November 12, 2018: Distant Dark Matter Rumblings

When Dark Matter was cancelled a little over a year ago, I was left somewhat frustrated, kind of annoyed, a more than a little pissed.  For various reasons.  I was frustrated because I wouldn’t be able to complete the story I’d mapped out, annoyed by what I felt was a petty and vindictive decision, and more than a little pissed at how it all went down.  In the end, it was a Clueless Exec Sucker Punch to the show’s cast, crew and, chiefest of all, its fans who had supported the series for three seasons.

An ensuing online campaign to save the show proved ultimately (frankly, surprisingly) unsuccessful and so I redirected focus to other projects.  Whenever fans have asked me about the prospect of a Dark Matter revival, I’ve been honest with them.  It’s unlikely, but I still hold out hope for a mini-series that would allow me to wrap up as many of those narrative loose ends as possible and, hopefully, offer fans some closure.  That, I honestly felt, was the best case scenario.

Until today after my conversation with a very determined individual with connections to a group of equally determined, forward-thinking individuals who have proposed an atypical but very intriguing approach to getting it done.    And the more they talk about it, the more convinced I become that, maybe, the odds of a fourth and fifth season of Dark Matter may not be as long as I’d initially assumed.

Ambiguous, no?  Alas, for now, all I’ll say is that the wheels on a resurrection are – surprisingly – in motion again.  There is, of course, no guarantee that anything will come of this, but the strategy is crazy-brilliant and certainly worth pursuing.

Anyway, I followed up this afternoon’s call with an email outlining the game plan, the questions we needed to answer, and my proposal for a schedule moving forward.  Conversations to follow.

Let’s just file this one away for now but I’ll leave you with this.  Prior to this afternoon, Magic 8 Ball said “Outlook not so good”.  After my chat, it had revised it’s prognostication to: “Ask again later”.  Read into that what you will.

91 thoughts on “November 12, 2018: Distant Dark Matter Rumblings

  1. What can we as fans do to help make this a reality? I know I’m not alone in wanting to see the Raza crew back on our screens!!

  2. Congratulations and we hope and wish for the best out come. Fantastic news really 🙂

  3. Hi Joe
    Alrighty then, I’ll take a “possibly maybe” over a “stick a fork in it, it’s done” anyday.


  4. I woke up today thinking about the virtual season 4, hoping for its continue somehow, and now I read this. Wow! Fingers crossed!

  5. That’s the best news I’ve heard for a while! Whether it pans out or not, I’m anxious to hear about how your approaching this whole scheme. I realize it’s way to soon, but I can’t help but wonder how you tackle the task of getting the whole band back together? Plus, your own calendar appears to be filling up, too. Regardless, getting the green light on finishing Dark Matter up the way you intended would definitely be cause for a major celebration!

    Thanks for adding a little light to a pretty dreary November!

  6. I am TRYING not to get my hopes up too much… but HOT DAMN! I think my week was just made.

    I cannot wait to hear more!

  7. That’s quite some unexpected positive news! Wishing you well with bringing Dark Matter back from the void. Certainly in some alternate universes Dark Matter is resurrected – maybe this is one of them!

  8. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve bin watched DM watching it again as I type this comment.
    Why not at least a DM movie? We did it for Firefly/Serenity.
    Damn it Dark Matter I just don’t know how to quit you.

  9. That sounds semi-promising. All great accomplishments start somewhere…here’s hoping!

    I would love to see Dark Matter back on the air.

  10. Hi Joe, that is exciting just having the possibility of seasons 4 and 5. I’m staying tuned. Would not be the same without the wonderful original cast though ! Could they be available despite current projects?

  11. Incredible. I’ve said it before, in our new reality of content craving outlets and consumers, anything is possible.

    What makes more sense: a new show with only the promise of a bright future?

    Or reviving an established show with a truck record, and a proven creative team, concept and fan base?

  12. Wow, that is indeed some awesomely tantalizing yet ambiguous news. At the least, it’s encouraging! Please let us know when you need fans to start showing their support for whatever this is! 🙂

  13. Joe, that is great news. I can say that my prayers are being answered. Dark Matter always deserved its 4 and 5 season. Syfy was unfair. I’m so happy for you and the Raza fans

  14. If it’s about money do a go fund me page for the fans of the show to be able to support the show financially

    you may need to trim the cast and crew as well as their checks but you would be able to keep the show alive

    I for one may be dirt poor but I would be thrilled to donate $20 a month to the show and if all the other fans did the same you would have about 90% of what you need to be able to run the show the way you had it

  15. If there’s anything we as fans can do you know we’ll do it. For now, I’ll stay in my quarters and give Bubba a good cleaning. I have a feeling we may need him soon. Never gonna lose faith in this family.

