A difficult day for reasons I’ll not elaborate on in this blog entry.  Suffice it to say, however, that days like these make you stop and think about not only what you’ve done with your life, but what remains to be done.


  • Buy a place in Tokyo and spend more time visiting and exploring the country.
  • Take a tour of the southern U.S.  Hit Charleston, Savannah, and New Orleans.
  • Spend a couple of weeks in Tuscany.
  • Attend one Worldcon and finally meet many of the authors whose work I’ve enjoyed the years.
  • Create and produce at least one more dear-to-me sci-fi series.
  • Produce, at the very least, a Dark Matter miniseries to give the series closure.
  • Get the band back together and join them for at least one season of a new Stargate series.
  • Rescue a whole bunch of senior pugs.

I reserve the right to revise and amend this list.

So, what’s on YOUR bucket list?

33 thoughts on “October 22, 2018: My Bucket List

  1. I’m sorry to hear that it was a trying day, Joe. I hope everything is okay.

    I’ll have to think about what my bucket list is – I’ve done a number of the things travel wise that I’ve always wanted to do. There’s always something more I suppose.

  2. I hope you get to finish out that list, it’s a pretty good one. I’d love to do all those things, except the southern U.S. bit since that’s where I live, grew up, and mostly see.

    My bucket list really only has one item & I’ve wanted this for as long as I can remember:
    -Go to space.

    Simple, right?

  3. Move to an island, grow my own food, and just be. To be honest, that’s how I want to live out my final part of life. But if I died tomorrow, I’d regret nothing about what I never got to see, won’t miss places I’ve never been to, and would be fine with where I’ve been and what I’ve done.

  4. Hope everything is OK, Joe. And if not OK then at least bearable. Your extended blog family is thinking of you.

    My bucket list includes:

    Living in a non-English speaking country for a year. Maybe the south of France or similar.
    Start a successful tech company – time is running out for this one!
    Perfect my Neapolitan pizza recipe – my new wood fired pizza oven is the next step in that process.
    Work on a big budget, box office smash film – Done!
    Sail around the north of Australia for 6 months on a yacht

  5. get back to work; that hope is what has kept me sane. With work I hope to get back to Thailand, maybe get a place there as my presents is wanted be

  6. Ensuring you give closure to Dark Matter fans & viewing & reading syfy & Horror series & books !!!

  7. I have to think some about my bucket list, but I like yours (for you, that is). It’s not an easy one, but it’s a worthy one – and love to see how you revise and hopefully embower and attain it.

  8. Are you and your family (dogs included), friends okay? Because really, nothing else is that important.

  9. “Mama said there’d be days like this..”

    Sorry about the crappy day.

    On the flip side – PUGS!!!

    By the way, I’m from New Orleans! It’s a messy, messy beautiful and tragic town.

    Michael Duvic

  10. Sorry Joe for whatever ‘hit’ you today. We’re always here for you and Akemi, in every way.

    Bucket list to follow (just started work! 😂)

  11. I’m sorry for your troubles. That’s a nice bucket list. I especially agree with buying a place in Japan. How difficult is it for the dogs to fly over?

    My bucket list is to enjoy life. Retire at or around a beach. To appreciate my friends because they could be gone in an instant. Oh, and get off my butt and buy a lottery ticket in Memphis (might delegate my son into that-he works there).

  12. Fantastic bucket list you have there Sir. I hope you achieve all remaining items, and that more get added.

    I’ve been lucky enough to tick a heck of a lot of items off my own bucket list, so I keep adding. Most of my current ones involve travel.

    1) Visit Costa Rica – going there this Saturday 🙂
    2) See the northern lights
    3) White water raft through the Grand Canyon
    4) Fall in love with a rescue dog and retire to Wales
    5) Win the lottery so I can do all my bucket list items sooner rather than later 🙂

  13. I’ll pretend i have great health and a fair amount of money:)
    * Go backpacking in Japan, experience the city life of Tokyo but get lost in the countryside, trying to find old shrines.
    * Buy a house which is perfectly situated between the borders of North Italy and Switzerland, preferably with a stream flowing by for some fishing.
    *Swim with Dolphins
    * Go on holiday, anywhere, with Karl Pilkington & try to survive without telling him to cheer up
    *Have a boxing match with a Kangaroo
    * Go skydiving, wing-walking, bungee jumping and white water rafting
    *Visit Canada to see for myself what real maple syrup is like, and to discover if it really is one of the friendliest places in the world
    * Meet and get an autograph(not a selfie (>.<) from Bruce Campbell, Kevin Sorbo, Joe Mallozzi,Pat Rothfuss, Trudi Canavan, Stefanie Sun, cast of Downtown/Gaki No Tsukai
    * See a huge list of bands LIVE, especially Meat Loaf, BabyMetal, Iron Maiden & Michael Buble
    * Meet Neil degrasse Tyson & have a conversation about space
    * Become a blacksmith & turn it into a profession

