I was feeling better this morning but didn’t want to risk a relapse, so I eaaaaased back into my eating routine…

Dinner at Piano Piano.

Desserts at The Dessert Kitchen.


Accompanied by our culinary wing-couple, Nicole and Joseph, visiting from Vancouver.

Well, it’s almost 9:30 p.m.  We just got in.  And I can look forward to a nice relaxing evening of writing an outline.  Unless, of course, I won the lottery!

Hang on.

No, never mind.  Writing an outline it is.

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I’m holding back on eating my regular foods until coast is clear. Pizza looks yummy but don’t recognize other dishes and desserts.

Nicolas Bannister

I kinda love and agree on your eating routine.


You can’t keep a good stomach down!

Wait, that probably wasn’t a good metaphor for that, but I’m glad you’re feeling better!

Margaret Clayton

Is that some sort of protoplasm in your desserts, or are they eggs? Looks like eggs.


Happy everything “worked out” rather quickly for you. Glad you are back in the saddle again. You might want to trot for a while and not run that horse so hard… smile Awesome to see visitors from Vancouver.

giddy up horsey
giddy up horsey

uh…. Joe. Seems you forgot a couple words in your header.
that’s ok. No need to edit in the correction.
I’m sure everyone realizes you meant to say
Getting back on eating like a horse.

Yay! It's Drea's Birthday Week!

And now for an exciting whale of a tale!
(and o’ such a terrifically shameless plug it is.)

Drea: Moans, groans and rubs still aching tummy,
from yesterday’s unwise lunch choice.
Wishes italian Sausage with caramelized onions
And triple decker banana splits were never invented.
Shrugs at Joe’s cast iron dungeon of a stomach
and curses in utter disgust
at the sight of his delicious looking food porn,
brazenly displayed wide open on the page for all to see,
not even so much as 24 hours
after scaring all his readers into believing
he was on the verge of a rather nasty, violent, episode of food poisoning.
Garnishing their natural tendencies toward sympathy and empathy
with his need for lavish, unbridled, attention.

Hast thou no human shame, Joseph Mallozzi?
Oh my! What would your mother say??!

But Hey, no worries, eh?
I know you are still basically a good person at heart
and want all your friends, fans, co-workers and blog family
to be happy and feel genuinely loved and appreciated, no?.

So, You know what would make me feel a whole lot better, today?

–> If you used some of your next lottery jackpot win in advance
to get me one of these for my birthday, next Saturday, 10/06/18,
in lieu of cake.
(points to vid link below)

I know it looks like a terribly indulgent gift.
Albeit, when you really think on it,
It’s actually a very reasonable, practical,
wholly unselfish, request.

You’d be helping do a world of good for others.

In fact, Everyone should have a giant haptic whale VR in their living room
that just jumps out of the floor
and splashes them on a hot summer day!
It helps reduce atmospheric CO2
by not having to run the A/C to cool you off
and it keeps everyones mind on marine species conservation
without having to capture or otherwise cause harm to any real whales.

Whatt’ya say, eh?
Up for helping me save human and whale kind?!

Drea: winks
Grins sheepishly, thinking she’s being clever,
as the blog concierge comes along to restrain her
in yet another strait jacket
and prepares to hand her off to the authorities

Happy Sunday! xo

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

I wish I could bounce back that fast! Glad you’re feeling better. wink


I’m thrilled you are back out there cowboy and cowgal!

In case you like Rush, a Canadian treasure like yourself Baron, check out my latest.

“R20D50” 40+ Years || 20 Studio Albums || 50 Songs Mention Dreams


Love the cool waffle, now I need to see the waffle machine that makes such marvels. The teeth on the raspberry tart was very Halloween-ish. Those sides at Piano Piano look tasty. Glad to see your back in good eating health. I finally watched Godless, it felt like it should be 3 hours instead of 7 and the choice of who lived and who pushed up daisies annoyed the heck out of me. Now I need to see Shane and Silverado again to get some real cowboy magic.