One of the reasons I like to multi-task projects is the amount of work I actually get done jumping from one to the next.  You may think it counter-intuitive, that you’d be better of focusing wholly on one thing, but I find that, invariably, there will come a point where you end up hitting the creative wall on something.  When that happens, I find that switching off and onto something else for awhile allows me to recharge and eventually return to the original project with fresh eyes and a fresh head.  Usually.  Of course the worst case scenario is if you hit a perfect storm of multiple creative impasses.  Suddenly, it doesn’t matter which file you open, re-read and reconsider.  There’s nowhere to go.

Which, frustratingly, is where I find myself today.  Individually, these tasks feel manageable but together they seem insurmountable.

My creative to-do list:

Orchestrate a clever four-person heist that highlights the individual strengths of each character in an entertaining, efficient, and humorous way.

Ground a sci-fi macguffin to a home location.

Rethink and reshape a pilot overview into more of a single character-driven narrative that is captivating, surprising, and studded with humor.

Come up with something clever the aforementioned character does at episode’s end to turn the tables on his unique enemy.

Re-read and track all character and story arcs through nine episodes, then craft a brilliant season finale in which all dovetail in and pay off in satisfactory fashion.

Find an amazing artist for that comic book project.

9 thoughts on “February 16, 2019: A Perfect Storm of Stumbling Blocks!

  1. “Come up with something clever…”. How about what 1960’s parents advised about bullies: Ignore the antagonist.

  2. I can hear the crescendo now. Thanks for the motivation. I think it ls time to take on multiple images at once. It’s something I’ve been considering. 🙂

  3. Urgh. Well, none of those sound too insurmountable so I’m sure you’ll work it all out.

    Was hoping to go snow shoeing around here today but the rain we had in the last 36 hours has basically melted most of it and now it’s all ice. This winter has been crappy.

  4. Villain: Hero, I will now disintegrate you using this sonic disruptor

    Hero: Oh, you mean that disruptor? The one that this…..pulls sci-fi device out of his wooden peg-leg.….modulator has turned into a giant space dog-shark whistle ?

    Villain: What!? Sound of windows breaking. NOOOOOO !!! Space dog-sharks fly into the room Ahhhh ! (Screaming continues as the space dog-sharks proceed to tear the villain asunder. While our hero recovers his own weapon.)

    Hero (just before he leaves the room): That’s what you get for not paying attention to your Karma. It came back to bite you. Walks out

  5. I can’t wait to find out what projects you’re working on! On your breaks, did you get any good food porn? That blueberry pie looks good. Does Akemi have a good pie crust recipe?

    I went for a Mom visit yesterday. While I was there I noticed mold in her bathroom. So, I’ll have to plan another visit to disinfect and paint. I haven’t visited in a while (had a chronic sinus infection that kicked my butt) but you would have thought someone would have noticed the mold. (?)
    It’s such an old house. It was built without a fan in the bathroom. I painted and de-molded it a few years ago. Then I had someone install a bathroom fan but she keeps turning the fan off before it gets a chance to clear out the humidity. Uggg!

    Changing the subject, did you see the news about Jussie Smollett? True life can be very strange. I’m getting whip lash watching the story develop. I wonder if this means the FBI is involved? It’s just crazy and it makes me appreciate my sane but boring life. 😉

  6. Well, that’s not intimidating at all.

    I still have the remains of a cold, and two new kittens, Logan and Domino. One likes to potty on soft surfaces. My washer is getting a workout.

  7. I’m with Edmond Dantes here about the dog. Minus the shark. Could you write in a dog for someone in one of your shows? A mean but loveable one. That’d be fun! 😁

  8. Time to put your feet above your head and let the blood flow to the brain. It will make you feel refreshed and recharged. It’s my morning energy fix for nights I stay up way too late; last night is was Endeavour, the nonsensical mystery revolved around a suspicious car accident and gave short shrift to an awesome subplot about the puppeteers of a Thunderbirds type kids show that dovetailed with the first moon landing.

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