Since I’m now only one hour from my hometown of Montreal (maybe 2 hours door to door), I decided to hop on a flight and surprise mom for her 85th birthday.

Yes, the plan was to go for smoked meat but our go-to spot, Smoke Meat Pete, was mysteriously closed so we had to settle for sushi instead.  Or what passes for sushi in Montreal.  Then, after a relaxing afternoon, it was time for dinner – and another surprise compliments of her two dozen co-workers (Yes, at 85, mom still goes in to work three days a week!):

Check out some of the family photos…


Mom can’t help but point out that my attitude towards taking photos hasn’t changed much over the years.


Subtext = Santa: I’m a serial killer.  Me: Santa’s a serial killer.


Mom during her Hip hop phase.


Taken the last time I was in town.

Tomorrow, it’s back home to Toronto where responsibilities await!

17 thoughts on “February 8, 2019: Birthday Surprise!

  1. What a lovely surprise! Such a wonderful thing to do! Your mum must have been overjoyed <3

  2. XO Happy Birthday Mama Mallozzi. XO

    So Joe, i guess you decided against the dryer gag again, eh? 😀

  3. Wow, that’s an awesome thing to do for your Mom! Also, I know see how much Sis looks like your Mom when she was younger.

    You were such a cute little kid! Seemed to kind of have an attitude, though. LOL!

  4. Love them while you have them, folks! Joe and his sister are great examples for the rest of us. 💞

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mamma Mallozzi!!! She is certainly a young looking mama ! (in all the photos and videos) Thanks for sharing your family! ~~ family photos,,, ohhh sooo cute!! What a good son you are!

  6. Good that your Mom still works and that you surprised her with a wonderful visit! My Mom worked until she was 86. She later said that retiring was the worst thing she did. She worked 4 blocks from home, would work 4 hours a day and she was the “Office Mother”. It gave her a reason to get up and get out each day.

  7. Wow, what a great surprise! Happy Birthday to you, Mamma Mallozzi!

    Have a safe trip back home.

  8. I have spent a while searching and give up. I wanted to share the blog where you did a taste test and tricked others (I think Carl) into tasting something incredibly hot. HELP!

  9. Awe, you are such a sweet son. Your mom is cool. Happy birthday Mrs. Mallozzi! And many more!!
    @Drea – I think I know the blog entry you are referring to. It was hilarious!

  10. My face hurts from smiling, aw!! This is so sweet, happy birthday to lovely Mrs. Mallozzi! Thanks for sharing those wonderful pics of your childhood!

    That pic of Santa though is saying “Nobody move or the kid gets it.” Scary, I prefer inebriated and incapacitated Santas who are only a danger to themselves:

  11. Awwwwww. Very belated happy Birthday Joe’s mom. Joe, your mother is just amazing. I hope I’ll get to meet her sometime. I think you and Andria have some great genes there. I love the family pictures through the years. You should pose more. Yes, it looks like you were brooding quite a bit, but I applaud you for recognizing a fake like Santa Claus so early in life.

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