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Suji Sundays are my favourite Sundays. I love Lulu’s expression in the video. She’s so zen! Or maybe stoic is the word I’m looking for, but that’s usually when she’s wearing an out fit. smile


We just lost our Shih Tzu, Bella. Our dog for 12 years since my wife and daughter rescued her. She had been sick for a few months and went peacefully in her sleep. There’s a noticeable difference in our house and the pressure is already on to find a new puppy. No matter how much I mount a resistance, pictures of French bulldog puppies and the lovely Suji pull on my own hardened heart strings. Who knows how long I’ll be able to resist the tide?!

Have a great Sunday, Eric


Margaret Clayton

So darling. I love Suji Sunday!


@Joe Now that you’ve decided to devote Sunday’s to doggie cuteness, one of these days you’ll have to photo shop a hilarious pic of an actual Suji Sundae. Don’t forget pile the whipped cream, nuts & chocolate syrup on high! grin


@Tam When my friend turned me onto the yellow mustard & butter wings, she simply melted land o lakes salted butter then stirred in 1/2 cup French’s yellow mustard. She soaked the wings in the mix then threw them on a grill, brushing on a couple glaze coats of just the yellow mustard while they cooked.
(she placed a bit of tin foil under each)
Albeit, I cant imagine any reason why you couldn’t soak em, then batter and fry em.
Simply brushing on a yellow mustard glaze once cooked.??

The reason for using French’s brand of yellow mustard, is the paprika & vinegar ratio.
Gives it just the right flavor Kick.
The melted butter-mustard mix that was left over also made for an excellent dipping sauce for our french fries that evening.

~Simple and delicious!~.


I’m going to practice that first look in the mirror.
I reckon I could go places with it


Thanks for Suji Sunday. love those awww moments! Super Star!!

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Sorry for your loss ELGardner. It IS like losing a piece of yourself. (well said Mr. Binder). If you get a pup, then research the breed so you know what you’re getting into.

Thanks Drea! I bet you could use chicken thighs too. .

Those pictures are darling!

How long before the trip?


@ElGardner So sorry to hear of your loss Eric.
My best friend said goodbye to his 13 year old Shih Tzu companion, Sammy, about a year ago,
in similar fashion. While we were grateful it was a peaceful passing and that we could all be there with him surrounding him with love and comfort in his final hours, they certainly do take a very large piece of us when they go.