Well, today wasn’t exactly the 10 page, Act II, whirlwind of writing I planned it to be.  More like almost 2 pages, a revised outline, and a couple of well-crafted emails concerning various projects.  I’d like to say that I’m going to make up for lost time tomorrow but who am I kidding?  Tomorrow is Sunday and, with my Snow Monkeys in sole possession of first place in my yahoo league, but in second place in my NFL league, I’ll be too focused on football to do much of anything else.

Beyond that, the week is shaping up to be a busy one.  More work on Episode 3 and I’m going to get the writers starts on Episodes 4 and 5 while we await the broadcaster response to the pilot.  Monday, it’s lunch with former Dark Matter director Ron Murphy.    Tuesday, it’s a pre-pitch meeting with Vanessa and the gang re: Untitled Awesome Project, then dinner with former Stargate Co-Executive Producer, present Private Eyes Executive Producer Alan McCullough.  Wednesday, it’s lunch with former Dark Matter stunt coordinator John Stead (aka SteadMuffin).  Thursday, it’s a visit to a potential broadcaster to discuss Untitled Awesome Project, then Korean hot wing dinner with some Japanese cheerleaders (Long story).  Friday, free and clear – for presumably putting the finishing touches on that Episode 3 script.  And another week will come to an end.

Thanks to everyone who weighed in with their awesome lists of Guilty Savory Pleasures.  This ensures I will, upon my retirement, be visiting each and everyone of you.  Please make sure the pillows in your guest room are neither too hard nor too soft, but just right.  I’m picky!

11 thoughts on “November 10, 2018: Moderate progress and the week ahead!

  1. “Thursday, it’s a visit to a potential broadcaster to discuss UNTITLED AWESOME PROJECT, then Korean hot wing dinner with some Japanese cheerleaders (Long story).” This may be my favorite sentence you’ve ever written. A potential outlet for your new project is excellent news, but the second half of that sentence takes home the gold. The mind boggles at the possible iterations of events that led up to its creation. One day, when you have some time, you’ll have to tell us that long story.

  2. I’m sad I missed the savory discussion yesterday. Reading the comments made me hungry for some of the dishes everyone was talking about. So, even though I’m late, here are a few of my own:

    Steamed crabs with Old Bay
    Boardwalk Fries (again with Old Bay but adding vinegar)
    Homemade asiago, pesto, artichoke heart, and mushroom pizza.
    Granny’s buttermilk fried chicken (I wish I had her recipe!)
    Hickory smoked pulled pork with Carolina sauce
    Smoked beef brisket
    Cheesy grits with bacon bits and butter (if you’re having plain grits, then you’re doing it wrong!)
    Fried scrapple (kind of like white pudding without the skin)
    Black pudding (I’m talking about the fried sausage variety)
    Collard greens simmered in pork bits and served with vinegar

    And, do you need a hypoallergenic pillow as well?

    Whew, Joe, you have a busy week ahead. Good luck with your meetings and go Snow Monkeys!

  3. Well, no need to feel so bad about focusing on your snow monkeys, instead of work.
    According to a a recent study by a team of researchers at MIT,
    (who needed a really good excuse for not getting the work they were paid to do completed on time),
    There is apparently a very real skill in fantasy sports.
    Thus, you are being a whole lot more productive than you realize
    and keeping your brain exercised and healthy
    to help you can keep writing for many years to come. 😀


  4. Awesome!

    LOL, do you really want me to go on about the nightshade family? Suffice to say potatoes and tomatoes make my life miserable. I can handle hot peppers because the capsaicin cancel out the pain, so there’s that.

  5. Chocolate gravy? With pork chops? Sometimes, they made both together yes. Especially, when they had family visiting. There was usually fried potatoes too. They liked big breakfasts. My own family is lucky if they get eggs for breakfast. I’m more of a lunch gal.

    What networks are you seeking for this new “Untitled Awesome Project”?

    Drea: You soak the wings in salted butter and mustard? Are they drenched in flour before frying?

  6. How exciting all of this is!
    No savory items list for me. I try to think about it and my brain is freezing.
    Speaking of which, it’s time for ice cream mid-afternoon break.

  7. Glad to hear you are keeping busy. I got two MyPillows and love them. Have two travel size. Meeting Tuesday with the Private Eyes Executive Producer Alan McCullough? WOW, I have a crush on Cindy Sampson (if at my age, it’s still possible). In watching the show I reflect on if I was in that area of the show. I have to get my fix of Dark Matter this week. In Stargate observances, I was at the MoA in the bargain books area of BandN. In thinking on the lack of personal knowledge and the intricate story lines in Stargate (all series) and the often asked questions on Jeopardy with Alex Trabeck, I picked up a copy of “Tales of Norse Mythology” and “Tales of Greek Mythology.” Though the former is not written in a smooth novella format and requires my full concentration, I hope to fill that blank spot of personal knowledge. Basically if it was not for my liking Stargate of the show I might have passed on the opportunity.

  8. just read on twitter, “According to TMZ, Marvel Comics co-creator Stan Lee has died at the age of 95”
    Sad day for Comics and Marel movies. He was a modern Alfred Hitchcock of movies.

  9. Oi! I missed the guilty pleasures discussion!
    Now I’m going to have to go read them to see what everyone is having. I love to cook, so much so that our home is a frequent stop for people wanting a good meal. Since we built the house 6 years ago and now have a most excellent location (aka view), it’s become more like a bead and breakfast for some folk. Usually, I just threaten to charge them when they start making a habit of showing up and that calms it down for a while. 🙂
    Guilty pleasures….
    Breakfast would have to be homemade biscuits with Burger’s Applewood Smoked bacon, eggs, and of course the homemade gravy. Followed by Blueberry Chungah to nibble on with coffee. (Dark Roast with a touch of dark chocolate added in.)
    Lunch- Usually only happens on Sundays because FOOTBALL!! (diehard KC Chiefs fan here, so Mahome is making me happy this year!) Sunday I make a Vegan Chili that even my diehard meat lovers eat several bowls of. It’s not my recipe, it’s from the Thug Kitchen Cookbook. (Look them up, they are awesomeness.) Their Pumpkin Chili is served up with sides like sour cream, shredded cheese, corn chips, guacamole, salsa, melted cheese with fire roasted tomatoes & tortilla chips in case you prefer chili nachos. For desert, if you have room, I have a Grasshopper Mascarpone mousse that is excellent.
    Dinner- yes well, that varies but when it’s cold it’s usually my homemade French Butterbean Soup with homemade focaccia or my crescent dough stuff with cheese sandwiches. For desert the Hubs favorite of Dark Chocolate Fudgey Brownies. Deep chocolate flavor but not dry, moist and gooey.
    You’d think that we’d both be overweight, lol but we are not. Mainly because we eat only one big meal a day, the other two are much lighter snack type meals.
    You are welcome to visit, we have two well appointed spare rooms, an excellent view, and the food is free. lol Especially for a fellow writer and the man responsible for some of my favorite shows!

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