A late blog post today as I was out with Private Eyes Showrunner/Executive Producer (and former Stargate Co-Executive Producer) Alan McCullough for an evening of drinks, discussion, and rosemary-infused dessert.  Good, good guy.  He say hi by the way.

Pursuant to what I mentioned in yesterday’s entry…what was it again?…Oh, yeah! Dark Matter!  I sent out my rundown of what we need to accomplish in this relatively short period of time.  I say “short period” but, to you regular mortals, it may seem like an eternity.  In an ideal scenario, we get the ball rolling on Phase 1 in December which will lay the groundwork for Phase 2 (letting everyone in on the plan) in early 2019 and then, if all goes as planned, aim for a very “productive” Phase 3 in late summer to early fall.

Had a meeting today regarding my Untitled Awesome Project (which, actually, has a title now but I won’t mention it as I don’t know if it’s going to stick and I don’t want you to get attached), a preparatory sit-down in advance of Thursday afternoon’s broadcaster pitch.  We already forwarded them the 12 page overview, so I’m hoping it’s less pitch and more of a chat about the show creative – and compliments.

On the somewhat less ethereal front, I’m about halfway through the script for Episode 3 of the show I’m currently showrunning.  Received the script for Episode 2 tonight from Courtney and, tomorrow, I sent Alejandro to draft on Episode 4. Still awaiting notes on the Episode 5 outline.  The pilot was well-received – which is always a relief.  You’re only as good as your last script, right?

Early next week, I begin to apply pressure on the outstanding materials delivered for that comic book adaptation.  Once everyone is happy with the overview, we start talking pilot.

Finally, with the deal closed on the option for that horror novel, it’s time to sit down with the author and start hammering out a game plan for the show’s first season.

Oh and hey, check this out.  My Snow Monkeys won last week by the narrowest of margins, securing a share of first place in my NFL league (while maintaining sole possession of first in my Yahoo league):

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 8.39.10 AM.png

0.04 points!  The potential for a stat correction will keep me up for the rest of this week!

14 thoughts on “November 13, 2018: This and That!

  1. So glad you’re busy creating! Can’t wait to see some of that hard work hit the screen…or paper…or…something.

  2. I think you are well past “being only as good as your last script”. You have been in charge/involved both on the creative (writing, putting together et al) and showrunning side (not that showrunning isn’t creative – as it very obviously is highly so) for several A+++ shows. I hope your creative abilities are stretched to include most of the possible projects you mention, not the least of them would be the very deserved continuation of DM for at least the 4th and 5th seasons). Even though there are always many forces we just can’t control (control itself is in most ways illusory, though unfortunately not in all), I hope the best comes from the opportunities you are creating.

  3. This is all really rather wonderful for you, Joe!
    Congratulations big time! 😁

    PS It’s all really rather wonderful for us too! 👍

  4. Everything sounds like smoooo… well, you know. I’m excited for all these things to work out and I can’t wait to hear more.

  5. Damn, that’s a lot going on! Everything happens almost at the same time, after months (years) of gestating state. that’s great ! It’s going every direction!

  6. Hi Alan!
    Hi Joe, congratulations to your Snow Monkeys. I managed to win in both leagues this week, in one I pulled out the win on the last game with Odell. If I’d played Ben Roethlisberger it wouldn’t have been close. I’m juggling between Ben and Jared Goff.

    Which episode is Ivon writing? Good luck with all of your projects. I don’t know how you keep up with them all.

    Cheers, Chev


    Oh, hey, Joe. Before I get busy again and forget…

    I ran into a dog trainer friend last week,
    while out and about in the neighborhood.
    She mentioned about working with a couple parents
    dealing with separation anxiety with their fur baby,
    so I brought up Suji’s anxiety problem.
    She says if you go to a discount or dollar store,
    purchase an over sized, inexpensive t-shirt,
    wear it as an undergarment the day before,
    then leave the unlaundered shirt with her,
    to wear or snuggle with,
    it will help.
    She also says its helpful to NOT make a big deal about leaving.
    (No lengthy speeches or goodbye hugs, to indicate you are going away).
    Just give her a kiss and tell her be a good girl,
    then have the care provider distract her
    with a brand new toy or extra special treat in a separate room
    so she does not see you leave.
    Be sure to have your packed suitcases
    already sitting outside the front door & out of Suji’s view
    so you can slip out quickly & quietly.
    (You can give her all that extra ‘I’ll miss you’
    affection and attention an hour or so before you actually leave).
    She said, more often than not, dogs end up having a problem
    with their mommy or daddy leaving because the parents themselves
    have made a production or big deal about them going away,
    without realizing it.
    Just approach it in a nonchalant manner
    as if you are simply going into the next room
    and closing the door so you can have some peace and quiet for a while.

  8. I’m hoping it all works out like you want!

    Has anyone read “Redshirts” by Scalzi? I bought it on audible without reading the description. I usually like Scalzi and this book won a Hugo. I’ll be reading the synopsis before I buy one of his next time. No offense for the fans of this book but “Redshirts” wasn’t for me.

    We are predicted to get a few inches of snow. Just a couple of weeks ago it was 90F.

  9. I hope the renewed hope for Dark Matter turns into reality!

    Heads up for those who use Discus. The last 2 weeks my email started getting a lot of spam (I have only gotten a few a day for about 3 years). Check haveibeenpwned.com and bingo.

    :::Disqus: In October 2017, the blog commenting service Disqus announced they’d suffered a data breach. The breach dated back to July 2012 but wasn’t identified until years later when the data finally surfaced. The breach contained over 17.5 million unique email addresses and usernames. Users who created logins on Disqus had salted SHA1 hashes of passwords whilst users who logged in via social providers only had references to those accounts.

    Compromised data: Email addresses, Passwords, Usernames::

  10. I posted and it usually says holding for approval, but nothing. I wonder if your spam box ate it on send. 🙁

  11. Exciting stuff! I’ve been distracted with the usual work chaos, come here to find your work output is approaching epic levels. Juggling 3 SG series must make juggling this many projects smooth sailing to steal your quote. I’m watching the Most Unknown documentary on Netflix, it had a really great phrase; Cosmic something; can’t remember it exactly, but it would make a nice addition to your show title dossier.

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