  14. Well that sucks! May your today be better!

    My bucket list:
    – Open a fully funded dog rescue. This would require me winning the lottery.
    – Win the lottery.
    – Spend a week in Ireland
    – Spend a week in London
    – Spend two weeks in the Maldives
    – Move to pretty much anywhere but New Jersey

  15. I’m not sure there’s still much on my todo list.
    Fame and fortune would be nice, but … meh, whatever 😉
    I have one giant magnum-opus game that I haven’t yet made, which I’ve been putting off for over a decade. One day I’ll attempt that, but if I’m honest, that’s just a game that I’d want for myself, and I’m not sure anyone else would play it.

  16. Gosh, you sound like you’ve had a bad day. Like someone said below, I hope your family and friends are okay.

    As far as bucket lists, I have 3 pages, single-spaced. Here is a sampling of ones I haven’t done yet; I’ve crossed off many over the years though because I achieved them, like “become a business owner.”

    Actually SEE a comet with my own eyes.
    Actually SEE a meteor storm with my own eyes.
    Attend a presidential inauguration.
    Be a mentor to someone.
    Be an extra in a TV show or movie.
    Be in a music video
    Be part of a flash mob (dancing).
    Buy farmland, open a golden retriever ranch (Golden Nuggets) where we train service dogs for people with disabilities and/or soldiers.
    Celebrate my birthday in Ireland (St. Patrick’s Day)
    Conquer my fear of singing again in a public venue.
    Cure Patrick’s autism.
    Dress like a goth rocker for just one day.
    Drive a boat again.
    Drive around on an electric motorcycle.
    Find the PERFECT cup of hot cocoa; if not, create it myself.
    Find the star in the sky that now has my name.
    Fly a helicopter.
    Get back to pre-wedding weight
    Go back to Vancouver; buy a second home there.
    Go on a 48-state trip and visit with every single person I know.
    Go through a Stargate (okay, probably not real but do you know how COOL that would be!?)
    Go to a sweat lodge.
    Go to Alaska
    Go to Australia
    Go to college.
    Go to Dragon*Con in Atlanta.
    Go to Hawaii
    Go to New Zealand (Tour Lord of the Rings/Hobbit filming sites)
    Go to San Diego Comic Con
    Go to the George Brown Observatory.
    Go to Wickiannish Inn in Tolfino, Canada (PROBABLY NEXT YEAR!!)
    Graduate college.
    Grow something from seeds.
    If being a college graduate is not possible, have a graduation ceremony since I missed my high school one.
    Join the Peace Corps.(probably not realistic anymore)
    Learn 2 more (dissimilar) languages — like German, Russian, or Mandarin.
    Learn to fly and pilot the plane myself.
    Learn to ice skate backwards.
    Learn to mush.
    Learn to play the flute (got the flute, need the time).
    Learn to play the violin.
    Make a difference.
    Meet every star of Babylon 5 who are still living (almost there–Jerry Doyle was a no show)
    Meet every star of Battlestar Galactica.
    Meet every star of Stargate.
    Publish my book.
    Re-learn French and Latin.
    Renew our wedding vows
    Ride a horse again.
    Ride an elephant.
    See the Northern Lights.
    Sit in a cave, don’t go batshit crazy.
    Sit in a pile of 12 golden retriever puppies and try not to pee my pants.
    Stay at least 24 hours on each continent (and to the Arctic first before it isn’t there anymore)
    Swim with dolphins in the wild (can be accomplished during Hawaii trip–Rob can arrange that)
    Take a flight from SpaceX that puts me into orbit.
    Take dancing lessons.
    Take more sign language classes.
    Thank people who have made a difference in my life.
    Trace my family tree back to the 1700’s.
    Visit an Indian reservation and experience their culture.
    Visit my father’s grave
    Visit my grandmother’s grave
    Visit my mother’s grave
    Walk across a country
    Walk in a 5K (then run, then bike, then swim, then mini-triathlon baby)
    When I die, have my ashes sent to Mars.
    White water rafting.
    Write a book.
    Zip lining

  17. So sorry to hear about the difficulties.
    Seems so seldom ever easy or fair, being human, eh?
    Sending warmest gentle hugs
    and fresh chocolate chip cookie thoughts your way.

    My Bucket list:
    After, I’ve crossed off,
    “win the lottery”
    from the list, tonight …

    I’ve always been fascinated with architecture.
    Large, multi level, lush evergreen forest, tree houses,
    some with their staircases constructed directly inside the hollowed trunks
    of ridiculously giant trees,
    are at the top of my favs list.
    Second only to my lifelong enchantment with
    grand castles, palaces, moat fortified manor houses,
    and monasteries built in medieval times.

