11 thoughts on “October 14, 2018: Suji Sunday! With special guest star Lulu!

  1. Suji is such a handsome girl! Are you saying Lulu cannot fit into her new outfit from Aunt Andria? Joe don’t tell everybody! How embarrassing for the girl.

  2. My excel formulas are wonky, my columns won’t add, I swam to work thru cold rain but all is well thanks to these sweet pics. Blessing to Sister Lulu of the Chicken Con Incarnation, that is the perfect Halloween outfit. Or bank robbing outfit, it is Lulu after all. Suji is styling that Rover bandana like a pro, if you spy a blonde specter lurking at your window it’s probably Gigi Hadid’s mom looking to sign Suji up for the next season of Model Squad. I made the mistake of watching Haunting of Hill House, mostly through my fingers and I’m still traumatized.

  3. So, what you might be saying is that Suji got 2 outfits from Auntie Andria?!? Lulu is still a babe, the shower outfit looks va va voom!!

  4. Love the pix of the girls! Can’t get over how much better Suji looks since your rescue of her. I’m sure you guys extended her life. Cute! Lulu’s shower cap photo.

  5. News from San Antonio, USA: Well, this old woman will have cataract surgery on Nov. 7. Still planning to attend Celebrity Fan Fest (Momoa! Stait! Flanigan! Others!) on Nov. 10, despite potential eye patch…

  6. Excuse me, “Staite!”
    (What can I say, I met Brent before I met Jewel. shrug)

  7. OMG Suji is tooooooo adorable!! And Lulu is so hot in her shower outfit uuuu weeeee! If I had these two I’d never get any work done, all I could do was give kisses and play all day LOL!! ❤ 🐾

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