goodness and spin it to something bad or evil.

  6. I’ve seen a bit of those but I didn’t know it was evolving so quickly. I have to say the “this person does not exist” page really impresses me. It’s as frightening as it’s got potential. Like any great technological power, it’s a matter of in whose hands it falls. Seems like it’s gonna be everybody, in this case. The future is gonna be tough to decipher.

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