The writers’ room continue to roll!  Today, we broke yet another episode and covered a lot of ground: truths, twists, and, of course, Orange Sam.  I mean, check out the action…

September 27, 2018: The Weekday Update!

Let me break it down for you: R.T. cracking the whip, Alejandro considering a cookie, Natalia moved to tears by my brilliant idea, and Courtney reconsidering her lunch choice.

Hey, speaking of lunch, check out this beauty…

Burgers’ Priest‘s The Vatican City: A double cheeseburger sandwiched between two grilled cheese buns.

Finally – while the focus on breaking, outlining, and scripting eats up much of my day, I still make time for the important things: sleep, loved ones, and fantasy football.  My defending champion Snow Monkeys are off to a hot start!


p style=”text-align: center;”>September 27, 2018: The Weekday Update!

10 thoughts on “September 27, 2018: The Weekday Update!

  1. Wow that burger looks delicious! It does not look like you have made any progress at all. All your papers are still blank.

  2. so when are you going to tell us which show you are working on?? really frustrated not knowing.

  3. I’ll be eating nice and bland today to make up for yesterdays food truck blitz, but that burger is so very tempting. Congrats on the winning streak but lookout, the Running Dead are coming up fast, triggering 28 Days Later nightmares. I can’t wait for October, I need my Halloween fix, waiting to see Haunting of Hill House followed by a Charmed reboot palate cleanser.

  4. Sausage and pepper hoagie with sauteed onion for me today. Followed by a 3 scoop banana split with coffee ice cream, almond slivers, plenty of whipped cream and cherries atop. My colon will likely start giving me grief for the choice in a couple hours. But it was much too good to resist.

  5. The most efficient writing I’ve ever done was on an old IBM laptop on my bedroom floor about 40 hours from a deadline without a single page written, blinds drawn, trying to ignore a vacuum cleaner in the hallway. How anyone can function in a brightly lit room with other human beings present is truly beyond me.

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