17 thoughts on “October 21, 2018: Suji Sunday!

  1. Lulu is saying “Why isn’t there a day starting with L?” Perhaps we could dedicate Wednesdays for Lulu??

    Cheers, Chev

    PS Suji sounds like Mickey Mouse lol

  2. Suji doesn’t look cantankerous at all. I think you are just making that up. She looks like a sweet angel. Both girls are absolutely adorable. I think Lulu was talking about her boyfriend Ivon. 🙂

  3. Love your blog! Love Suji Sundays! Wondering if you throw their little booties in the laundry or hand-wash? I’m thinking about getting some for my senior gal, too!

  4. Do the pups sleep all night thru? They are so cute!, great advertisers for a product.

  5. How adorable. Lulu is saying that she really wants to be featured more. They look so adorable together in the carriage. Suji, of course, is always adorable. That was popcorn? It looked like something else. The throwing of the package into the microwave made me burst out with laughter. I needed that. It’s stressful right now.

  6. I’m sending Teyla over to Suji’s house for that rare and price earth specialty known as popcorn. Suji has a great arm on her, that is exactly how I get my laundry (almost) into my hamper. Okay Akemi’s hair is gorgeous, so glossy, details please! The cold dry air has sent my hair on the A Train to Dullesville. Speaking of old timey slang I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Jennifer Spence, Paul McGillion, Nick Lea and Neil Grayston on Bletchley Circle San Francisco along with a bunch of other awesome actors. I hope more seasons are brewing, I love cozy mysteries. Bring on season 3 of Travelers with extra sassy Jennifer Spence, I’m still rooting for Grace to come to her senses and run off with Trevor.

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