    That there are some grand ones from the 15th-16th century,
    still standing and occupied by the same family line,
    I often daydream of journeying across the Scottish Highlands,
    then across Ireland, then finally over to France and Spain
    to experience the secrets of each their individual construction
    and hidden within their walls.

    I’d then bring home everything I learned from these old,
    built to last, master class teachers,
    to build my own moat & giant wall fortified castle and private, self sustaining, village,
    discretely nestled somewhere in the 14,000 ft mountains of Colorado,
    on approximately 100 acres of natural forest land.
    (Think hidden rooms and passageways. And incredible gardens
    with tall hedge wall created mazes to get lost in).
    At Christmas time I would host a royal dinner party, for everyone in the village,
    in grand castle, style.
    Then afterwards we can burn off the calories of our magnificent feast
    ice skating on my frozen moat
    and decorating the 50 ft high tree in the castles main courtyard.

    The other thing I’ve had a lifelong deep enchantment with is auroral storms.
    Although I have been most fortunate, in my lifetime,
    to experience the magic of the northern lights
    and the dance of many active storms,
    it has always been within the U.S. (lower latitude).
    Thus, a month long trip, during solar max, to somewhere such as Norway or Iceland,
    is definitely on my bucket list.


  18. I’m sorry your day was lousy Joe. Your blog friends are here for you! Thinking positive thoughts.

    I can’t say I place much effort into any bucket list as I am likely to not follow it at all.
    However, in the spirit of joining in…
    1) I would like to remain mentally intact and financially stable so I can eventually retire
    2) I really want to relocate my home outside of New Jersey (destination not chosen), but not NY as I originate from there
    3) I want to live long enough to witness (a) the great reveal of aliens among us (or their arrival) or (b) a successful manned mission to Mars.
    4) A Stargate TV or film reboot based on canon

    See, not much there, but all very important to me.
    =^-^= =^-^=

  19. I love International House Hunters because, so for me it would be to live in Paris, I had the offer years ago but that boss would have been a nightmare. Yes, so bad that I turned down the offer of living steps from the Seine. My main bucket list is Alaska, which was on my mother’s bucket list. I suspect she really wanted to go to sell me off to a lonely Alaskan wood farmer. I got into Patrick Stewart’s DragonCon panel years ago, and the Stargate, Deep Space 9 and Battlestar panels all in the same week so I have depleted my bucket list.

  20. My bucket list got wiped clean when my husband died, mostly. But until now, my life has BEEN other people’s bucket lists. I’ve lived in Hawaii, and Diego Garcia, 12 years in Japan, a year in Shiraz, seen Persepolis, the Berlin Wall when it was real and scary, Dad took us meandering around Europe when he retired from the Navy, so I’ve been to all the big destinations. Disneylands, so many national parks, Harley rides, Burning Man, concerts at Budokan. Mexico, Victoria, and more. Climbed Mt. Fuji twice. Kamakura more times than I can count, and Nikko several times. Got married in Vegas ad went to a topless revue that evening. Dali sculptures seawalk in Mirabella, plus Alhambra, Gibraltar, Rhonda. Stonehenge. Williamsburg. Mt. Rushmore. There’s much more. I have been very lucky.

    First, get through this first year or two, because this level of grief is crippling.


    A European river cruise. Maybe the Danube, maybe the Norse fjords. Maybe both.

    Get a VIP ticket to the Salt Lake “Fan X” which was formerly known as SLCC, and do up everything right. I’d go in my wheelchair and con people in to pushing me around.

    Maybe go to Fiji. That sounds nice.

    Haven’t been to Australia, so maybe that. I have friends there.

    Haifa, to meet dear friends I have never met in the flesh.

    Boston and New York for the museums.

    I think I’d like to see Petra.

    I would not object to a trip to Lisbon. Or weird islands in the Atlantic. I’ve set foot in the Azores, but just for a layover on a flight.

    Scotland, perhaps. Larry had great stories about his port calls there.

    Next year, I have three trips booked which I need to take or lose money. Cancun, and Islands of Loreto, and Kona, Hawaii. Been to all those places before, but never alone. I can sit on the beach, drink, and cry beautifully.

  21. I also would like to amend my list to add… if I win Mega Millions tonight (even sharing with others), I shall:
    a – quit my job immediately,
    b – see an attorney to bank the cash payout, to use to
    c – help my nearest family out of debt, then
    d – open a cat rescue sanctuary to care for and safely shelter felines in need (NOT located in NJ)

    Whew! Everyone hope I win because I sincerely mean to carry out the above once I get a load of cash.
    P.S. I really enjoyed reading everyone else’s lists, so interesting!

