There were my favorites…

Spider-Man Worldwide, vol. 9 (cover art by Alex Ross)

Doctor Strange: The Best Defense #1 (cover art by Greg Smallwood)

Shadowman #10 (cover art by Tonci Zonjic)

Star Wars, Vol. 9: Hope Dies (cover art by Travis Charest)

Sword Daughter, vol. 1 (cover art by Greg Smallwood)

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spiderman #313 (cover art by Jeff Dekal)

So, which were your faves?

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Nicolas Bannister

Shadowman, of course. Simple and strong, nice patterns.
I would have gone without the light on the neck, full black mass silhouette. Good one!

Sword Daughter, very simple, poster vibe. Almost not a cover. Very dry and austere rendering, like a counterpart of the title. Showing kind of the opposite of what it says. Clever.

Spiderman’s good, another funny angle. Bold one.
Not a big fan of the tangents though (heels on balcony, foot on logo, left hand on building)

I notice now, after a few weeks of playing this game, that I’m largely inclined to like things I can’t do in my art. That’s funny.


Wow, Leia with her blueprints cloak is awesome, now I need to reread Carrie Fisher’s Princess Diarist.


Interesting that Doctor strange & Shadow Man both hint at patterns found in the Stargates.

I’m going to venture a guess the cryptic message you received yesterday
had to to do with a new SG series??

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

I’ll go with “Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spiderman”. Is “The Amazing Spidermen” different than “The Sectacular Spiderman?

I’m mixing up some of those “Drunken Uncles” for a Christmas special request. Thanks again for the recipe!

Margaret Clayton

Mmm, digging the Dr. Strange and Shadowman covers. Nice lines, sharp.


I do love the starships detail in the cloak on the Star Wars cover but I’m favouring Shadowman. It just has a vibe about it.
I am intrigued by the Sword Daughter comic though. It’s title, with ‘She Brightly Burns’ and the story the illustration hints at has me thinking I may check this one out.


Sword Daughter ,vol 1