While walking by a bar called Mr. C…

Me: Hey, just like Richie’s dad.  Mr. Cunningham.

Akemi: Who?

Me: You know?  Happy Days?

Akemi: What?

Me: Fonzie?  Arthur Fonzarelli?

Akemi: Are you talking English?


1 – Arranged furniture delivery

2 – Helped Akemi assemble bar cart

3 – Contacted plumber to come in and fix toilet

4 – Ordered new toilet lid

5 – Broke toilet

Not necessarily in that order.

Today we received the actual bar we purchased at CB2.  It came in roughly a dozen pieces and was accompanied by a set of cryptic instructions.  It, was I mentioned earlier this morning, kind of like that movie National Treasure.  But not as fun…

June 28, 2018: The Lifely Updates! June 28, 2018: The Lifely Updates! June 28, 2018: The Lifely Updates!

I just took one look and was like “Nope”.  If not for Akemi’s genuine enthusiasm and perseverance, I would have had the whole thing shipped back and requested a refund.

June 28, 2018: The Lifely Updates!

Between it and the bar cart, I have room for all my scotches, and Japanese, Irish, Canadian, and international whiskeys.  But where the hell am I going to put my bourbon?

As for the dogs, Lulu seems to be adjusting well to the new place.  Suji, on the other hand, is all –

June 28, 2018: The Lifely Updates!

Meanwhile, amidst the chaos of the move, some interesting opportunities have arisen.  Meeting tomorrow with a terrific creator/director followed by some intense weekend research and, finally, a decision deadline next week.  THIS…will be different!

19 thoughts on “June 28, 2018: The Lifely Updates!

  1. In putting you bar together, you are lucky not to own cats. Twenty years ago my sister tried to construct a desk, but the cats kept batting the various screws, connectors & all and sundry into heeating vents, under sofas and appliances. I don’t think it was really ever completed… 🙂

  2. Lol on Akemi & culture references.

    The bourbon goes in yer belly.

    Suji is emoting correctly.

    May your news be contracts & green lights Fortune favors the bold.

  3. The bar cart actually looks pretty straightforward – I actually enjoy putting that stuff together.

    So – did you queue up some old episodes of Happy Days for Akemi to watch so that she could see what you’re talking about? I’d love to get her impressions of those!

    I hope you weren’t standing on the toilet seat to put something else up. That’s not safe, you know! Use a step ladder!

    1. I once set a 6 foot ladder on the coffee table so I could climb up real high while painting the walls. I agree, use a step ladder. 😆

  4. Hmmm, is it time to have a new home housewarming party?
    NO…wait until you know the final decisions, next week.
    Then we can party.

  5. “But where the hell am I going to put my bourbon?”

    Under your pillow?

    Suji will come around. It’ll be her favorite place so far.

  6. It would be difficult moving from a large home into a smaller condo. I’m sure you’ll make it work. You might have to do another purge?

    I don’t do yard sales, much to my son’s disappointment but we do donate items (less time consuming). My son has always wanted to work a cash register for some reason. We call him our little ferengi.

    Hope the meetings go well!

    I liked the Astro City cover but they were all good.

  7. Joe, I see you also have a bottle of High West. I’m curious as to what you think of it,

    My thoughts?

    They over-promised on the whole “scotch that tastes like a bourbon with smokiness” thing. Maybe I have burned out my peatiness taste buds with Ardbeg, but I didn’t taste much in the way of smokiness.

    As a whiskey, I still prefer the Nikka Coffey Malt to the High West.

    As a bourbon I’d place it slightly better than Larceny, but given that placement, I’m not sure it’s worth it at $80 a bottle here in Chicagoland. I’d rather go with a Monkey Shoulder or a Rebel Yell Rye or Small Batch at that point.

  8. I have two self assembled leaning towers shelf but no tourists are willing to pay to see it. I have a self assembled Ikea desk with a drawer that keeps dissembling itself and a keyboard tray that fell off years ago. I never want to assemble another anything ever again. Hugs to Akemi for her bravery in tackling that project. Time for Task Rabbit tho. I’m fighting the clarion call of various ice cream shops because much as I’d love the excuse of a new heat wave to partake. I’m saving calories for pizza and fries at the movies.

    Different is good, can’t wait to hear what your next project will be.

  9. I understand. I can’t wait for my big move (soon to come doctor and God willing). I just had my first pours of locally produced whiskeys: Loonshine and Ranch Road Hard Hops, Prairie (certified organic vodka). Not on the same night as last night was Pub Quiz Night with a local beer. I was on Amazon and can now get seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Dark Matter. I was also thinking about other movies for my collection, but will go across the river because sales taxes. You may think it trouble but I am going that way, anyway.

  10. Did someone mention scotch and an alternate dimension portal?

    Count me in!

    (so long as I dont have to assemble any furniture there ).

    By the way: While I am still terribly bummed about my sudden realization last week, (U.S doesnt have a famous acerbic sock counterpart to compete with Ed),
    am thinking if I could convince network execs
    to give this Oscar dude his own show on HBO,
    so he could blurt out whatever expletives he fancies to express himself,
    he just might, maybe, perhaps, possibly,
    be able to give your famed cigar munching, dirty old sock
    a run for his money, eh. 😀

    Anyone remember this one with Anderson Cooper?


    Now, if you might please excuse me,
    As much as I do enjoy reading your always beautifully clever
    and oft mirth filled daily tyrades, rants, & ruminations
    and am most sincerely looking forward to having more downtime this weekend
    to allow for gloriousness full immersion in DM ep 402, …
    I have my 500th page of mounting paper work to plan on eventually completing,
    A compromised wedding
    of bickering political parties to arrange,
    A dictators ego to murder and his own allies to frame for it,
    And a half empty can of pressurized, nicely chilled,
    reddi whip, awaiting the pleasure of my inhalation.
    I’m swamped!

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