Day #1 of the UF Writers’ Room is complete, and what a day it was.


THIS was the view out the boardroom window when I got in this morning following a brisk 30 minutes walk from my place.  Between home and work, my royal blue suit had transformed to a deep ocean blue.  Was this a bad omen?  Was worse to come?

Thankfully, no.  It was one hell of a writers’ room, with some 13 diverse voices in all.  Over the course of our first day, we focused on world building, covering everything from the city’s history to The Exemplar – factionalism and populism, the anachronistic and the futuristic, technology and chaos.

Off to a terrific start.  Tomorrow, we continue our general discussion, break down some big ideas, and lay the groundwork for Episode 1.

On an unrelated front, I am a witness to a criminal investigation.  The other day, I was at my buddy Ivon’s place when I was overwhelmed by a noxious stench.  No, as it turns out, it wasn’t Ivon but something else entirely.  Or should I say someone else entirely.  Just prior to the offending odor, I heard someone walk by in the corridor so I immediately suspected foul play – specifically, someone who had taken exception to Ivon leaving his door ajar for ventilation purposes was subjecting him to chemical attack.

I know, I know.  Sounds crazy.  But Ivon went down and complained to the concierge who reviewed the surveillance tapes and – Yes!  Crazy as it sounds, one of Ivon’s neighbors was caught on video doing just that, walking by his open door and spraying some sort of funky concoction into his apartment.  According to the concierge, building management could only give this individual a warning UNLESS Ivon got the police involved.

Which he did.  So I’m waiting for the call to go down and offer my firsthand account so we can nail this bastard.

Will keep you posted!

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Fantastic! I just finished season 3 of Dark Matter for the 6th time this morning on Netflix. Some day I really want the full HD experience DM of Blu-ray… Some day, if and when my better half lets me…

I digress

Thanks for the update. I’m excited for you and as usual have a little bit of healthy jealousy.

FYI I just launched my online dream journal at

I’ll be adding one of my almost 200 collected dreams often. Check it out if you have a spare moment. Thanks!

Cheers! ElGardner

Colleen Scott
Colleen Scott

Now that is a premise for a cop show.


Great to hear about Day 1 writing, but that situation with Ivon is crazy! Who would do something like that???

Tom Gardiner (@Thogar)

When you talk to the police remember, just the facts, ma’am.

Your brief description of the ideas discussed in the writers’ room (new/old, tech/chaos) made me think of time travel or some sort of a future fractured society, or maybe there’s some multi-dimensional shit going on. And my mind’s going to keep frantically jumping to all the wrong conclusions until we hear more from you.

I just wanted you to know the torment you’re putting me through so that maybe you’d feel guilty. You should, you know. I’m pretty pathetic.

Mark Wright

Off to a flying start then! That’s great to hear. I happen to like the rain so for me, that view out the window was quite beautiful. But that situation with Ivon is mad! That’s a very strange thing to do to someone. Let’s hope the guy who did it gets what he deserves!


Whats with that guy who sprayed Ivon’s apartment? Ivon better watch out. He sounds crazy. I think you Canadian’s call them loonies.


Chemical attack and the first day. Crazy. World building. Two words that can be an amazing creative experience and an ongoing logistical bane…

I’ve been world building and creating within my fictional world for almost 20 years. I would very much like to be a part of a writing team someday myself, it gets lonely being the little god of a world all alone for so long. If I wasn’t a relentless perfectionist, I would share my work more often and with more people.

Baron, I’m sure you can relate. The struggles of a writer… Can be very lonely sometimes.

Good luck on your second day.



Glad to hear that a project is rolling along…can’t wait to hear more about it! Factionalism and populism? Anachronistic and futuristic? Sounds sorta Philip K. Dick-ish.

And sorry to hear you and Ivon were under chemical attack. Let us know how the deposition goes. wink Any idea on what he sprayed?

Larry D
Larry D

You know, Joe, companies make these things that can shield you from the rain. Check out some Milla Jovovich movies for more info.


Glad you had a great fist day. And the chemical attack guy? What an asshole.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Ivon’s neighbor sounds cray-cray. I hope he becomes a little more cautious. We never leave our doors unlocked, much less open, in Memphis. I saw a news interview with a local lady, she said people who leave their curtains open are inviting thieves. In other words, it’s our fault if we get robbed because we’re flaunting our possessions. 😩. It’s sad people are living with that attitude in the bad parts of town. No one should have to acclimate to that situation.

Yay on the new job! Walking to work is a nice perk. 😀

I got a 403 yesterday but I didn’t check from our home ip today. I’ll be home later and test it out. 🍀


With you being a longtime creature of habit,
Had a feeling you were going to wear a blue suit for your 1st day.
Seriously considered for a brief moment to warn you not to
but didn’t have the time, energy, or proper mind set, yesterday morning
to type up the reason for advising you against it.

Hint: It’s not just because of the weather fronts in the atlantic
mentioned to have some impact as far north as GTA all week.

Happy to quietly elaborate at a later time
when we are both less distracted by more pesky,
(though certainly not more important), issues
than fashion personality impression setting).

Anywhoos, Very glad it all worked out okay xo

Sorry to hear about what happened at Ivon’s.
Sounds like you both should seriously reconsider the quieter GTA burbs,
with less emotionally immature neighbors, for your next residential move.

Margaret Clayton

A chemical attack, how werd.

I may be part of a fraud investigation soon. Like today. Ugh.


Alrighty tighties then. The first solid clues are in.

So lets see if I can use my brilliant logical deduction skills
to break it down here, eh?? …
We know UF doesn’t stand for University of Florida.
That The Examplar likely refers to Free Masons.
And we know you are talking about multiple, diverse, competing, groups.
Thus, My first couple guesses lead me to believe the show is
titled something along the lines of
“Ultimate Future” or “Ultimate Fighter”
and has a Hunger Games sorta feel to it??

Guess #2: UF refers to something like
“Urda Fettish” or (Felix) “Unger’s Foot”
In which case, the factions you hint at
refer to groups of humans, sheep, and s caped styled goats
failing miserably at co-habitating in a dystopian futuristic
inner city apartment building.


So sorry to hear it.
I do hope it doesnt have anything to do with that friend who posted he go fund me for you???
We all contributed to it and noticed you commented directly on the page. But then, suddenly, the campaign came to an end without any explanation or further update.

Joe: guess #3: The show is called “Ultimate Freedom”.
Also, the reply button here on the blog isn’t working.


You mean now we have to worry about noxious spray attacks in addition to hurricanes? That is disturbing and so very scary. Sounds like a soggy but great start to the writing week, can’t wait to hear more; world building is so me.
After loading home made guac, roasted pepper salsa and coconut-habanero infused sour cream into a store bought burrito all I felt was dizzy; no more burrito experiments for me.


That is CRAZY.


@Maggiemayday.& @Drea I didn’t see that because of my situation, and hope Maggiemayday got my help via the Amazon stuff, but OMG! Who does crap like that? It always makes people leery of giving money to people to help but when its someone you directly know, then you don’t hesitate (if you can help). To think someone would do that makes me horribly sad and I hope @Maggiemayday whatever happened you can get cleared up and the person goes to jail.