These were my favorites…

Cyber Force #7 (cover art by Atilio Rojo)

Dark Ark #11 (cover art by Juan Doe)

Darth Vader #23 (cover art by Giuseppe Camuncoli)

Domino #8 (cover art by Gang Hyuk Lim)

Elves vol. 21: Rebirth (cover art by Kyko Duarte, Olivier Heban)

Gideon Falls #8 (cover art by Andrea Sorrentino, Dave Stewart, Mico Suayan)

Marvels: The Remastered Edition (cover art by Alex Ross)

Ms. Marvel #36 (cover art by Valerio Schiti)

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #26 (cover art by Ashley Witter)

So, which were your faves?


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Margaret Clayton

Definitely Gideon Falls. So mysterious.

Ms. Marvel needs to lose the scarf. I can hear “no capes”, loud and clear.


Love the feel to the Darth Vader cover and like the style of Elves but Dark Ark catches my eye. Love the light effect – almost ethereal and the colours are jelly baby yummy!


My favorite? Marvels: The Remastered Edition, hands down. The Goblin’s expression puts it over the top for me.


Cyber Force #7, looks cool, Domino #8 , wondering why the girls eyes are red, did he already bite her, or she already had the red eyes. I know too picky, analyze,, just enjoy…


Vader, Domino.

Nicolas Bannister

I’d go with :
– Darth Vader, because of the simple and efficient composition. (The walk back home will be pretty long, though, poor Vader).
– Gideon Falls, because negative space use, especially if well done, is always a winner.
– Marvels is a classic one, iconic, so well, mandatory citation.
– Ms Marvel, because the very bold back-light with front flare is a nice combo. It works well.


Dark Ark #11 and Gideon Falls #8