Writing is like riding a bike.  A bike that will experience sudden inexplicable gear shifts and the occasional chain jam.  Also, sometimes, the seat comes off when you go too fast.  But the point is, you never forget how to ride.  Or the feel of the wind in your hair, and the bugs in your teeth.

Yes, I’m back at it, furiously pedaling away, around that first act obstruction, over that rocky second act terrain, speeding towards the downhill third act slope whose momentum will carry me past the fourth and fifth act mud patches to the tag’s finish line.  Barring any ass over fender crashes, I should be done a week from now.  Ambitious?  Most certainly.  But once I’m in the groove, I can set a pretty solid pace.

I’ve often said that humor goes a long way towards allowing viewers to connect with our characters, and I’m pleased to report that this script offers some wonderful moments in this regard.  Even the supporting players are coming fully alive on the page.  It’s as if I’ve already known these characters for years.  And I can’t wait for you to meet them.

October 15, 2018: Back On The Bike!  The Suji Feature!

Hey, check out Suji’s modeling gig for Rover Boutique.  It includes a feature profile and awesome pics of our gal strutting her stuff:


Photos by AnneMarie Minardi


16 thoughts on “October 15, 2018: Back on the bike! The Suji feature!

  1. What out for when you hit those twists, that you don’t wipe out on that bike!

    Suji is adorable always, but those are some cute duds!

  2. Oh hey!! It is officially October 16th, your birthday!
    Whadya do today??

  3. Good luck with the writing. Sounds like you’re in the zone now you have the incentive.
    Suki looks fab. I love her little face, so much could be going on behind those eyes.. or maybe not..😉😁

  4. It’s only a matter of time before this silly TV nonsense gets shoehorned out, in lieu of 24/7 Suji coverage!

  5. Okay Joe: I realized I’ve teased ya
    a bit more than usual this week.
    So to make it up to you,
    as per your request for tv entertainment suggestions,
    here’s a really cool 8 minute sneak peek
    at the latest hit web show to watch.
    It stars Katy Perry making her acting debut
    as a wide variety of birthday party performers!
    Heck! She even plays a middle age Jewish man at a bar mitzvah
    and paints brilliant abstract art pieces on peoples faces.

    OMG! This young lady is so incredibly talented!
    -Who knew!!, eh?
    At the end of the vid
    she has an extra special message,
    expressly for you
    And, even better!, …
    I hear she’s available and highly interested
    in a role for U.F.!

  6. All set to watch my new show, The Rookie. She looks great in a tight crisp uniform. Something about a girl in a uniform. Ok Nathan Fillion might have something to do with it, think Big Bang Theory.

  7. Wonderful photos!

    Happy Birthday! What does a Mallozzi do on his bday? I hope the meal tonight doesn’t disappoint!!!

    I have to spend about an hour daily with a heating pad on my back. I’m not complaining but explaining, rather. While I was stretched out Saturday, I found a new tv series people here might enjoy: The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. I’m enjoying the show but my hubby/son found the first episode (the back stories) a slow. “Slow? There’s ghosts and bodies everywhere!” 🙄 I’m looking forward to my heating pad break later today… 🙂

  8. Suji is strutting her stuff! What a doll! Love her fashion sense. She can certainly strike a pose!

  9. Is this the script from the show you have been breaking last few weeks or one of the many other shows?!?!

    Happy birthday, enjoy a good steak with chilli’s and loads of desert!

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