July 21, 2018: The Saturday Report!

Well well well.  Look at who Akemi and I ran into on our way to lunch today.  None other than celebrated auteur, director, producer, writer, amateur boxer, and avid cyclist Cowboy Bruce McDonald!  He’s jetting off to Luxembourg for a week to finish post-production on his latest movie, then returns to Toronto for more work – and lunch with yours truly.  As most of you blog regulars know, I am a huge fan.  He is immensely talented, a true professional, and a genuinely nice and thoughtful guy. Why, just check out these perfect pencils he sent me on the heels of Dark Matter‘s third season wrap –

July 21, 2018: The Saturday Report!

Truer words have never been spoken – or printed on the body of a writing instrument.  He knows me sooooooooooo well.

Running into him was a bit of a coincidence as I happened to come across his name plate during yesterday pre-pre-PRE-production location tour of a nearby studio. The place has a lot to offer – maybe a little too much as we’ll have to pick our spots, write to them, and then let our Production Designer do their thing.  The premise of this sci-fi series offers plenty of room for visual interpretation of its retro-future feel.

July 21, 2018: The Saturday Report!

Went to Portland Variety the other day for lunch to try out their $19 burger.  Great bun but, damn, they cooked the shit out of that patty!  I could only manage three bites before giving up and heading over to the nearby Burgers Priest for a deliciously superior cheeseburger at one third the price!

July 21, 2018: The Saturday Report!

Today, Akemi and I had lunch at a place called Egg Bae in Toronto’s Kensington Market.  It offers about a half dozen egg-themed sandwiches served on a peculiar house-made egg bun.  Quite good.  I remain unconvinced by that bun however.

July 21, 2018: The Saturday Report!

Then, it was off to the newly-opened Pappa Roti cafe for their trademark Malaysian specialty – “delicate, coffee caramel coated crunchy on the outside pastry with its rich buttery filling”.  We were frequent customers back in Vancouver.  Akemi is a huge fan of their simple bun, while I prefer their version of the ice cream sandwich –

July 21, 2018: The Saturday Report!

Today, I sit down to review potential series, story, and character arcs for one series, complete the pass on that polish for another, and wrack my brain over the series pitch for yet another and seriously wonder whether I’m just beating my head against a wall on this one.  It’s like every time I near the finish line, it gets moved back a half mile.  And, after this latest setback at the end of a lengthy marathon session, I’ve just stopped seeing it.  Do I suck it up for one final burst, or pack it in and move onto the next race?  I’m taking the weekend to think about it.

Also, I’ve got books to read and review!

12 thoughts on “July 21, 2018: The Saturday Report!

  1. Joe you have a lot of fortitude. I thank goodness that your ability to go that last mile gave us #Darkmatter

  2. Cool that you met up with Bruce!

    $19 is too much for a burger with an incinerated patty. (Or any burger, arguably.)

    Why does Akemi look so horrified at that bun?

  3. There’s a nice little preview of The Whisperers in the Walking Dead comic con trailer. Around 5 minutes and 19 secs in you can clearly hear a “walker” say “Where are they?” the voice is so creepy.

  4. No, never give up. Keep on driving at it until your have results. Annoy the shit out of some people while you do it, it will make them respect you in the future.

  5. the sit where you saw and took a picture of Bruce McDonald seems to be a frequent background for “Private Eyes” and a place I had walked acrossed.

  6. Joe, have you ever gotten in trouble for blogging? Or, I don’t know, had a deal fall through because of your blog? Do TPTB know you blog?

    Or, is your blogging viewed as a positive thing by the networks?

  7. Overcooked burger? I wonder if the Chef had a bad day or that’s their normal? Either way, $19 for a burger is ridiculous, unless it’s coated with gold or some other gimmicky trend.

    Cowboy Bruce is looking mighty fine!

  8. I’m not hungry, but now I am. I could use an ice cream bun.

    Keep plugging away, the good thing will come along. I can’t imagine a world where you are not working away at something.

    Ramble!: We have a place in town called No Frills Diner. Only open for breakfast and lunch, it is decidedly Not Fast Food. The atmosphere is leisurely even when busy. Burgers are fantastic, and the onion rings abundant. We don’t go often, as it is across town, hard on my eating plan, and the hours are weird, but we love their damn fine burgers. They got new fryers, so the onion rings are a little strange while the cook gets used to the timing. When we’re road tripping, there’s Peach City in Brigham, which has carhops and peach shakes in season; and Mollie’s Diner in Snowville which until a couple years ago, was actually run by Mollie. Fantastic pies.

  9. Bruuuuuuuce!!! I am a huge fan too!! Great to see him again!
    …the handsome devil…

    I say, “suck it up for one final burst”. Don’t leave things undone, You may always wonder “what if…”

  10. Yeah, there’s nothing about that Portland Variety burger that says “hey, I’m worth $19.00”. Even if it was cooked well.

    The Egg Bae sammich looks really good.

    I finally made pickles this weekend: sweet dill, apple cider vinegar dill, and sriracha. I couldn’t find habanero peppers, so sriracha it was.

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