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  1. Since I was very young, from my Star Wars figures to building space ships out of cardboard boxes, and now… I too have always dreamed about Space Travel! Thank you for writing and producing shows that allow us to live in space one episode at a time. #escape

  2. I read yesterday’s blog and today’s blog one after the other. Makes me wonder if you’re hinting, or using your/our mental powers to influence a small part of the universe.

  3. On another note. SGU was my favourite of the SG series. Not only because SG are my mother’s initials 😉 The concept, cast and execution was smack dab in my wheelhouse. Space exploration, character exploration and wormholes! Plus rapid solar recharging of the ship?! That alone was freaking cool.

  4. Thanks Joe for all the truly wonderful space outings you took us all on and for making it believable and real. Thanks for the laughs, the loves and even the tears and all those wonderful and at times truly scary aliens!

  5. SGU was a masterpiece. I don’t care what people said about it. I loved that series, just 1 more season was needed!!! It was just getting really good.

  6. Hell yeah! Loved SGU so much, I really miss it as much as DM. Thanks Joe, for such wonderful sci fi. You have reminded me it’s time for me to relive SGU again.

  7. Truly the best sci-fi show ever. The depths of human emotion you guys plumbed was amazing. Hey, in that first promo, I saw a scene of those first aliens walking through the gate. Don’t recall that ever making it to air.

    1. This picture was on my desk throughout Dark Matter’s run. The shot of Max in his court jester’s outfit is Akemi’s iPhone screen image.

  8. Its one of my favs as well.

    Just doing my small part to help keep that Maximus “always” blog pic tribute promise
    while Joe is busy OCDing, uh … I mean, logically deciding,
    over different blog themes. xo

  9. Blast from the past! I just rewatched the series a couple of months ago. Still stellar!

  10. Stargate Universe was the best Stargate show. Although, I love Atlantis and SG-1, SGU literally exceeded boundaries by going at the edge of the universe, exploring the universe’s mysteries, no other SciFi show has ever done that. Indeed SGU had a very different style compared to Atlantis, but this ID what made it interesting. We got to see the 1St generation of Stargate, how they were seeded on planets, how was Ancient technology before Atlantis and so much more. I hope MGM gives an end to this amazing series(unfortunately the comic books weren’t as fun as the tv show), or even yet make a spin off series that is tightly connected with Destiny and SGU.

  11. What an amazing series! That sadly suffered an untimely, early demise… SGU is a gem among sci-fi TV series—unbelievably underrated, misunderstood and bad-mouthed at the time, but slowly being recognized and appreciated in the years after its “un”-ending.

    Thank you Joe for sharing this & reminding us!

    The score marks a distinct departure from the style, instrumentation, scope & format of the preceding series—it’s phenomenal… Joel Goldsmith’s masterpiece & legacy IMHO. The music for SGU seems to be on a whole new level in terms of its emotional power and over all quality.

    It seems the composer was given more freedom & a bigger budget. His sound-palette (instrumentation) and range of style is on a whole new level compared to his previous with on the franchise. I find the music of SGU much more emotive and encompassing a far more broad scope of moods, sounds, and genres (from the use of vocal “pop” tracks for various montage scenes, to the use of non-orchestral instruments from ethnic/ancient to contemporary (electric guitars) to obviously synthesized/electronica).

    Joe: Was Joel Goldsmith given more freedom to explore a wider range of styles, techniques, formats, instruments, genres, even the harmonies used, et cetera?
    Other people don’t seem to notice unless/until I point it out to them, what a difference there is between the music for SGU and SG-1/Atlantis—on so many levels…

    I’m just trying to figure out WHY that is? What led to that, or what was behind it? Is there anything that you might be able to share, Joe, that could shed some light on this or insight that may offer more detail to the understanding of what was going on that opened the door or inviting these changes/differences?
    I would sincerely appreciate anything you’re willing to share on this topic.

    Thank you so much!

    1. You should ask these questions of Brad and Robert who worked very closely with Joel to achieve the distinct soundtracks for each of the shows. However, I do know that Joel was given great freedom to explore and come up with these memorable scores with the creative contributions of Neal Acree, and others.

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