10 thoughts on “Twitter Update!

  1. That’s the way to do twitter. Randomness pointed out the brush fire about Ruby Rose. I’d not heard about that . Crazy! I’m glad RR didn’t back out of the project like Johansson did. I guess social media will want the actress that plays Annie to be an orphan? I hope that all the people that wanted Johansson out, will watch the movie with whoever they eventually pick.

    Drea: Great picture of Bubba yesterday!

  2. Oh, there are polls??
    Man, I’m missing those.
    My twitter client of choice (Tweetbot on iOS) is great, except for the lack of polls. And no way to tell there’s a poll! Just occasionally odd tweets like “which do you prefer” and me wondering what on earth the person’s on about!

    Thoughts on theme.
    Seems slow. Not sure why, may just be busy right now!!
    Not keen on the circular image thumbnails, either.

  3. Hi Joe
    I already follow you on twitter Just waiting for my favourite TV producer to follow me back… 🙂



  4. Hi Joe,
    I don’t know if you’re still accepting votes on the blog theme, but something where you don’t have to click on the link to view the article in a new page would be really nice.

  5. You’ve been killing it on Twitter! I’ll fully admit I don’t Twit enough. I’m all full up with social media with IG and the occasional FB.

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