Egads!  How embarrassing!  Yesterday, while considering my sizable sock collection en route to selecting my Top 10, I completely overlooked a drawer.  Thus, the following worthy candidates (among many others) were not entered into an official competition:


From left to right: Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Munsch’s The Scream, NASA, Grey Aliens, Hot Pink Cool Cats, Boxing Kangaroos.

This blog seriously regrets the oversight.

Also, I stand corrected.  My total sock count actually exceeds Akemi’s seemingly lofty estimation of 100, coming in at a staggering 132 pairs!



Next week, let’s move on to my cufflink collection 

Erratum! Erratum! Erratum!


16 thoughts on “Erratum!

  1. Those are a lot of cool cufflinks.

    I have an acquaintance who actually has about 300 pairs of novelty print socks (I think he said 330, but I’m not sure). I really can’t abide cotton (or synthetic) socks anymore and stick to Merino wool, the selection of which is both pricey and mundane. But super comfortable.

  2. And is that a pair of matched barometer-thermometer cufflinks?


    Now I want to go engineer a set of internet connected Google-glass cufflinks!

  3. Holy shit Joe! That’s what, one pair of cufflinks per day?! Or at the very least a pair every day for 6 months! That is quite the collection!

  4. It’s interesting that all your socks look new-ish or hardly worn. Either you toss out socks fairly often, or you have superior laundry skills, or both. How many socks do you think you throw away per year? Do you launder your socks in a mesh bag to cut down on the single sock syndrome? And, why do your socks look like some of them are different sizes?

    I like the NASA socks.

  5. Yeah… I kinda figured you had lots more pairs stashed away than you mentioned yesterday, considering the amount of socks gifted to you
    in the last couple years, alone.
    Oh well, hopefully it didn’t land you too terribly deeper in any hot water
    you might already be in with Akemi. :-O

    You might, just maybe, perhaps, probably,
    at least get to enjoy some small comfort
    in the knowledge she’s not likely to be too terribly thrilled with me either
    once Oscar the Grouch is officially declared
    The Worlds Biggest Celebrity Of All Time
    and I send ya 100 pairs of his brand socks
    to celebrate the occasion. 😀 😀 😀

  6. Very impressive! I like that case you have for the cuff links too. It reminds me of one of my cousins’ that’s in to legos. He has them all sorted in plastic boxes. He had enough legos to fill up a storage shed, all sorted, labeled and classified.
    It was a thing of beauty.

  7. It is hardto tell, and I didn’t do a detailed search, but I didn’t see any Stargate Portal cufflinks.

  8. Wonderful collections. Shout out for the NASA socks. Love the casino cufflinks. I hope you have a project where you can wear them all soon!

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