12 thoughts on “Taste-Testing Japanese Snacks and Sweets

  1. Thanks for the fun vlog installments Joe!

    PS: Regardless of my being old
    and becoming cranky about your changing the blog theme 1-2x daily,
    I do hope you know
    I would always loyally follow and support you on any site
    or social medium you choose.
    Albeit, reading your wordsmithy humor and cleverness daily for the last 12 yrs
    has always been a true highlight in my often exhausting work schedule,
    and would be a very difficult thing to lose.

    And as far the pics suggestion go ….
    That wasnt me being my usual bossy Greek self.
    Yes, I know you have your own favs of each of the puppers.
    I simply sent them to demonstrate an idea I had
    that the banner’s photo strip could convey the story
    of your 4 legged family in the order they came into your life
    while lending a mood of humor, warmth, love,
    and showbiz entertainment
    each day we land on the home page.

    Have a Great Day! xo


    1. @Drea, thanks for the pictures of the pugs. I made a new masthead and am working on the width of the blog to help with mobile device reading.

  2. I love these videos! But what about Ivon’s diet?? 🙂

    All those treats look good, but what I come away from those videos with is that I really, really want some ice cream.

  3. @Drea I’m the web designer working with Joe. Blame me for the messing around with the live feed. We’ve settled down now. I adore the idea of Sujis history in masthead form. Joe doesn’t have time to locate those images but if you have them and can number them for me, I can make those mastheads. It’s what I wanted to do. I need about 10 or 15 or more pictures. Big if possible.

    My email is mayanscaper at Gmail dot Com. 👍🎖️

  4. Hi Ivon!

    Like gforce, I getting the impression that everything you all tried would be better with Ice Cream.

    And Joe, the next one is about burgers? Did you find a source of Impossible Burgers in Toronto? I’ve tried to find some Beyond Meat Burgers locally and all I found so far are the Beyond Meat Crumbles. I’ve got a line on some of their Beast Burgers that I may visit tomorrow.

  5. Hi, your new theme doesn’t work on my phone (iPhone 7). The scaling is horrible. Please tel me this isn’t it. I loved reading your blog

  6. I agree with James, the scaling is out of wack on my iPhone SE. It looks good on my desktop, though. My hubby/son are computer programmers and they have something called a raspberry pi hooked up to our modem that blocks ads. This site doesn’t like that much. There are huge banners on my phone and small banners on the desktop asking me to agree to accept ads/cookies.

    Great job on all the web design Rita!

    Drea’s idea about that the banner’s photo strip could convey the story
    of your 4 legged family in the order they came into your life
    is wonderful!

  7. Im highly aware of the intrusive request to agree to enter the site by okaying that we use cookies and have privacy systems allowing you to delete your information if we collect it. This is in response tona European Union draconian set of privacy rules called the GDPR that mandates these statements and your responses. If we are caught as a Canadian site without these in place the EU can shut down the site and fine Joe €100,000. So, they have to appear.

    The other non-responsive items im working on replacing with images that will dynamically resize. This will not work if you are using Internet Explorer. Chrome gets wonky if you cant upgrade Android. Its complicated. Thanks for your patience.

  8. Joe
    Have you and Akimi checked out “Ichiban Living”? There is one near me in the East York Town Centre. It’s like a Japanese Dollarama (except everything is $2.25). They have a limited amount of food items (candy) but the gadgets etc are amazing. Don’t know what half of them do because all the instructions are in Japanese but I love that store!

  9. Let’s see if this posts…

    I miss your precious smile! Love these videos, they made my day! 🙂

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