Hmmmmm.  Received a most intriguing yet mysterious text this afternoon by someone with some very interesting news.  But the number is not in my list of contacts and, while I can possibly guess the sender’s identity (New phone number perhaps?), I can’t be certain.  My “Wait.  Who is this?” response went unanswered and so, for the foreseeable future, I can only stew and consider the possibilities.  All I can say is how bizarre yet absolutely amazing if true.

Cryptic enough for ya?

Pleased to report I have eight more books to read in order to complete by 365 titles in 365 days record reading year.  I’m working on a breakdown and, so far, 183 of the titles were 2018 releases.  Not bad.  I’ve got 30 books on digital hold from my local library and I anxiously await the email notification informing me I’m good to go, while madly refreshing the hold page to see how far along the queue I’ve progressed on my various waits.  #18 on 8 copies of Baby Teeth!  #1 on 5 copies of River of Stars!  #884 on 250 copies of Educated!

It is with great sadness I report the premature end to my fantasy football season in one league.  My Snow Monkeys were undone by the underperforming likes of Alvin Kamara, Larry Fitzgerald, DJ Moore, and Baker Mayfield.  Now, my hopes rest with my Snow Monkeys in my second league where they battle former Dark Matter VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson’s L’s Legit Team.  I’m feeling confident.

Man, check out the sun hog –


10 thoughts on “December 11, 2018: A cryptic text, going for 365, my Snow Monkeys, and the sun hog!

  1. Cryptic message from your secret admirer? 😅
    With your reading rate, looking possible to surpass 365 a year!
    Lulu looking great in the zone! 😎

  2. That cryptic text was probably from an alternate universe. I get those on occasion.The messages I receive are always about trying to sell me vacation property on some weird planet. Not having a multiverse ship, I don’t bother replying.

  3. Ah …Sweet Lulu’s got the right idea. Brrrrr. Its been pretty darn C-C-C-COLD here this week!
    Well, colors me a hog. Wrap me in some tinfoil and stuff an apple in this gals mouth.
    I coulds definitely use the improvement of some time baking in the sun!

    Another secret admirer, sending you amazing love notes you say, eh?
    Should Akemi be worried? 😀

    Sorry to hear about Snow Monkeys.
    No worries. They’ll get themselves dusted off and back up to whooping ass, in no time!

    Question: I loved all the pics you shared from your visit this year
    (most especially the architecture) XO.
    Albeit, Am wondering? –> Were you not able to find any more cool holiday light displays in Tokyo
    to vid record?
    The advertising websites I’d previously come across
    made it sound like almost everywhere in midtown was being transformed
    to a breathtaking, magical, winter wonderland for the entire Christmas season. ????

    You have no right to tease like this. This is way too much tension, beyond anything anyone can handle.

    ALSO, I find it pretty fun and very exciting. This thrilling ride is full of events and I feel like I’m following a daily radio show with crazy cliffhangers and all.

    I love the way you do it but it is totally unacceptable.
    But fun.

  5. I can’t wait to hear more about the cryptic text! It sounds exciting whatever it is.

    Too bad about the snow monkeys. 😕

  6. Lulu is a mighty cutie, wow. I’ve read only about 4 books this year and I’m rereading Of Blood and Bone so that doesn’t count. But if you’re talking shows I’ve seen a bucketload, I’m working my way through season 2 of Mars which is very different, darker with way higher stakes.

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