  16. Awesome!! I’ll wait patiently for any more Dark Matter. I wanna see how it all ends!

  17. I am not in touch with the group you mention and would like to be. Could you post their information? Thank You

  18. ,Um… Okay. Wow, hope is alive again! Consider me gobsmacked that we’ve got even the possibility of a maybe. I’d say keep us posted but of course you’ll do that. Wow.

  19. Joe, you are kicking me right in the feels right now!! When the time comes that fans can do something, even if its just Tweet storms again, let us know! I’m in!

  20. As of a couple days ago, I too thought Dark Matter was finished. I just stumbled on this Joseph Mallozzi article indicating “THE FAT LADY AIN’T SUNG YET”!!! If this does actually happen, this would be a major victory for the creator, cast, production crew, AND the FANS!!! Life can go on AFTER “SYFY”. Thank you Joe for sharing this news!!!

  21. This is awesome! I am totally crossing my fingers and echo others, just let us know what we can do to help.

  22. YES!! Please make this happen! You have created such an amazing show and brought together the perfect cast for it. I am so looking forward to this! Thank you for doing everything you can to finish the story for us. Like others have already said, let us know if we can do anything to help you make it happen!

  23. Wow, that was some lunch you had!
    What brilliantly fantastic news – which I will ‘file away for later’ NOT!!!

  24. I will keep my ear out, if you need another name to a supporters list, or something towards a crowdfunding, let me know.. I don’t have much, but i can share what i can to get this moving..

  25. Great news Joe. I really hope this happens. There once was a time when syfy used to actually be sci-fi both in their name and their content. somewhere along the line they sold out. Hopefully they’ll realize Dark Matter is real sci-fi and let you wrap it up for us fans!

  26. “online campaign to save the show proved ultimately (frankly, surprisingly) unsuccessful” I very much agree with this, it surprised me as well (and still does), considering the amount of people who joined the cause and the buzz it made. It’s also part, in my opinion of why a lot of people became really REALLY pissed off at SYFY for not even acknowledging the effort and willing to discuss closure emergency measures.
    Anyway, bygones and all.
    Hopefully you’ll be able to finish it, and we’ll be there to watch it and support it with unleashed joy and pleasure.

    In the meantime, one’s got to make a living and it’s good you’ve got a project coming up. Both ways are very exciting, I (we) cant wait to know more and dive in this (new ?) universe of yours.
    As long as things from (and made with) people of value are being made, I’m happy and all in.
    Entertainment is a fast paced tectonic plate, sometimes it crashes and collapses, sometimes it rises up. But as long as it’s moving and we can stay on it, it’s good. Movement is life.

  27. Wowza! When Joe uses the term crazy-brilliant, I am excited.
    I’ll vote YES to anything that will give Dark Matter a chance to complete its journey.
    Best of luck and success. I will hope for a DM return!

  28. It would be awesome if it could be done. One of the bed sci-fi shows on film ever. Sense8, Jericho and Continuum all got wrap ups against the odds so we can hope.

  29. Please do. Go to any lengths necessary, cause a good story is always worth a shot. As for me (and many fans, I hope) I’ll be willing to put my money where my mouth is, and support creators like yourself, by paying for the format/platform that you deem best for releasing of your work.

  30. Interesting! Since I was the head carpenter on the show , I would love to rebuild the Raza!

  31. Wowza! I did NOT see that coming. Good luck or break a leg.

    “The best revenge is massive success” (Frank Sinatra).

    Melissa’s new show is doing well so far. I’ve seen actors do two shows but….?

    This announcement might break the internet. 😉

  32. Till now and then, I will hope that it must happened someday, and wishing that day not so far..

  33. Damn man, I was so excited when you presented the idea of blink drive and the possibilities it gave in the perspective of intergalactic corporate war. So much potential! season looked like made with budget cut to minimum, no blink drive, chaotic war events, characters breaking apart. Not quite as I expected. So you say there was a bigger plan to this?

  34. Be still my fast beating heart. Thou playest roughly with my emotions, sir! But still, fingers crossed!!! <3

  35. Oh my YES….let’s do this. We are the Crew of the Raza!
    Of course, we need you to tell us when and what….
    woooo hooooo!

