Well, I must admit that your varied bucket lists made for some fine reading.  When the time comes, schedule permitting, I may tag a long on your various globe-trotting/culinary/ill-advised adventures!

This morning we delivered the first draft of the UF episode 1 script as well as the outlines for episodes 2-5.  Hopefully we get the notes on all turned around in a speedy manner so that we can move on to rewrites and script go’s.  The plan, so far as I’m concerned, will be to do the rewrite on episode 1, write episode 3, and then do passes on all 9 episodes before scripting the season 1 finale.  Start prep in November, have all scripts done by January, and then start production in mid-February.  Piece of cake!

This afternoon, we finally had that much rescheduled conference call related to that comic book adaptation.  It’s a terrific book, and the writer and artist are equally wonderful.  At this point, it’s a matter of reviewing and revising the existing series overview before talking about how we want to approach the pilot.   I think we’re all in agreement that the first issue of the comic book offers the ideal blueprint.  This one is going to be a blast.

I wrote up the character summaries for Untitled Awesome Project.  It’s a little more intimate than the bigger family unit we saw on Dark Matter, but these characters will be no less endearing.  I already have the pilot episode’s opening tease, fifth act out, and episode tag in my head – which fairly parallels my approach to the Dark Matter opener. Shocks, surprises, and oodles of fun!

The pitch for that supernatural small town mystery is pretty much complete.  We finished up the bulk of the bulky 25+ page series overview months ago and it is now in the fine-tuning stages.  This one is…very ambitious.  I’ve never seen an approach like it.

Finally, there’s that horror novel adaptation.  The deal is closed almost closed close to almost being closed, but given the workload ahead of me on UF, I realistically won’t be able to start on this one for a while.  Still, it will be nice to meet up and chat with the author.  But only after I read his latest award-winning release.

At this rate, I don’t know when I’ll get around to checking out Killing Eve and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!

10 thoughts on “October 23, 2018: Things are moving along…

  1. I don’t know how you’re going to fit this all in! Just make sure your reading and dog walking don’t suffer. Priorities, you know!

  2. UF Guesses

    Universal Farmhouse : A sci-fi epic set onboard a space bakery.

    Unknown Frog : One of the main characters used to be a frog, but will the crew manage to find out which of them it is, before the spell wears off?

    Use the Force : Teen-based angsty drama, at the Obi-Wan Jedi Training Centre.

    Umbrella Folk : The crew crashland on the dampest planet imaginable, where it constantly rains, forever.

    Until Friday : A timeloop series based entirely on the crazy events of a Thursday in March

    Updating Forever : The captain of the ship must try to finish the recent Windows Update before the vessel crashes into the moon.

    Upright Fridge : The crew must battle against the evil baddies, intent on pushing over the fridge, for some reason.

    Urban Forest : Basically just Animal Crossing..

  3. Sounds like a better day (I hope).

    Yes, those bucket lists were very interesting yesterday.

    I saw Melissa O’Neill in The Rookie. If there’s an upside to the cancellation of Dark Matter, I guess future projects would be it. Melissa shines in this new show. Life goes on and all that. I’m not talented at phrasing, so don’t get me wrong about missing DM. I do miss DM but just trying to see the bright side to a sucky situation.

  4. Being a while since I have ordered a comic book, Dark Matter being that start. Now I am excited all again.
    I have an extended list of books waiting for me. Lee Childs, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn (Kyke Mills a.w.a.), economics- von Mises and F.A. Hayek to start

  5. Tammy: Did you see the pilot of The Rookie last week? She did a little singing. We always wanted to hear her singing on Dark Matter because she was in Canada Idol. It was short, but it was great.

    Joe: That is some schedule you are keeping there. Don’t forget to schedule in some fun time with Akemi and the pups.

  6. Oh, BTW, it was my 26th wedding anniversary on Oct 24. Very low key. Neither of us got cards or a gift, although we are about to get three 3-D Star Wars (the newer ones) movies by the weekend and going to watch some. Hopefully I will be able to sit on the couch so I can use the 3D glasses properly. Right now I’m relegated to a stiff chair in the corner.

  7. I just wish Netflix slow down with the release, how do they expect me to watch Daredevil, The haunting of and Chilling Adventures of a teenage witch all in one month. An I behind on like 10 of their other series as well.

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