Squeezing in as much fun (aka food) as humanly possible ahead of this Monday when I will be swallowed by the black hole known as The Writers’ Room.

Packing it in…and on…

Out And About – The Toronto Edition!
Ice Cream Tayaki at Sukoi.  

Choose a flavor (matcha or black sesame), then a filling (red bean, custard, or nutella), then your toppings.  Snap your instagram-worthy pic, then consume.

Out And About – The Toronto Edition!

Out And About – The Toronto Edition!
Avocado toast with duck bacon at Early Bird.

You can have it smashed or sliced.  I opted for the former while Akemi chose the latter which was presented as a beautiful green flower.  I asked “What’s the duck bacon made out of?”assuming it was one of those faux vegan alternatives that taste nothing like the original.  The answer?  “Duck.”  Delicious!

Out And About – The Toronto Edition!

Out And About – The Toronto Edition!

I’m almost reluctant to talk about this recent addition to the Toronto sushi scene for fear it will become insanely popular – but I’ll just go ahead and tell you that the sushi at Jugemu (sourced from all over the world including Japan) is phenomenal.  And considerably less expensive than what you would pay for the same quality fish at some of the city’s other high-end restaurants.

Out And About – The Toronto Edition!

Finally got to check out Koishi Ice Cream and sample melon pan with matcha ice cream.  Magical.

Another terrific addition to the Toronto sushi scene is Narami Sushi which specializes in temaki (hand) rolls.  Akemi was thrilled to order a nigh-impossible to find (in Canada) natto-okra hand roll while I had to order two of the toro and ikura (Japanese tuna belly and Alaskan salmon roe) temaki.

Out And About – The Toronto Edition!

Whenever we’re in the Ossington area, we always drop by Bang Bang Ice Cream where Akemi can enjoy her favorite dessert: the Hong Kong waffle.  I always go for the ice cream sandwich, combining my choice of ice cream with my choice of cookie.  Today, it was birthday cake cookies and banana pudding ice cream.

On our way home, we happened by this newly opened dog-friendly cafe where you can sip a mocha while your pooch enjoys his or her own snack.  I have a feeling Suji and Lulu are going to be regulars at Dogs & Coffee.

14 thoughts on “Out and About – The Toronto Edition!

  1. No picture of the birthday cake cookie ice cream bar? That would have been the highlight of the post! 🙂

    Just kidding, it all looks awesome. Though, the Hong Kong waffle kind of reminds me of bubble wrap.

  2. Wow! Beautiful colors in that food. Not an adventurous diner, yet I would try the melon pan and Hong Kong waffle. Yummy!
    Good luck Monday in your first writer’s room confab. Let those creative juices roll.
    Still curious about who is joining you, and the name of this new show.

    =^^= =^^=

  3. Where the heck does that Hong Kong Waffle disappear to…it’s freaking huge, and Akemi’s so slim.There’s Tesco bought Sushi, or a proper Sushi bar in Falmouth i haven’t ever been to or making my own with perhaps way too much Wasabi which i love.Would love to try some made by Jiro Ono.

  4. I don’t see any nutella on your tayaki ice cream. You feeling okay? Thanks for the food pictures. We don’t get enough of these lately. So pretty too!

  5. Joe, I love sushi too. I’m lucky to have a great sushi restaurant nearby.

    I eat there once or twice per month. I had fallen into a routine of ordering the same thing every time I went.

    To break out of that rut, a couple of months ago, I decided to sit at the sushi bar and order “chef’s choice” and gave a dollar amount to stay within. He asked me a few questions (sushi or rolls, etc.) and I refused to answer. (The only question I did answer was if spicy was OK, and I said “yes”.)

    What I was served was the best sushi I’d ever had!

    I asked him to point out in the menu what he’d served me, but he said it wasn’t on the menu.

    Here’s the thing: I’m no expert on sushi and I don’t know what the best fish they have on hand, so I generally leave it up to the chef to pick out the best for me.

    I’ve done this at least a dozen times and have never been disappointed in what I’ve been served. I haven’t been served the same thing twice. I love the variety and I think the chefs enjoy the freedom to use their creativity and to show off a little. 🙂

  6. Aww, the sukoi is shaped like a little koi! Looks delicious. I;d like to try the duck bacon with the smashed avocado. I had duck confit tacos once, and still dream about them, I bet duck bacon would be the stuff of legend also.

  7. No matter smashed or sliced into a beautiful work of art,
    avacado is always a yummy, comforting, crave filling, delight.
    Albeit, today it is the duck bacon that peaks my curiosity’s appetite
    so I decided to look up how its made.
    As it Turns out, …
    it’s actually not all that different from traditional pork bacon curing.


    Sweet Smoked duck bacon:

    Hickory smoked duck bacon

    Happy Experimenting! 🙂 XO

    1. “avacado is always a yummy, comforting, crave filling, delight”.
      And so is Avocado, by the way.
      No.. really. You should it sometime. 😀

  8. That’s more like “food art” and I’m glad you found it tasty, as well.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  9. You had me at avocado toast with duck bacon! Then the sushi-esque delights! That waffle looks like squid suckers to me but still yummy. Must fortify yourself before you become sequestered!!

  10. Is it too soon to wish smooth sailing..?? Take the Stargate(mini sized) to the writers room,, to escape if needed.

  11. I am so glad you are working again. 🙂 You’ve vacationed enough!

    I have discovered Lamb Bacon. OMG… just fried or coated with brown sugar, I am a fan.

    I hope all of your friends and Akemi’s family are okay. Japan seems to be on a nightmare rollercoater trip lately.

  12. I just…wow, so much to love. I need that waffle! I guess my own bacon-avocado BLT version will have to do. Lovely pic of Akemi!

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