The bureaucratic ineptitude of the Canadian government is alternately sad and staggering.  I’ll save you the rant but suffice it to say the general apathy could be readily addressed – and customer service greatly improved – by replacing these indifferent civil servants with trained monkeys.  I so look forward to the day when they all lose their rubber-stamping positions to machines.

The robot revolution can’t come soon enough for this guy!

Red Tape, Robots, Marty G., And Travel Plans!

Oh, hey!  Look who’s been busy!

To quote Akemi: “He is unstoppable.”

Speaking of unstoppable, week 3 of the writers’ room kicked off with a long and involved discussion of episode 3.  Tomorrow, we start breaking episode 4 and I expect smooooooth sailing through episode 10.  Then, all we have to do is write the scripts, build the sets, and shoot the show.  Oh, and assorted other stuff in between.  And…done!

After which I think I’ll take a well-deserved trip – and visit each and every one of you.  I’m going to need to know: a) your city, b) the best restaurant in your area, c) your availability, and d) what you’ll be cooking up.

Don’t worry.  I probably won’t be free until summer of 2019, so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare.

34 thoughts on “Red Tape, Robots, Marty G., and Travel Plans!

  1. How about a Hot Pepper festival in rural Pennsylvania (Sept 12th & 13th, 2019)?

  2. When you come to Australia, us Brisbanites can all go out for one big party!

    Brisbane as a city has a lot on offer! If you’re after delicious steaks you can’t go past Black Hide Steakhouse in the city centre. There’s also plenty of Japanese style restaurants as well, reviews suggest Birdsnest is a good place to go & the food looks great! I’d go Westend as it’s a short walk to Southbank (Brisbane River) and there is Gelatorias and Chocolate dessert places all along there to finish up with, or have a nice stroll along the water and take in the pretty city lights.

    If you come for dinner at my house, I’ll serve you up my home made Lasanga, with a nice salad, matched with your chosen red wine, i would suggest a nice Merlot or Shiraz from one of the local Italian wine makers from my home town region. Followed by my take on a Tiramisu for dessert. With the added company of my dogs lol

    I would happily clear my schedule for you & Akemi!

    Looking forward to your visit 😉
    Much love, Christina x

  3. City, Launceston, Tasmania
    Eating, Black Cow Restaurant
    Availability, we will be home! and will cook a great Aussie bbq for you both!

  4. Hi! Joe. So have you selected the cast yet or just perfecting the scripts. Maybe after that we can still convince Syfy to let you finish season 4 & 5. I wish CW would pick it up.

  5. a) San Antonio
    b) Too many to name, but I think I’d make reservations at Restaurant Gwendolyn. I’ve met the owner; he was neighbor to my sis a few years ago. Have heard nothing but good about the venue.
    c) We’re retired; just give me a month’s notice. But I recommend avoiding May through September, when Canadians are likely to melt in South Texas heat.
    d) Nothing. We don’t cook.

  6. A) Phoenix, AZ
    B) Pizzaria Bianco
    C) open, except when I’m not
    D) chicken and rice and my famous (amongst my family) made from scratch pumpkin pie

  7. Lately I have been irritated by the ineptitude of my parent’s mailman. When you have mail to be picked up, you put it in the box and raise the flag so the mailman will know to stop. He comes by, picks up the outgoing, leaves the incoming, and drops the flag. When I see the flag down I know he has come by. But this mailman doesn’t drop the flag. I spend all day waiting on the mail when it already came who knows when! How hard is it to drop a flag? Do your job right!

    Rant over . . . for today. I think I need more Suji videos please.

  8. Srsly? (a) Dallas (b) Spiral Diner/Whisk Crepes/Tandoor Indian (c) flexible schedule, spacious guest room, airport pickup available, (d) likely quiche alongside sweet potato enchiladas and salad.

    Wait, so have you cast already?

  9. More immigration incompetence, I assume? How infuriating. I thought you guys were better than we just south of you. Although here, we’re now questioning people’s birth certificates and asking them to tell what they remember of where they were born.

    By the way, a) Sunnyvale, California , b) Manresa Michelin 3-star, c) pretty much always, d) nothing as good as Manresa.

