Yep.  That’s a wrap.  Now, we all go our separate ways to pursue other assignments.  For Courtney and I, it’s writing the pilot and episode 2.  For Nicole, it’s Hollywood-bound to pitch her original new series.  For Alejandro, Andrew and Natalia, it’s off to parts unknown to help stage a military coup with their fellow soldiers of fortune.  Still, we made the most of our last day, one marked by much hilarity, desserts, and booze punctuated by occasional show discussion.

So, what was the verdict on the outline for our big season finale?

I’m going to miss this crew!



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Congrats! I’m sure it will be smooooth sailing from here out! 😉

Dr Z
Dr Z

Well done. All that work and collaboration AND you had fun. Well done

Rebecca Sims
Rebecca Sims

I wish the best to all 🏆👍


Is that Andrew begging for scotch?
Were you serving whiskey?
Good luck everyone!


I’m confused, as usual. But aren’t you getting notes on your scripts and rewrites aplenty? No studio/corporate overseers? Sorry for not keeping up.

Leathery sheets of rain lashed at Harry's ghost.

Yay! Congratulations Joe!
You actually managed to make it thru five whole weeks
without being being sucked into any mirrors,
blown up by any whitehole devices,
moo’d at and chased by any angry space cows
or having a nervous breakdown.
So proud of you. xo

And now, I’ve got even better news for ya!

After so many years of repeatedly complaining
how much you hate writing
And more recently,
denouncing humankind, via declaring
you couldn’t wait till the robot revolution announces victory,
I decided, for your your birthday week,
to ask Mr Botnik,
an accomplished highly talented AI,
who recently wrote the latest chapter in the Harry Potter series,
if he’d be willing to take over the episode writing for Mr Thorne’s project
to free up your time for taking fun little road trips to Buffalo.
Dreaming up winning lotto numbers,
and Catching up on awesome Oscar worthy movies
such as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
and Ed The Sock’s thrilling sequel in the Jules Verne Series
“Voyage To the Center Of A Washing Machine”.
Not only did Botnik agree,
but said he’d be more than happy to work for cookies!
Oh Boy! Ya can beat that, eh?

Here’s a sample of his latest work:

And here’s the Pulitzer prize worthy article
on how this extraordinarily clever AI ghostwriter for hire,
achieved his latest amazing feat:

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Sounds fun and productive. The best part though, is you’ve made another group of friends. smile

Mark Wright

Congrats. That was fast! Probably felt far longer for you. Sounded like you enjoyed yourself.


Rain, rain, rain today