9 thoughts on “What’s going on with your feet?

  1. What a spoiled little girl! How wonderful. She has some great parents now making up for lost time. I could watch this every day!

  2. Awwwww. You wore my favorite
    “I’m too sexy and in charge, but trying not to look it”,
    purple shirt today. xo
    Sooo, I’m guessing it was either a business lunch
    with a colleague or potential investor for one of the current projects?,
    Or? You had an opportunity to meet with
    and attempt to charm your secret fan boy crush
    Olivia Wilde, then??
    Meanwhile, I don’t have a clue what’s going on with little Miss Suji’s feet?
    but I can tell ya mines are fer sures smart’n
    after standing on them all day and well into the night!

    In other news ….
    Update on show recommendations:
    (Not that anything can really fill the void
    better than Dark Matter.)
    :Havent had as much time as I’d hoped over this last week
    to watch any of the newer web series.
    Albeit, if you are fascinated by planetary exploration
    and plans from various orgs and agencies
    to transit the first human colonists to the red planet
    sometime within the next 10 years,
    You will love NatGeo’s “MARS”.
    It combines Science documentary style
    with sci fi story telling
    about the first colonists surviving in an alien environment.
    Its done exceptionally well. Is very entertaining. And will likely
    have you wanting to play hooky from work and daily tasks
    just so you can find out what happens in the next episode.
    Season 2 will be premiering in Novemeber
    so if you’ve not yet seen season 1 – have at it, eh!

    I leave you this evening with a breathtaking image
    of an aurora captured in space.

  3. Joe, it finally happened.

    This morning’s Dream Theatre presentation had me in the in the Bridge Studios typing pool, assigned to translate multiple portions of an SG-1 script into Spanish.

    At the end of my shift.


    From a previous draft, in which the scriptwriter had confused Spanish with French, which I don’t read /write /speak.

    With hundreds of pages of resource material in three languages.

    Including prop documents for closeups.

    Having to set up my own computer workstation.

    Interrupted by writers, producers, and directors checking on my progress.

    Fortunately, you were in the background, vouching for me with your colleagues and providing psychic moral support.

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