Dinner last night at Sara Restaurant (98 Portland Street, Toronto)

Hamachi bites, yellowtail sashimi, scallop & crab dumplings, Shanghai pork dumplings, chicken wing dumplings, snap pea slaw, black cod, bincho broccoli, momo yakitori, party sandwich, PB&J.

The restaurant is in a refurnished two-level Victorian home.  Akemi loves the  interior design by Odami Design so much that she instantly expressed a desire to move in.


Check out out while you’re in town.


8 thoughts on “January 26, 2019: All the Pretty Plates!

  1. Amazing! I love the clean lines of the restaurant’s interior too.

    I’m glad you took time for a break.

  2. Did you and Akemi eat all that?! Where do you put it? The peanut butter and jelly looks very interesting! Did you take a doggie bag home to you know who?

  3. Love the food pics, took a while to recognize the PB and J on that desert. It all looks tasty! Dumplings, mmm!

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