We are in the era of peak t.v.  To some, this means a plethora of programming to help fill their days and evenings.  For me, it’s an avalanche of shows that leave me paralyzed by the overwhelming range of choices.  And so, rather than choose and make a commitment, I just start another book.

While in the writers’ room these past five weeks, I was amazed by how much my fellow writers watched.  They raved about shows I’ve heard great things about. They raved about shows I’d never even heard of.  And they raved about shows that sounded like utter trash.  In the end, I was left intrigued by some of their recommendations…and appalled by a few of their viewing choices.

So, even though I’m going to have my hands full writing these next few months, I thought  it might be interesting to consider watching something.  Note, I wrote “consider watching  something” and not “watch something” because, when all is said and done, my plate is full and an entire season of t.v. watching is daunting.

All the same, I value your opinions.  Of the following shows, which should I consider watching and – most importantly! – why?  Convince me!

23 thoughts on “October 13, 2018: My Favorite New Show!

  1. Hi Joe
    You don’t have a “none of the above”. I haven’t watched TV since they took Dark Matter off the air.


  2. I haven’t watched any of these or heard of them. I’d like to see The Rookie, because it has Two in it. I like a lot of English shows and I really am desperate to see a Kiwi movie The Breaker Upperers, I love Kiwi humour. But there’s so many shows it’s hard to know what’s worth watching.
    I’m catching up with learning guitar, JavaScript, history reading and trying to blog. Sorry I’m no use to you Mr. Mallozzi.

  3. The only one I’ve heard of is Killing Eve but I haven’t watched it. BBCAmerica was force feeding us the promos and trailers for a good solid week – by the end I was so sick of the show I couldn’t watch it.

  4. Of those, I’ve only seen “Barry” and “Killing Eve”. Having to choose between them is a tough choice. (I’ve never heard of “The Chi”)

    “Barry” is funny, but has a lot more depth than I expected. It pokes fun at and pays homage to military service with class and respect. Bonus for someone like yourself with limited time to watch: It’s only 8 episodes.

    “Killing Eve” had a twisted sense of comedy that felt very much like “Orphan Black”. Again, this one’s got a light and a dark side. The two main characters are fun, with Villanelle being unhinged in a very entertaining way. It also has the bonus of being only 8 episodes long.

    I would give a slight edge to “Barry”, but your mileage may vary.

  5. None of the above. Like you I only have time to watch really high quality. If you have not seen The 100, then it is a must. You may be fooled by the first two episodes in thinking it is just a teen drama. But no this is very high quality sci fi, brilliant sci fi concepts and exciting action plus moral dilemmas. Brilliant

  6. Got rid of cable in 2012. Waiting for that scifi show that can be viewed on the internet. My internet provider demands I get cable just to watch c-span. As far as the shows listed, the titles alone are a turn off to me.

  7. Have been watching reruns of this little show called Stargate SG1 (and Atlantis, and Universe)

    Not really new but if you haven’t seen “The Leftovers”, it’s pretty amazing. The writing, acting and music is top notch. Episodes like “International Assassin” get stuck in your mind months after you’ve watched it. Kinda like “The Fifth Race” or “Window of Opportunity” 🙂

  8. My Mom really liked Killing Eve, so I would recommend that.
    I am really liking Manifest on NBC. You should try that as well. Will also be trying out The Rookie on ABC this week.

  9. I’ve never heard of any of these, but that didn’t stop me from voting for Killing Eve. It sounded kinda interesting. However I have the attention span of an ant so it has to be darn good to keep me watching.

  10. I’m a fan of Sandra Oh, so Killing Eve. However, I know better than to sell you onto a show! That would be like me buying a computer for my programmer hubby. 🙄

    I can suggest a few: La Mante has some wonderful plot twists. Fargo is excellent. Season two of West world will be out soon on DVD. Bosch, Luther, Witnesses, The Missing (season two) and Altered Carbon are just a few I’ve enjoyed. Altered Carbon made me think about possible socioeconomic and religious aspects of body swapping. Also, where advertising might involve in the future. I wouldn’t put it past companies to tap into our brains. Very interesting stuff!