  10. A- Annecy
    B- Clos des Sens
    C- All the time, i’ll be on vacation
    D- I don’t know yet, I’ll ask Flo, she’s the cook, I just help

  11. I can not wait to welcome you to Germany, Joe. I live near Heidelberg, where there are many good restaurants (The “Nepomuk” for example). When you let me know when you are coming, I will make sure I am available. I would be happy to cook my famous potato cream soup for you, but if you expect a more substantial meal, my husband, who is a better cook, is willing to stand by the stove and prepare a typical German dish for you. So, when can we welcome you? 🙂

  12. My time in Toronto with you two was fantastic, my door is always open for a visit from you and Akemi…
    a) nearest city is miles away, I’m a country gal
    b) best restaurant – my home
    c) open invitation
    d) I make a pretty mean lasagne ☺️

  13. You’re welcome to come and visit me in Melbourne. I live near Attica, regarded as the best restaurant in Australia and listed at number 20 in The World’s Best 50 Restaurants.

    I’d recommend visiting during our summer. January-February is the best time of year. March-April if you prefer it a little cooler.

    My cooking specialities usually have to do with baking: bread, cramique, cakes, brownies. But I also dabble in chocolate: truffles, pralines, etc. And ice cream.

    My new wood-fired pizza oven kit was delivered today. I’ll be building it over the Christmas break. You’ll have to come and visit me in Tasmania if you want to sample my pizzas, though!

  14. a) Sarasota, Florida
    b) That’s a toughie, but I’d have to say either Maison Blanche or Andrea’s.
    c) My recommendation is mid-November through mid-April. Otherwise it’s a steambath. Tours and transportation are a given. We have a fantastic collection of Baroque art, a school of architecture named after us,white sand beaches and sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. We are about 3 hours to the Everglades and 2-1/2 from Disney which has some of the best restaurants I’ve been to in the world.
    d) Possibly my grandmother’s chicken and dumplings or a Moroccan lamb couscous.

  15. Austin, Texas. I’m not a native, but it sure is nice down here. Great TexMex, BBQ, Music and weather!

  16. Hey now, not all civil servants are like that!

    You know where I live! Come visit!

  17. I have been fortunate that most of the bureaucrats I have been dealing with on the phone have been polite and considerate. The speed which they took back my husband’s last month of pay and the snail’s pace with which they provide survivor benefits is breathtaking and frustrating. I am glad he had some retired pay, which is the department where my survivor payments will eventually come from, as the VA death pension is nothing if you receive over $7,000 annually in income or assets (not including your home, car, or clothing, how generous). That’s half the poverty level. I didn’t even fill out the packet.

    Ogden, Utah, crossroads of the West. Hell on Wheels got everything about it hilariously wrong. Downtown has seen a revival, so there’s that. We have a couple nice local distilleries.

    Best? Don’t trust Yelp, Mormons think Applebees is fancy. I like No Frills Diner, which has amazing burgers and glacial service, only open for breakfast and lunch. They got a new fryer, so the onion rings aren’t as delightfully greasy as they once were. Tona’s is good Japanese food, remarkably so for Utah. I really like Pig and a Jelly Jar, local and organic. Yummy burgers, and wonderful chicken and waffles. If you want a bison burger, then Maddox, although they have declined since their heyday. Real good diner food? North to Snowville to Molly’s Diner. Less Coca-cola memorabilia since Molly retired, but every dish is handmade on the spot. Patty melt ….mmm. Chocolate malt in the frosty metal shaker.

    I have nothing going except Element 11 in June, and Burning Man at the end of August. I don’t know who I am now, not quite yet.

    I would probably make Larry’s oven baked ribs with his secret mango-Kona coffee dry rub. I do make good fudge, but not in the summer. I bake, Larry cooked.

  18. You’re welcome to come by and visit Bruce and me in St. Augustine, Florida. The best time of day, for us, is the afternoon, but we’re flexible. If you want to eat out then we suggest Pizzally’s restaurant which, unfortunately, has the worse parking. They have a little sit-down area off of St. George Street, but it’s the restaurant I recommend. I’m not sure you’d want to come over, but I make fairly good baked chicken tenders and a surf & turf (artery-clogging) dinner. We live in a little run-down rental with two large dogs, two active senior cats, and a few strays. If you come, please set aside a day or two to visit St. Augustine. The best time to visit is during the week while school is in session. Lots to do. Be prepared to walk. Unfortunately, many of the tourist areas do not allow pets. We’d love to show you and Akemi around.

