Well, that’s it.  My extended vacation has come to an end because tomorrow, I start the writers’ room on a new sci-fi series.

I’ll be showrunning but, unlike Dark Matter, this one is not my brainchild.  And the circumstances by which I became involved are rather…unusual.

Several months ago, the Director’s Guild of Canada hosted an event pairing established show runners with up and coming directors in an evening of drinks, snacks, and speed dating-like meet and greets.  I was sent a list of potential candidates (over two hundred in all!), then asked to select eight.  On the night of the event, I sat down with those eight directors and got to know them – in the approximately ten minutes allotted to each.  During a break in the action, one of the directors I hadn’t chosen came over and introduced himself, then proceeded to heap praise on Dark Matter.  I thought: “Damn, I should’ve picked this guy!”  And then: “I still can!”

Later that week, we got together and, instead of a ten minute chat, we sat down to a two hour lunch in which we covered, among other things, a show he was preparing to pitch.  It was a unique science fiction series unlike anything I’d ever worked on, but very intriguing.

Weeks later, he called to tell me his show had been picked up, that the production company was interviewing potential showrunners, and asked whether I’d be interested in throwing my hat into the ring.  I considered.  On the one hand, it was, as I said, unlike any show I’d ever worked on.  On the other, I really liked him and, at this point in my career, I’m only interested in working with people I like.  I also liked the show’s premise.  And the possibility of reuniting my former Dark Matter crew.

So, I went in and interviewed.  And was offered the gig.

Which brings us to where we are now – specifically, on my couch, sipping chamomile tea, monitoring the Bears-Packers game while I finish this entry after which I’ll move on to reviewing my notes for tomorrow’s world building session.

More details on this series as they become available – following the grand announcement (whenever that is).

Stay tuned and Prepare to Support Your Sector!

32 thoughts on “That New Show…

  1. I like the tumbly way this opportunity unfolded. It’s my gut feeling that this ride could be quite fun. I do hope it is and you get to enjoy the other side of the coin again for awhile.
    I’m not sure you can answer this one, but with it being both screen guild Canada and potentially working with crew from DM, does this means you’re staying in Canada for the foreseeable future?
    If so, I’m happy to hear that. Not that you won’t go back to LA someday, but that I like that you have some comfortable places built into where you are and Akemi & the dogs won’t need to uproot orodo without you as many hours or as far away.

  2. Hi Joe
    Congrats! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.


  3. Awesome! Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear more about. Let us know what channel will it be on. I hope this time its the CW instead of Syfy or maybe Amazon Prime or Netflix. Anyway for sure we will ready to watch.

  4. Oh. So ‘that’s’ what all the nervous over eating was about this weekend, eh?
    Subconscious jitters about stepping out of your comfort zone.
    I thought maybe you were simply running a science experiment
    to test if it’s specifically possible for you, personally,
    to literally become vomitly full.

    Well, mind the dungeon, mister.
    Try to relax this week and enjoy it.
    I’m sure you’ll do great.

    If not, … just ask Akemi to make a couple batches
    of her famous drunken uncle cookies to liven things up in the room. 😀

  5. That was pretty compelling to read because I’ve always been the kind of person who could convey us excitement & energy of my concepts better in person than by any other method. I actually (unknowingly) met an agent from ICM once. I was working at a bookstore & thought we were just two people chatting about storytelling until she got ready to leave & have me her card. Nice when things just come together organically like that.

  6. Exciting ! It feels bit like going back to school after the long summer break, when i read it. ^^
    Anyway, it’s gonna be an interesting week, no doubt. Can’t wait to see the kind of show will result from this. You’re good at teasing! 😛

  7. Did the Packers win? Last I watched, the QB hurt his leg and was taken off the field. The Packers immediately started losing. Next thing I see is the game is over, the QB is grinning ear to ear and appatently they won.
    Good luck tomorrow Joe. Hope you’re grinning ear to ear by the end of the day too.

  8. I wish you well on this next adventure, may your finger’s go tippit, tap,tap and more tapping, as the words flow through.
    May the new characters make it an ease for writing.
    I still have my hope for Raza and her crew!
    Peace Beth Skol. ZoieFanAnna2

  9. Noice!
    Looking forward to hearing about it and then watching it when we get the pleasure.
    All the best. Hopefully smoooth sailing!

  10. Can’t wait to hear more, especially if any of the Dark Matter cast & crew are involved

  11. Yea! Congratulations…and our group will be watching. Spreading the word to be on the lookout for a new show. 🙂

  12. ok sorry for the 1st reply but I have had errors each time I have tried to reply in the past few days and did not think it would work . But now that it has I can say congratulations and I hope it all goes well for you 🙂

  13. Wishing you best of luck on your first day of a new world/job.
    When you say Dark Matter crew, I’m assuming production crew? That’ll be great! So looking forward to ‘the look’ as well as the storyline

  14. Best of luck on the new project. Can’t wait for good sci-fi to return to my TV.

  15. Slogged through the remnants of a hurricane to work with squelching shoes, umbrella was useless, felt thoroughly soggy, but now I’m sipping hot tea and reading tremendous news, oh yeah, support is prepared, can’t wait to hear more about this project. I’m scratching my head, Masked, DM, Transporter and Stargate were so different, heck even Atlantis and Universe were so different, so I’m very curious what the tone of the new show will be. I love Orphan Black, Lost Girl, ReGenesis so this already sounds like a project I will love.

  16. Thanks for the inside look on show development! Do writers get typecast? If so, it’s good to shake things up and do something different. I totally agree about working with good people. It will save your sanity!

  17. Okay, I know I said
    “mind the dungeon, mister”.
    Albeit, …..
    Check this out!
    drum roll please
    Its deepfried Thai bacon confit sushi made at a restaurant in NYC.
    Wandered across it early this morning
    while sipping my heavily caffeinated black tea
    and lazily searching for possible new scungilli, oyster or portobello,
    recipe ideas to experiment with.
    I’m not, personally, much of a sushi eater,
    but thought you and others might enjoy it?
    (There’s also a wonderful, crave inspiring,
    bacon & chutney grilled mozz cheese sandwhich
    in the second part of the video)


    By the way: Had a really amazing crock of french onion soup last night
    (you know – the kind thats thick, properly spiced, and heavily lidded with cheese)
    courtesy an apparently anonymous admirer
    who had someone deliver it to me at my moonlighting job.
    If you are reading this, my dear A. Nony. Mous
    Thanks! It was delicious! xo

    Happy smooth sailing day all 😀

  18. I remember that blog about the speed dating type meetings. Dontcha just love these serendipitous moments life throws us? All the best Joe. I look forward to watching it.

  19. Speaking of Sci-fi what kind of time distortion device do you have? You have SO many projects on the go, how do you find time for it all haha

  20. Congrats and good luck sleeping tonight!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  21. are where any news about SGU? Comics about this theme very strange.
    it is very unfortunate that the Dark Matter was closed. We in Russia watched it with pleasure.

  22. it is very unfortunate that the dark matter was closed. We in Russia watched it with pleasure.
    Are where any news about SGU? Comics on this theme are very strange.

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