  36. Please, please, please God in the heavens, make this so!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 😊

  37. Intriguing news, Joe. Did someone secretly win the lottery? You have my full support. Everything that can be crossed, is currently crossed. I will wait for further news.

    Cheers, Chev

  38. I hope you are considering working with one of the Indy SciFi projects on this.

  39. Will try and not get my hopes up, but even hearing about a possibility of this is A-M-A-Z–I-N-G!!! If there is anything any one of us can do to help, don’t hesitate to let us know!!

  40. how about a kickstarter? it worked for other shows in the past, there has to be something we can do to get something made, even a 2 hour movie… ANYTHING … lol, the story has to end.

  41. When I started watching dark matter I thought, low budget Sci Fi, probably not so great.

    By the 4th episode it was 2am and I had to get to work in the morning!

    This show punched way above it’s weight class, and If it has a chance of continuing I really hope it lands in the right place that will give it room to breathe and develop it’s world and characters.

    Good luck!

  42. All I can say is please please please please please let it be so. I MISS THIS SHOW SO MUCH.

  43. My husband and I were literally talking about how much we wish there were one more season of Dark Matter the night before last! I second Katie Oster; let us fans know what we can do. Who do we need to write? Where do we need to send money? I’m totally game!

  44. Try peddling the series to FOX they seem to know good television. Their execs may be more capable to know a hit when they see one.

  45. I am glad that you are still fully intent on delivering the rest of the series. This may have been asked answered, but, have you pitched the series to Netflix or another streaming network?

  46. A follow-up to my last question: what did the cast feel about the cancellation, and are they willing to continue with you if and when you get the show back-up?

  47. I know I’m late to the show of this, but I would love to see anything Dark Matter continue. I only discovered the series maybe 2 months ago, and immediately fell in love. In the worst case, a graphic novel adaptation would be nice, ex: Angel. But I would really love to see something more akin to a game if it’s not the show. Dark Matter has such a rich and vast story to its universe, it could make for an epic open(ish?) world franchise.

    1. That is a great idea. I wouldn’t mind playing Dark Matter Universe either!

  48. Keep pluggin away. Should not have killed off Nicks and the predictors- weakened the series but this new Killjoy series is crap

  49. “When Dark Matter was cancelled a little over a year ago, it was a Clueless Exec Sucker Punch to the show’s cast, crew and, chiefest of all, its fans who had supported the series for three seasons”

    I second that, that WAS a clueless as well as a stupid and narrowminded decision. As a fan I eagerly await season 4 and hopefully a season 5 to finalize this superior TV series. That would be great: a quality show, sometimes funny, well acted with interesting, developping characters and finely crafted all together gets to be resurrected!
    Cheers and lets hope for the best!

  50. A bit belated, but you think you were pissed off… lol Sad fact of the matter is that Dark Matter was one of the hottest sci-fi’s series going and to have it terminated there, and for the reasons it was. Unfrickin believable! And yes, I’m obviously a fan…

    Sadly netflix (lower case deliberate), wouldn’t know good sci-fi if it stood up and bit them square in the ass… I’ll defer my opinion of their inability to further capitalize on the shows content. Dark Matter had all the right elements to stand on its own merits… Cast, setting, story-line, it has been missed.

    My observations of netflix aside, your last post brings a little hope that Dark Matter may yet return. A damn site better than “it’s not happening”. So you have my sincerest wishes, and may you have the best of luck with that “crazy-briliant” strategy is the answer or even a step in the right direction to a well deserved revival of Dark Matter.

  51. I’m a little late commenting, but this is awesome news! Fingers crossed here. Great work on the show so far Joseph. No matter how it plays out, at least you’ll know you had tons of fans. I hope we get to see more of what you’ve got to offer.

  52. Not sure what I was thinking, getting emotionally involved with a show on Netflix, not knowing it had been cancelled! I sincerely hope that or can be revived! Resourcefulness is needed to being closure to an excellent story!

  53. It’s huge that you’re still trying to bring it back and that others can see the same vision. Even if nothing comes of it, it’s reassuring to know that it wasn’t from lack of effort or interest.

  54. I may be a little late to this party, but Dark Matter is one of the best SciFi shows in a long time. I hope you can work this out… my wife and I will be following with great hope.

  55. Noooo……… I just finished Season 3 (Amazon Prime) and no season 4. You must be S# $@ing me…. I loved this show. Heaps better then Killjoys and Expanse. Reminds me of Firefly all over again. At least Firefly got a movie to tie things up after season 1 was cancelled.

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