  19. Barcelona, Spain (about 40 minutes outside by train) I’ve only been here a month so I have no idea the best restaurant but I mean, it’s Spain. As for what I’m cooking, well that will also be TBD.

  20. A lot of good offers for visits! I’m tempted to head over and visit Line NoiseMy new wood-fired pizza oven kit was delivered today. I’d love to get one of those ovens!

    More immigration problems? I’m not sure any country has an easy or efficient immigration system. I know a few immigrants that live in Memphis and some of the things they go through are crazy! Then again, I’ve heard France and Canada have some tough criteria, also. My only advice is get a good lawyer but I’m sure you’ve done that.

    Yay for Gero!

    I live outside Memphis, TN in Mississippi (about five miles over the state line). My schedule is flexible. My cooking specialty is chocolate chip cookies. However, if you come to Memphis, you are required to eat BBQ. I’m pretty sure it’s a law… 😉

  21. “The bureaucratic ineptitude of the Canadian government is alternately sad and staggering.”
    I’m surprised by this. The few times over the last few years that I’ve had anything to do with both the Ontario and federal governments the service has been very good. I guess it depends on which person/department you are dealing with so it may be a case of “your mileage may vary”. Mine has been pretty good.

    I’m the opposite of a foodie, but around here the best restaurant is considered Chez Piggy!

  22. Nearest city Birmingham UK, but hometown of Solihull is nicer. The Black Boy, Knowle is a lovely old pub set in a scenic location & serves wonderful food (the pub name is a reference to King Charles II). Highly recommended
    People say I make a mean apple muffin. Availability? I get a pretty decent holiday entitlement 😃

  23. I can’t even get my own family to visit, but if you want to risk frostbite to see a Steelers game the pierogies with onions are my treat. I won’t be surprised if Martin G. is running his own network by 2019.

  24. Oswaldtwistle anytime, my partner makes great burgers and there’s always plenty of cold beers.

  25. Come on down to Baton Rouge, although I wouldn’t advise a summer trip unless you like suffering. While it’s a chain with 16 locations, the best combination of food & service I’ve had in this town is Sullivan’s Steakhouse. I hear good things about a rooftop sushi place downtown, but since that’s literally across the city we never go. Then there’s the elephant in the delta, NOLA, which is known for its food.

    I’m always available for you guys and I’ll be cooking something Cajun that probably goes with or over rice. Could be gumbo, might be crawfish etouffee, a shrimp creole is in the cards, and you have to try my boudin egg rolls (and those poppers I just made).

  26. Can’t wait for your visit in the far flung future. Wish I had a time machine.

  27. a) We’re at the End of the Road, here in beautiful boreal Lynn Lake, MB, and would love to have you, your partner, and any four-footed family members, to boot! b) Best restaraunt is, IMHO (not just because I love her) our kitchen at the cabin in Zed Lake Provincial Park, 20km further from civilization where the finest culinary delights are made by my charming wife, stepchild, and assortment of friends who come and go regularly. Sometimes, even I’m allowed in there, but usually just get left in charge of catching Walleye and Lake Trout to bring to the kitchen. And I’m regularly told to slave over a hot deep-fryer full of fish or spuds. c) Availability is from the end of June to the Labour Day Weekend, although I generally still have evenings and weekends free after the school bell rings before the end of June. I love my career. d) We’ll be cooking up everything from fresh fish to smoked Caribou and Moose sausage, as well as more pedestrian culinary favourites from steak to K-D. Nothing is better to wake up to than a long relaxing morning of freshly perked coffee and a couple slices of rye toast with with homemade wild blueberry, raspberry, Lingonberry, chokecherry, etc, jelly while the bacon sizzles prepping the pan for eggs. Sure, at the end of June, the sun goes down at 11:30pm, but you can get a solid half-hour or so after 12:30 when it finally gets dark, before it starts getting light again around 1:30am. Most places in the world, you get, “the golden hour” to shoot with. Here, it lasts for three. 😀

  28. Hi Joe, I live in Sheffield UK. As we are in the county of Yorkshire I would of course serve homemade Yorkshire Pudding

  29. Chattanooga, Tn. The Boathouse. Oysters, catfish, garlic chicken, beef brisket Nachos. Tell me when you’re coming and I’ll be available. I don’t cook often but when I do, sour cream enchiladas are my specialty. I’m more the appetizer finger food kinda person. I make a mean redneck caviar, buffalo wing dip and spinach dip.

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