Yep.  That’s what it feels like to me.  There was something in the air this weekend – the sense of burgeoning buzz, a storm cloud of activity looming on the horizon.  What lies ahead?  Well, I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you…with kindness and ask you not to tell anyone because I may be totally wrong.  Still…

Had a dream last night I was assisting Brad Wright with a new season of Stargate.  Not a new series but, of all things, a sixth season of Stargate: Atlantis.  Crazy?  Prescient?  Crazy-prescient?  Probably just the effects of that Carolina Reaper hot sauce I had with the chicken tacos.

But let’s not discount some weird syncing with the universal harmony as yesterday offered all sorts of fortuitous incidents. The first – Akemi and I were taking an early walk down King Street when we happened upon our old friend, and Canadian celebrity chef, Vikram Vij who was in town for a cooking event.  The second – Akemi and I were walking down King Street some three hours later and happened across Akemi’s favorite youtube personalities, Simon and Martina, who are in town visiting family (and checking out the local eats).

I mean, what are the chances?  There was definitely something in the air yesterday.  And, after those completely random run-ins, is it too much to assume that maybe, just maybe, last night’s dream was a sign?

Nah, you’re right.  It probably was the tacos.

Well, we’re settled into our new place, but no sign of either the coffee table or the bookshelf we ordered.  No wall-mounted t.v. either but, in the meantime, this will do in a pinch –

The Calm Before The Storm!

23 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm!

  1. Well, if you do a new season of Stargate: Atlantis and you rebuild the gate bridge between the galaxies, you have to make the gates spin 180 degrees to allow for travel in both directions. Or make two bridges.

  2. I keep dreaming that I am exploring a parallel universe where Mrs.Miller is the McKay who saves Atlantis.

  3. Liking this layout & theme today! But still miss my little black pup greeting me hello.

  4. I’d say you should have picked up a lottery ticket with all the fortuitous encounters you had and I’d start on that Atlantis Season 6 Ep 1 script.

      1. Thanks for that, but I want to SEE more of my favorite characters too! All I can do is dream… Lol.

  5. Loving the adorable pics & drawings Akemi put on the wall. xo <3

    As far as all that other stuff goes …….
    I'm thinking Big Pharma reeeeallllllly needs to include an additional disclaimer on that miracle cure all drug
    they advertised the other day: "May increase urges toward magical thinking".

    Albeit, I'll make ya a deal, eh!?
    You grow your beard back properly and finally stop driving us all crazy with this messing around, daily changing, blog theme stuff
    and I will, actually, genuinely, most sincerely, very seriously, consider placing you on my top 5 list of Favorite Furry Super Heroes.

  6. My dream….before season 6 of SGA….special edition of Enemy at Gate, expanding it into the two or three parter it should have been to begin with.

  7. Art on the wall, a good start. Pug art, most excellent! I do not trust people without wall art, unless it is people with those ridiculous vinyl sayings slapped on the wall in lieu of art.

    Must be the tacos. My dreams are unsettled.

  8. This layout has LARGE font … I need to stand at back of the room to see it properly!
    Maybe my 24″ HD monitor???
    It is a clean look tho.

  9. Somewhat unrelated but its sad that a talented actress like Ruby Rose was hounded off twitter by such vile idiots. She’ll make a great Batwoman and will prove them wrong. It’s just horrible that someone has to be made to feel like they had no other choice but to come off a social media platform because of the abuse.

    It really makes me wish Twitter was more proactive in banning the people who feel like they’re protected by anonymity to a degree they’d behave like such idiots towards others.

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