February 14, 2019: Valentine’s Day Stuff – But Not Really.

Oooh, check it out.  Matcha chocolate from Japan!  Not from me to Akemi.  Or from Akemi to me.  But from a friend who caught my blog post lamenting my inability to source these amazing chocolates and, while in Tokyo, brought me back this huge stash.  The bars are fantastic as is the sampling kit with matcha percentages ranging from a North American level 1.2% to a super intense 29.1%! Thanks to Matcha Mama for the score!

February 14, 2019: Valentine’s Day Stuff – But Not Really.

But to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Akemi baked me this blueberry pie AND picked up a pint of premium vanilla ice cream to accompany it.  I, in turn, bought her a cilantro-less tofu banh mi for lunch.  Romantic, no?

February 14, 2019: Valentine’s Day Stuff – But Not Really.

This arrived in the mail today.  No, not from Akemi to me but from me to myself.  Still, bonus points to Akemi for identifying the Legion of Super-Heroes emblem.  A girl after my own heart!

February 14, 2019: Valentine’s Day Stuff – But Not Really.

What’s that word?  It’s sort of means overwhelmed at the prospect of facing something really daunting?  Hello, thesaurus?

So.  Got the notes to the outline for my (formerly) Untitled Awesome Project.  Here are the results of our Yes/No survey…

Alien slang?  Maybe.   (Let’s wait for the script)

Diner Distress?  Maybe.  (Let’s wait for the script)

Alien Antagonist?  Yes and No.  (Changes required)

Visceral Jelly?  Sadly, no.

High Tea in the Garden?  Maybe.  (Let’s wait for the script)

The Big Dance Number?  No.  (Which may force me to change the placeholder title to Untitled Good Project)

Anyway, some fairly significant notes that will require a restructuring of the outline – and a fair amount of thought.

I’ve been so busy researching and writing that I’ve fallen behind on my reading. 13 books sit in my digital “LOANS” shelf among them: Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe, What Came Before the Big Bang: Cycles of Time, and The Legion of Regrettable Villains.  I have three weeks to get through them.  Wondering if an impromptu trip to L.A. to pitch the BIG project will make me MORE or LESS likely to get through them?



17 thoughts on “February 14, 2019: Valentine’s Day stuff – but not really.

  1. It is with great dismay that I read about the “no” on the big dance number. Maybe sneak it in anyway? Or hope that, on reading the script, one of the execs says, “you know what this needs? A big ending dance number!”?

    Chocolate looks great!

    1. It was only a fan opinion poll anyway, not actually mandating what they’ll do, and “no” only had a slight majority.

  2. Hmm … not so sure about the “cilantro-less tofu banh mi” … Slim diet?
    An LA trip would be a nice break from the cold, and time for in-flight reading!

  3. If you are planning to read Time Travel in Einsteins Universe
    you’d likely benefit from adding to the list
    a quick glance thru ‘How To Build A Time Machine’ by Professor Davies, as well.

  4. I’d eat all that chocolate so fast it would make your head spin. I’d have pimples for a month. How can you keep it in your house and not eat it in 3 days? You are a better man than me…. um…. well… since you are a man and I’m a girl…

  5. I’m not sure how you keep everything straight?! Do you keep a day planner or just make lists on your phone/tablet?

    I agree with Michael André Duvic, Cilantro is the devil. Yuck! They put it on everything now. I’ll say “No cilantro” and I still end up picking the crap off. Tastes like soap. I tried growing it in a container because it was so pretty. Nope! Every time I walked by the plant or touched it…soap.

  6. Hey there! I make tie pins and cufflinks and would love to make you something. If you are interested (though it looks like you may be fully stocked now) just let me know what image, colour (cufflinks in Gun metal and Bronze) and where to send them. 🙂

    1. Hey faith-Anne,

      Thanks for the kind offer. I’m going to have to give it some thought!

      1. It would be my pleasure to say thank you for all you have given us. Let me know any time.

  7. Cilantro sucks. I can bear it in some sauces, but that soap taste can go … meander off a cliff, bounce off a few boulders, drown in the river below, and have its corpse nibbled by fishes who are eaten by larger fishes, who are then devoured by bears, who are shot by poachers, taxidermied, and set in tourist destinations in BC, forever dusty and sad. Until the tourist trap goes up in flames in a wildfire caused by climate change, and the human race is extinguished. That should take care of it once and for all.

  8. Blueberry pie! Happy belated V day, I celebrated with Orville and ST Discovery, this week Orville recreated the J’naii ep of Next Gen, Orville feels like fan fiction with excellent production values and I’m loving it.

  9. @Tam Definitely agree on Cilantro tasting like soap. I never could tolerate the taste.

    Joe: Sweet of Akemi to make you a pie, even if it is berry based.
    Might benefit you both to get out of the apartment for
    a real valentines date this weekend.
    Maybe go let loose to some live music somewhere in T.O?
    You haven’t done that in while, eh?

    Here’s couple links to help further your basic reading/exploration:

    An easy one page intro @ Nat Geo.
    Re: Ripples in space-time, distorting the shape in the fabric

    Understanding ripples in space-time (gravitational waves)

  10. My vote is more likely to read them, BUT that depends on if your impromptu trip includes visits to people you know and with whom want to get together while you are there, which will then put that idea into less likely category.

    The blueberry pie looks delicious. Jeff is a big blueberry fan, but the only pie he likes is apple. Go figure. That was so very thoughtful of Matcha Mama to get those for you.

  11. Please ignore whoever said no on the big dance number (without even seeing it yet!). Especially since if this crosses over with Dark Matter, it becomes theoretically possible for our beloved Dark Matter characters to also be subjected to “and an absolutely bonkers climax involving mind control, sonic attacks, and an extended choreographed dance sequence”, all of which I would love.

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