10 thoughts on “Baron’s Book Blog Blab Vlog – Episode #2!

  1. We can’t read as fast as you. I’m currently reading a Stephen King book, that is typical Stephen King. I think he’s losing his edge. He doesn’t seem to be quite as good as he once was.

  2. That first “One” sounds terrible. I hate plot contrivances and “convenient” develops even in movies. Or maybe especially movies.

    What you *should* have for these is a big red leather wing back chair, sitting next to a (fake) fireplace, while Suji and Lulu lie contentedly on a handwoven knit rug at your feet. Pipe optional.

  3. Alas, “The Gone World” isn’t available as an audiobook in Australia yet. But I’ll add it to my wish list! I like a good time travel story. Maybe I can be strong and not listen to the epilogue?

  4. I’ve noticed a common thread throughout your book reviews… graphic novels automatically score higher than standard books.

    Questions for the mail bag:

    Do you prefer graphic novels?
    Which style of graphic novel do you prefer, American style or Japanese style of story telling? Long form or short form?
    Have you ever read the book Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud?

    Have you ever had one of your works critiqued by one of the authors you’ve reviewed?

  5. Gunna pretend I didnt see this entry
    and just patiently wait for you to post
    the full episode of the comedic vlog
    your help lol vid clip teased us with
    where you allowed Suji to review some books
    while sitting at your computer with her on your lap
    in front of the bar cart.

  6. Yes, fixing the room tone will make it easier to hear, bring on those furnishings! Would like to hear your opinion on graphic novel ORBITAL by Pellie and Runberg, english version from Cinebook. I LOVED IT …..it isn’t an American Styled super hero comic which seems to be one of your staples. Same for Valerian and Lauraline by Christin & Meziers.

  7. Robin sounds like a the best bet for me as a good read. I’ve always liked Robin Williams but I could see how the book might be depressing.

    A couple of years ago, I met A Robin Williams in Nashville, TN. Not THE Robin but a lady with his name. She said she met the Real Robin Williams after one of his Vegas shows and introduced herself (showing her D.L. to prove that it was her name too). He looked her up and down and said “You are a tall glass of water”. Robin is gorgeous, so I wasn’t surprised by his comment. 🙂 I’ll have to give her a heads up on the book and recommend it to her. Robin is a big fan of Robin.

    Have you read any of Craig Johnson’s “Longmire” series? That man has a wonderful writing style, almost poetic in places. Just from his books, I can tell Mr. Johnson loves Wyoming. It’s like a modern day western and he paints a picture of life in rural America, including American Indian relations-which is strained.

    I like minimalist. Easy to keep clean. XXXOOO’s to the girls!

  8. I loved this video and applaud the patience and well behaved demeanor of your dog. I think you should add MEH as a review level. If a book is good, recommend, if it’s really good, highly recommend; if it’s bad, not recommended, but if it’s so-so, a MEH. I was a huge fan of Robin Williams as I was Anthony Bourdain. Both of them were generous, loving people with fairly normal, happy childhoods, but who had issues regarding self-worth and depression, which I identified with in both of these powerful personalities. As for why they felt the way they did and ended their lives as they did, no one can fully understand…could be chemical imbalance, could be a combination of other factors, but sometimes a candle burns brightly for us to cherish for a brief time. I will take you up on the Robin read to be sure, even though I know at the outset it will be emotionally powerful. On a happier note, your place is very bright and cheery. I look forward to your getting all your stuff organized. When I moved to New Jersey for a time, it took a while as my furniture was stuck on a truck for days, so it was “borrow a futon” for a time. It’s very heartening and relaxing when you have an organized home with all the familiar parts in their place. Keep cool and keep being cool (more of a challenge in the former than the latter).

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