Hey, you know that feeling of overwhelming fullness you chalk up to overeating or a spicy meal or a week’s worth of bad coffee and wholesale chocolate chip cookies that actually turns out to be food poisoning?  Well, that’s what I’m feeling right about now.

Was it the spicy pork?

The sushi I had for lunch?

Or – ironies of ironies! – the sliced cucumber adornments that accompanied tonight’s dinner?

I’ve been down this road, people!  I recognize the signs!  Feeling overstuffed, even though I didn’t eat all that much.  Sore.  Lightheaded.  Slower to solve complex algebraic equations.

It’s like that time I had the sketchy ground chicken.  Or the time I had that suspect kebab.   Or that time I had the bad ramen.  Or the time I had that other bad ramen.

September 28, 2018: Oh Boy!

15 thoughts on “September 28, 2018: Oh boy!

  1. Yikes. Feel better soon. I recently had a meal at a fancy restaurant that has me queasy days later.

  2. PS: As I’ve said before, it’s more likely something you ate yesterday or the day before. Perhaps you should be screened for slow gastric emptying (gastroparesis).

  3. Boiled and then chilled water and some toast will help you, also Ginger, especially if you can find it soaking in a jar of glaze. And packed lunches for your workdays,seriously you just don’t know how some food is prepared.

  4. Is it also like the time you had the chicken sashimi?

    Yeah, I’ve known the feeling. The last time it was really bad though was that time it was my first night on a multi-day trip down in the Grand Canyon. I was lucky to get out alive! (I should have stayed in and recuperated for a day or two rather than trying to hike out.)

    What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, feel better soon!

  5. I totally agree with @idontdomondays2day. Time for some packed lunches and you know the best in the business. Time for some of chef Akemi’s Bento Box lunch specialties.

    Feel better soon Joe.

  6. Ugh. Unfortunately, I knows the feeling, all too well. 🙁
    Wish I’d taken my own good advice
    when I told ya to “mind the dungeon, mister”.
    I knew I’d regret my lunch choices today
    but it was just much too tasty to pass up.
    Now I’m struggling to focus
    on the simplest tasks,
    such as getting my A.I. programmed
    to feed me next weeks winning lotto jackpot numbers
    And entering the correct coordinates
    to send a secret message to my colonist pals
    who decided to take an early road trip to Mars.

    Oh well. In that case,
    Likely best to skip sampling those extra tasty,
    original version, hot wings
    at Duffs in Amherst, this weekend
    and just opt for some lighter fare in Buffalo, no?

    Rx: NY style Wonton soup with sea weed, scallions & crispy noodle
    with a side pint of extra sticky white rice.

  7. It’s always a great feeling to put the bucket next to your bed back in the closet. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. My hubby got food poisoning from a salad once, so it doesn’t have to be the meats.

    That is a bad feeling! I’m sorry and hope it passes quickly. Sleep, if you can.

  9. I hope you feeling better very soon. I agree, ginger will be your friend.

    Rambling story time, or how I came to have a hospital gown and one of those nifty heated blankets. One Mother’s Day, Larry took me to brunch at Golden Corral (yeah, yeah, yeah). We had a nice meal, bourbon chicken and strawberry shortcake, and waffles. Came home, and Larry hopped in the truck and headed for Idaho. I changed into a housedress and began puttering around. Oh oh. Gut pain. Like a lot. Into the bathroom I went, and in the bathroom I stayed. Explosive experience, uncontrollable, both ends. One would go and trigger the other, in no particular order. I made it to a phone and called the neighbor who has a key. She came over, and promptly called 911. The EMTs arrived, tried to sit me in a chair, and frantically searched the kitchen for something to vomit in. Nope. I laid on the on floor and kept expelling everything evil inside. They decided to whip off the housedress, bundle me up and get me on a gurney and took me to the ER. My dear neighbor stayed behind to clean the horror scene.

    After a few hours of various meds and a lot of IV saline, I was sent home. Social services generously paid for a taxi, because I couldn’t get in touch with anyone and didn’t even have my cell phone. Just my ID card. Oh, I was naked too; I had no clothes, not even shoes. They got me a fresh gown, one of the big wrap around ones, and draped a blanket around my legs. I even had the crappy on slip socks. Fortunately my house was unlocked, because my neighbor was definitely sound asleep.

    Buffets scare the shit out of me these days after that very literal experience. Nope.

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