Hey, who is that throwing another shrimp on the barbie?

The Sunday Report!

Why, it’s former Dark Matter line producer Norman Denver, host of the (soon to be) Annual Norman Denver Invitational Barbecue and Booze Fest.  On the menu today: shrimp, steak, sausages, Chicken Adobo, corn, broccolini, assorted Italian pastries, and an 18-year-old scotch I didn’t get around to sampling.  The table’s highbrow conversation covered everything from the arts to wine to that time our Stargate costume designer washed Jason Momoa’s jeans, much to his chagrin.

Gimme some sugar, baby.

Well, rainy day today – which allowed me to complete my polish of that sci-fi script, delineate the issues that need to be tackled on that horror script, and consider the story and character arcs for that OTHER sci-fi script.  Oh, also recorded the second installment of Baron’s Book Blog Blab Vlog, finished up on Handmaid’s Tale season 2, and read another book.  The dogs, on the other hand, were miserable.

The Sunday Report!

Still raining!  Have you SEEN two more despondent-looking furballs?

Hey, who’s up for a little Q&A?  Got some questions?  Post them in the comments section. I’m in the mood for another mailbag!

19 thoughts on “The Sunday Report!

  1. Suji looks like she is having none of your kissy-face shenanigans today. Probably after that non-walk thing.

    I *did* have a mailbag question, that I remember posting a while back “for a future mailbag”. But… now I can’t remember it. Dang.

  2. Any rumblings on the stargate front? I saw at the Comic Con panel they said the “wheels are turning”.

  3. Yup, I’ve got a question.

    Question: Say you’re with a channel and your show gets renewed for another year. Since many times it’s just year to year, do you ever write an alternative ending for the season finale in the event the show doesn’t get picked up for an additional season?

  4. I’ll just re-ask my question from yesterday:

    Joe, have you ever gotten in trouble for blogging? Or, I don’t know, had a deal fall through because of your blog? Do TPTB know you blog?

    Or, is your blogging viewed as a positive thing by the networks?

  5. Awww poor babies. Bummer.
    I can relate to how they feel.
    Rain all day and night here, as well.
    Lots n lots n lots of it.
    And gee,
    I dont have any handsome bearded gents here
    to smothers me in fuzzy kissies.
    🙁 🙁 🙁

    Cant hardly wait
    to see how the new book vlog turned out!
    If the adorable Suji clip is any indication
    I’m sure we’ll all be spontaneously combusting
    with somewhat apologetic girlish mirth
    border lining on
    unabating, unabiding,
    and likely unrelevant,
    non nitrous oxide induced,
    bust a gut laughter.

    Now that you’ve caught up on Handmaids Tale
    Its time to catch up on Humans.
    (Definitely not as powerful as last season –
    but still worth the marathon watch thru to see how it plays out.)

    Questions of a thousand dreams for mailbag:

    How many licks
    does it take
    to get to the tootsie roll center
    of a Toostsie Pop???

  6. Pretending is fun.
    So Hey, i gots an idea!
    Lets pretend i didnt post that last comment
    with the mistype that completely messed up
    the punchline
    of my extraordinarily carefully planned,
    labor intensive, joke
    which took me all of 24.2 seconds of my precious time
    to think up,
    and read this comment instead:

    Cant hardly wait
    to see how the new book vlog turned out!
    If the adorable Suji clip is any indication
    I’m sure we’ll all be spontaneously combusting
    with somewhat apologetic girlish mirth
    border lining on
    unabating, unabiding,
    and likely unrelevant,
    non nitrous oxide induced,
    unbust a gut laughter.

    By The Way:
    I’ve been doing a bit of reading, myself:
    Here ya go …
    Read the subtitles of this vid.
    I dare ya not to bust a gut
    by the time you get to the songs midway.

  7. Hi Joe, long time reader first time question answerer. You have alluded many times you didn’t intend to lose one during dark matter. Can you explain what happened ? Was there a scheduling conflict or did the actor find a new role?



  8. I’m curious as to why you have chosen pugs as your pet of choice? What is it about the little furries that so appeals? Also, how do you choose a new family member? Uh, I don’t mean Akemi.

  9. Oh, also, to my comment on Twitter the other day, when you said you are not a celebrity… A celebrity is a person who is well known. I’m not well known, but you are. So… why, Joe, why are you not a celebrity? 😉

  10. Is there any news on any new Stargate TV shows, movies, or web series? If so, are they talking about a continuation of the original movie, the TV show(s), another prequel, or a reboot?

  11. Questions? Most importantly, did you or anyone you know get hurt in the shooting yesterday? Maybe, the rain that kept you in was a good thing.

    I’ve been reading articles about medication and these crazies. I’m not saying this is the complete cause. It’s interesting and I hope it’s seriously investigated: https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime/item/28307-from-prozac-to-parkland-are-psychiatric-drugs-causing-mass-shootings

    Last question: Do you have to take precautions while cooking those hot sauces? The fumes must be asthma inducing and a huge eye irritant. I hope you wear goggles and gloves!

    I really enjoy all the food porn you’ve been posting. I bet Mr Denver had better food than some of those restaurants you’ve been going too. Probably so good, you didn’t think to take pictures. 😉

    It’s interesting you’ve been running into all the producers, too. 😉 It seems to me you’re like Dr Jo was. She collected friends from each hobby, or job she worked.

  12. You sample many dishes around the globe. Ever had full on, scary food poisoning? Or do the peppers kill everything?

  13. Joe,

    It’s very impressive how your able to have so many projects in play at the same time. As I follow along via your blog, I think I get an idea of the amount of work that goes into one of your show proposals. Are you able to recycle some of your ideas? I keep thinking about all that work and how fickle television seems to be…. Are you ever concerned that one of your proposals will be pirated? A few details changed here and there, but your basic premise shows up under another persons name?

    Best of luck on your current packages!


  14. Guess what show got a series low without Dark Matter?

    Killjoys 451k viewers, 0.09 18-49

    That was the season premiere for Killjoys too. Syfy Fridays have just collapsed without Dark Matter.

  15. Have you ever had brocolette from Earthbound Farm? They have a proprietary version that has an asparagus flavor in it.

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