  22. I’ve had dream-plans but never put them down in words before, so here we go.
    This is my bucket list

    Visit Machu Picchu
    Learn to drive an articulated lorry, a rally car and ride a horse
    Re introduce Archery at the school I work part time
    Complete the restoration at the C17th garden I work in
    To catch a glimpse of a blue whale, narwhal and grey whale (amongst others!)
    Take up drawing/sketching again
    Move down to the West Country so I can walk the cliffs and shores, wind blowing through my hair, with my pup Puddle at my side

    I too am lucky enough to be able to say I’m in a good place at the moment. If the list up there doesn’t get ticked off, well, it’s always good to have dreams.

  23. Sounds like a plan to me. Sadly it don’t think a new Stargate series will be on the table for a while. Especially with their new ‘origins’ series… which made my eyeballs recede into my head and my head recede into my body. Seriously awful. I especially like the ‘Visit southern states’ and ‘Rescue senior pugs’ part!

  24. Hi Joe,
    love your bucket list, especially the Dark Matter miniseries!
    I won’t bore you with a long bucket list, but:
    I just spent 3 weeks in Kyoto and visited Tokyo, Hiroshima and Osaka ( had to go to Dotonbori since Blade Runner is my fav movie )
    , Great country and definitely plan to return and see more of it.
    Also plan to see more of Canada, so will be attending/speaking at a conference in Calgary next year,

    Finally, meet Joe Mallozzi, say hi, and talk about food. !

  25. My bucket list:

    Go back home to New Zealand live in a Tiny House close to tribe.

    Finish genealogy on the Norwegian side, and Irish/Italian side back at least 10 generations.

    Go to countries my ancestors came from.

    Write up the history.

    Visit Canada, Finland and Iceland and see how they educate kids.

    Put 200+ more disadvantaged kids into high tech jobs for 57K base plus super as a minimum.
    Go back home and do the same there.

    Write a book.

    Go to a Comicon, get Mr.Mallozzi’s autograph and hug Thogar (such a sweetie)

    Build my own DIY campervan and travel my homeland (NZ) end to end for a year.

  26. Well, that bucket list seems quite fine to me ! I hope you can achieve every single item !

    Sorry for the bad day, it happened here as well a few months back, and had the same reaction : “What do I really want to do next ?”

    Not that it might be of any interest to anybody, but if you ask me, here’s mine :
    – make a sustainable (if not succesful) creator owned comicbook with Flora
    – co-direct something (scifi if possible) and significant at some point, even though this terrorizes me
    – afford a big trip or two for real vacation every year
    – work as a designer in the entertainment industry, at least once
    – fill up this life with only great and fun things, with the right people along
    Yeah, this last one is a bit generic and sounds like a pageant speech, but well… And I know it’s all about work, but since anything else takes the space (except for the relationship), better let creativeness use it !

    Honestly, I don’t really have a list.
    I guess there’s a bucket on the balcony, though, but we don’t use it.

  27. Yikes! 🙁 Joe, I’m so sorry about what happened or what you learned on Monday. Let us walk alongside you when you can, as we have done through the years. Lurking or not…

    One fine day…

    ~ Consistently get 8 hours of sleep! yawn

    ~ Have a great vacation on the beach with friends from this blog — and no hurricanes!

    ~ Finally write/edit a series of nonfiction books & true stories that encourage people during difficult times.

    ~ Find the right guy, who loves me the way my dad loves my mom, the way my grandpa loved my grandma. One who makes time for me.

    ~ Read my Bible more so I don’t spaz out over stuff so much, and handle losses better. (Have had so many in past year.)

    ~ Marry the right guy and make a home together that’s welcoming to other people. And have a comfortable guest room for visiting family & friends.

    ~ Learn to cook so we can invite people to our home, have a great dinner, and share our stories & adventures at the table.

    ~ Rescue or adopt a couple Samoyed dogs. I need the canine love, silliness, and excuse to exercise! They may try to herd me while I herd them. 🙂

    / \ / \

    * *
    \ * /

  28. My bucket list includes

    [ ] Ride the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.
    [ ] Watch the Dark Matter miniseries.
    [ ] Visit New Zealand.

  29. @idontdomondays2day I have to comment here, this WordPress reply thingo to posts doesn’t work.
    Just wanted to say – boxing a Kangaroo – no don’t do that.
    A) Big enough one will lift his legs and gut out your stomach.
    B) Why would you want to hit an animal? Kangas are pretty chill, wouldn’t go out of their way to hurt you.

  30. I would love to go back to school. I always loved being a student. Learning was fun to me and last year I took an IT course so I can get back into the work force (I had previously been a USMC tech but took a pause to raise my daughter and now that she is in high school and tech is such a revolving world I needed to spiffy up my resume)

    I now have been bitten by the student bug and really want to go back to college and go for my EE degree. (I had wasted 2.5 years trying for an Animal Science/Pre-Vet but Organic Chemistry and BioChem were my Kryptonite and when I changed my major to EE I couldn’t afford to stay so only did one semester)

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