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Super chill.


Toasty warm.

From therapy dog, to in-therapy dog…

Hard to believe that when we first got her, Suji needed a wheelchair to get around.  Now, even though she and Lulu get a lift to the park, she’s a dedicated walker.  And if we’re ever late for her morning or evening walks, she let us know it!

Inspired by Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Lulu and I look to clean up her toy box…

5 thoughts on “January 27, 2019: Suji Sunday!

  1. Oh Suji seems to be bewildered by the weather. Me, I was held in suspense by the movie Deadpool. The opening credits are hilarious. Good thing I renewed my subscription for asthma.

  2. Those animatronic dogs are amazing. And that sound design, damn, great job! 😛
    (I should really stop watching FX makers videos…)

    Have a nice walk in the snow, kids!

  3. Cutie pies Suji and Lulu! Your neighbors can hear y’all coming. I think Lulu needs a second toy box, and not clean out her toys that look perfectly good. (I’m here for you Lulu!)

    I love Suji Sundays!

  4. Suji has come a long way. TLC can make a big difference. Thanks to Akemi and yourself for posting Suji’s journey. I hope it encourages others with senior pets.

    Gforce: The latest pictures you’ve been posting are spectacular! Maybe, you could supplement your retirement with photography? You have a gift.

    Mr. M.: I don’t mind the Amazon picks they send me. Every blue moon I find a keeper. Of course, I probably don’t get as many emails as you do. I remember helping Dr Jo with her emails and she had over 3,000 in her inbox. That would have driven me crazy.

  5. Great vids today, my face hurts from laughing at Lulu’s attempt to tidy up. After the books Suji can tackle her sneaker collection, she hasn’t worn those Limited Edition Air Jordans in years. I can relate to Suji’s impatient joy, that’s how I feel every Friday afternoon, raring to get the weekend started.

    I finally made cauliflower crust pizza, merged with a Paleo pizza crust recipe. I didn’t have parchment paper and ended up with a delicious low carb pizza that stuck to the tinfoil. I regret laughing at all those tragic bakers on Nailed It. I turned the pizza upside down on the plate to try to peel the tinfoil off, and most of the crust came off with it. But it was still very tasty mess.

    I need to see Fast Color, hope it’s as good as it looks

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