These caught my eye…

Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

Batman #51 (cover art by Elizabeth Breitweiser)

Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

Batwoman #17 (cover art by Dan Panosian)

Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

Falcon: Take Flight (cover art by Jesus Saiz)

 Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

Ice Cream Man #5 (cover art by Frazer Irving, Martin Morazzo, Chris O’Halloran)

Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

Old Man Hawkeye #17 (cover art by Marco Checchetto)

Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

Shipwreck vol. 1 (cover art by Phil Hester)

Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

VS #5 (cover art by Tom Muller, Eric Ribic)

Which were your favorites?

7 thoughts on “Week’s Best Comic Book Covers!

  1. Maybe, Old Man Hawkeye but wow, they are all good!

    Thanks again for the book recommendation. Freeze Frame sounded good but I’m a leery of that prologue.

    I’ve been reading some new authors, such as Dot Hutchison. Dot’s first book drew me in and the third sequel is even better than the first of the series (The Collector’s Series). I’m not sure if it’s your cup of tea though.

    Did you see how Social Media was tearing into Scarlett Johansson? Scary! I thought this generation was against bullying? This movie isn’t something I’d go see anyway, so I don’t care who stars in it but I wonder if all those people bullying Scarlett online, will go watch that film now that she’s pulled out? Interesting times….

  2. Drea: Dating stories would be good. I live vicariously. 😉

    Ponytail: I’m so sorry and I pray they have more good days than bad. Feel free to vent anytime and remember, I know it’s hard to find time for yourself but you need to recharge. Bring in help, if you need too. Sending big {{{Hugs}}}.

  3. Speaking of Batwoman, I hope they don’t film the TV series in Vancouver. After Gotham on Fox, I think New York City makes a far superior filming location for Gotham City. My expectations are of course super low so I’m expecting Vancouver but I think they have too many Superhero shows filming in the same city, they need to be more original.

  4. Old Man Hawkeye. VS. Shipwreck. Though I have to admit I’m curious of who that man plummeting in The Ice Cream Man is? Sometimes the most obvious is not.

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