Akemi complains I have too many socks.  “He has over a hundred pairs!” she’ll tell anyone who will listen.  I mean, I know I have a varied collection, but nowhere near 100.  “Over one hundred!” she insists.  So I checked and counted a modest 84 pairs.

My Top 10 Socks!Anyway, while going through my varied collection, I decided now would be a great time to list my top 10 pending the arrival of these bad boys…


Anyway, coming up with a Top 10 was hard enough, but ranking them was nigh impossible.  Still, that’s what the owners of this blog pay me the big bucks for.  So without further ado…

My Top 10 Socks!Here are the runners-up that didn’t make the cut.  All great socks, but it was a tough competition — From left to right: Milk & Cookies, Robots, Cool Giraffes, Space Invaders, Marvel Heroes, Sushi, and Puffins.




Now, onto the Top 10!

My Top 10 Socks!
#10 – Richie Rich
My Top 10 Socks!
#9 – Death and Roses
My Top 10 Socks!
#8 – Le Petit Prince
My Top 10 Socks!
#7 – Koalas
My Top 10 Socks!
#6 – Ninja Pandas
My Top 10 Socks!
#5 – Dogs Riding Bicycles
My Top 10 Socks!
#4 – Yetis
My Top 10 Socks!
#3 – Eggs
My Top 10 Socks!
#2 – Cow
My Top 10 Socks!
#1 – Ninja Cats


Agree?  Disagree?  Feel free to debate in the comments section.

29 thoughts on “My Top 10 Socks!

  1. I love socks! Socks are my go-to souvenirs when visiting places like museums and such. Most of them will have at least a couple of different ones for sale.
    Thank you for sharing your favorites.

  2. I’m a surface designer. My husband, Bruce, questions my pursuit to make it a full-time career. As of right now, my client list consist of family and friends and I receivie lunches and services as payment. But, every time I counter Bruce’s doubts in my optimism in (eventually) getting paid with real money, I point to various products – such as your socks – and say, “…and they got paid for it.” Thank you for sharing – they’re awesome and I love them. Maybe, someday, you’ll buy one of my designs 😊

  3. So who possessed you to drive this foot ware fetish? Is this a latent thought from your Dark Matter days?

  4. TOp 10 is cool…BUT missing the sushi socks.
    Think I would have skipped the petite prince.
    You did good with 84 to choose from.

  5. ‘Fess up. Are the Richie Rich socks for when you’re in a mood? After a certain previous blog post I figured those might be reserved for when you’re about to chew more than bubble gum.

    BTW, my favorite socks are any that fit and only have one hole in them.

    1. Your comment reminds me of that golfer’s joke
      ‘Why do golfers always carry two pairs of socks?
      Incase there’s a hole in one’
      Yeah, bad, I know. Sorry

  6. Wow. Thanks quite a collection.
    And just think …
    Soon you’ll be clamoring to own a pair of these bad boys
    to compete in your top 10 list
    once HBO makes him the whole wide worlds #1,
    most sought out, celebrity of all time!

  7. I really love the fried egg socks…. In fact I shall go fry some eggs for breakfast right now! Yum.

  8. The eggs are my favorite. Do you have room for all these socks? How’s the nesting going at the new condo?

    We stayed at a wonderful place called Loews in New Orleans. Normally, we go cheap but we were going to stay only one night and I wanted something nice. It’s Downtown (walking distance to Bourbon Street), the rooms were spacious and the lap pool was perfect. Plus, I looked over and the exercise room had a lot of workout equipment, if you’re into that. Just a little FYI, if anyone wants to a spendy, nice hotel in NOLA.

  9. I rather like the eggs, and Death and Roses. I have a set of art socks, with the Scream, Starry Night, and The Kiss on them which I adore. Also a set of figural animal socks, with cat and dog faces. My husband had a lot of tall socks to wear with boots or at Burning Man, they’re actually girls knee socks. He has small feet for his height, so can wear whatever he likes. Lots of skulls and rainbows…

  10. cool! I love socks…and am now making my own, learned to knit for socks…have made 27 pairs and have 10 pair on the needles right now…..I’m obsessed with self striping yarn, so have lots of stripey socks…Have you bought from John’s Crazy Socks? https://johnscrazysocks.com/ He is a young man with Down’s Syndrome who loves socks…His dad helped him start a business. they have some cool socks!

  11. Do they stretch or do you have fairly small feet?
    I’m not judging, I’m only a UK size 5 myself

  12. I love cool socks! I have a drawer with regular socks and another big one full of my cool socks! Lots of Marvel, Harry Potter and Doctor Who ones. 😀

  13. I’m watching “All the time in the world” again. Nice writing. Comedy up until the surprising end, when we learn about the future. So cool. Thanks

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