    The list is long and I can’t think of all of them now. I’ve been reading more lately, so I haven’t had a chance to watch much. I did watch Suburbicon yesterday and it was entertaining. I don’t know if you’d like it though. It seems i can read or I can watch TV but not both. 😉

    Have fun in your free time and please, bring on the food porn. 😉

  11. Oops, meant to say “evolve” not involve. Altered Carbon was in interesting take on the future. Have you seen it? I have book one on Audible but haven’t listened yet. I’m saving it for the next road trip.

  12. I’ve heard of Killing Eve and it’s on my “to watch” list. It looks dark and interesting in the previews. I don’t know about the other ones. On the recommendation of a friend I just started watching The Man in the High Castle, streaming on Amazon Prime, based on the dystopian, alternate history novel by Philip K. Dick. I’ll let you know how that goes.

  13. I have not seen any of the shows listed in your poll.

    Since I know you like Sci-Fi TV shows that follow bad guys…

    I’ll just throw out there: Rick and Morty

  14. Haven’t had enough down time of late to check out anymore
    tv shows
    so I can’t help ya there.
    Albeit, …
    For your birthday,
    I thought the walls of your latest residence
    could use some art
    and knowing of Akemis love of Graffiti art
    I immediately went to Sotheby’s to place the winning bid
    on a wonderful painting by renowned street artist Banksy! 🙂

    Unfortunately, that Banksy’s chosen medium and expressions
    have always been a political statement
    against a modern society that has become all too addicted to consumerism,
    Banksy built a paper shredder into the bottom of the painting’s frame
    and set the shredders electronic trigger release to switch on
    and begin self destructing the painting,
    as soon as the sound of the “SOLD!” gavel came pounding down onto the block,
    to teach a lesson to anyone willing to pay extremely large wads of sweaty cash
    just so they can say they bought a “Banksy” painting,
    (that he creates on the sides of buildings
    for all the world to see and enjoy everyday, for free),
    at a world famous auction house.


  15. I mostly watch TVO, and not so much drama or scifi any longer (I haven’t really looked at Space since DM was cancelled). But I have a few recommendations.

    Bravo’s Killing Eve I have really enjoyed. I know the press has been all about Sandra Oh (and quite rightly), but I have really appeciated how Jodie Comer has portrayed her character. She makes me VERY squimish. So much so that I had look up interviews with her to make sure she wasn’t anything like her character (no Jodie is not even close to Villanelle).

    The other show I might recommend is The Handmaid’s Tale. I like it, but because the atmosphere is so dire that I can only watch it in small fragments. You could also try Alias Grace (https://www.cbc.ca/aliasgrace/), which I really enjoyed and is a limited series.

    Another CBC series that was cancelled before it should have been is Bellevue (https://www.cbc.ca/bellevue/episodes/season-1). It’s a great detective noir with really strong performances.

    I think my number one choice would be Cardinal (https://www.ctv.ca/Cardinal and available on https://www.crave.ca/tv-series/cardinal). This has got to be the best detective show on Earth at the moment. Great atmosphere, acting, writing, direction etc. Absolutely perfect. I can’t wait for season 3. I’ve heard they’ve renewed it for Season 4 and 5 too.

  16. I can’t help with any of these shows as I have not heard about them, nor seen any promos.. Good luck!

  17. Hello Joe

    As others have said: Killing Eve is a stand out. It has a refreshing quality as a darkish and quirky satire on the British spy game (industry).

  18. I’d add Haunting of Hill House to that list. Killing Eve was so good, can’t wait for the new season. I’m glad I finally watched Godless, it wasn’t Silverado or Lonesome Dove but it came pretty close.

  19. I’m 8 episodes in on Babylon Berlin and so far I feel it’s somewhat overrated. The first 2 episodes were so captivating, but after that not so much: It looks great, has great actors, interesting insights into politics and societal issues of the era, a lot of period detail, violence and nudity, but the plot of the central mystery does not seem very complex and so far there is not a lot of character development. I think it’s the first series by a German public TV channel with that big a budget, facilitated through a mix of public funding and international sales.

  20. never heard of any of them. 😀
    Right now we’re on The Crown, after finishing Maniac (meh +) and GLOW (A++++).
    Started again watching How I met your Mother (A+++) fantastic intricate writing.

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