10 thoughts on “September 23, 2018: Suji Sunday!

  1. Doggone cute! Little snore-ker! Apple-liciousness afternoon delight! Sweetest face ever. Infinity. <3

  2. I think the babies have such a cool collection of soft snuggly beds!!, Would make me want to nap also. Thanks for sharing! cutie Suji!

  3. Random thoughts: Suji videos are a good way to start the day!
    That little squeak she does is adorable.
    I think she needs a cpap for that snoring. 😉
    Does Lulu get jealous?

    Congrats on the new show and finding great people to work with!

    The rain has moved in and the temps are manageable now. Yay!

    Quantum Mechanic & PBmom: I hope you both are feeling better every day!

  4. Pleasant dreams Suji! I’m going to try making Suji eyes at the café to convey my wish for yummy treats. This weekend’s food experiment was Caribbean fried rice; shrimp and sausage, tons of ginger, splash of coconut milk, folding in left over arroz con guandu, tasty but the sausage made it too salty.

    I’m watching Black Earth Rising, Vanity Fair, Bodyguard and Discovery of Witches; the Brit shows are pushing limits. The first 20 minutes of Bodyguard were nailbiting. then the story went bonkers. My fave show is Maniac, delightfully weird in a Max Landis kind of way.

  5. What a widdle precious cutie pie! Please hug both dogs tightly and give them smoogie kisses on the nose for me. I’ll do the same to my beagle.

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