Well, I just delivered the outline for my (previously) Untitled Awesome Project.  At a robust 24 pages (roughly double my usual outline page count), it’s chock full o’ story details, fun character beats, twists, turns, surprises, and a sprinkling of gags.  Either they’ll love it or – they’ll have me committed immediately after they finish reading it.

OR it’s very possible that they’ll have a few bumps.  Hopefully not – or not too many – but I have to admit that certain elements in this script fall under the categories of ambitious, provocative, or downright insane.

So, as I await feedback, why don’t we all try to predict what the response will be to some of the pilot’s more “out there” aspects.

What will survive to see first draft?

Answers next week!


13 thoughts on “Annnnnnnd scene! And outline.

  1. I want to see all of it. All. Of. It.

    But I sure hope the visceral jelly and the big dance number are related things!

  2. Coming from someone who is into creating your future by visualizing it already there. Try that. Mentally visualize speaking to them in a white room (your psychic workshop is what I call it when I teach it to my students) whomever will be seeing it that day and tell them mentally that when they see it they love it.

  3. Big dance numbers? High Tea? I’m getting “supporting my wife by watching Pride & Prejudice” PTSD flashbacks…

    I’m one of those people who loathes musicals. I did the fatherly (and gentlemanly) thing by never telling my daughter Jackie this fact when she was in youth theater, but now that she’s well on her way towards earning that Mechanical Engineering degree and no longer in youth theater, I refuse to hide my disdain any longer. I cannot stand musicals.

    Barb got me to go to The Greatest Showman before I knew what it was about. I was told it was a biopic about PT Barnum, which had some of my interest (my mother was friends with Emmett Kelly Jr., and I had been to several Barnum and Bailey circus performances as a kid). This could be good…

    As soon as the show started, the singing started. I whisper-hissed to Barbara, “you never told me this was musical!” She just grinned (and I had to bear it).

    For payback, I recently took Barb to see Glass. She’s not a M. Night Shyamalan or Hitchcock fan, so this was a bit of a trial for her. She took it like a champ though…

    So, long story short, please tell me that you’re not writing a musical…please?

    1. No one hates musicals more than me. But I guarantee you’ll love this big dance number.

  4. Dang, almost missed the poll questions. They don’t appear in the email version.

  5. Back with more hints? I hate you.
    Description of story? I love you.
    I guess everyone’s into love/hate relationships. I heard it’s what the cool kids are doing when they’re not vaping.

  6. @Joe:

    You’ve more than earned my trust, so I can’t wait to see the finish product. When can you tell us more about it?

  7. Long time no read!
    More comics, yay! Always up for that. I wish you good luck.
    Oh and I think one of the beste Musical episodes was in greys anatomy. I know you hate them, but I thought they really pulled it of.
    However, I seriously can’t imagine a dance number in a sci-fi setting. You have me intrigued.
    I haven’t really been around so I hope all is well with you, akemi and the pugs. All the best from the other side of the pond.


  8. That sounds exciting!!! Any kind of date that information will be released?

    I’m riding hide on Predisone for the next two weeks. Woot! Sleep is over rated anyway. I swam two miles this morning with barely a twinge.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  9. Well, shoot, missed the poll, so I’m going with this:
    Alien Slang: Yes.
    Diner Distress: Yes
    Alien Antagonist: Yes
    Visceral jelly: No
    High tea in the garden: Yes
    The Big Dance Number: Absolutely.

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