May 3, 2018: I’m Losing My Marbles!

OUT OF THE RACE: Mocha Madness, Pollo Loco, H2-Blue, Black Knight, Olympia, Glassy, Tarantula and Reflektor


TRAILING BADLY AND FADING: Wisp of Darkness, and Marbly McMarbleface

IN THE HOME STRETCH: Deep Ocean, Comet, El Capitan, Snake’s Tub, and Quicksilver.

The question isn’t “Who’ll cross the finish line first?” but “Will any of the contenders actually finish the race?”.

I expect we’ll know anytime between next week and, oh, September.

Rainy day here in Montreal today.  Nothing to do but eat and complete a first pass of that sci-fi rewrite.

Meanwhile, back in Toronto, Akemi had to bring Lulu to the vet for a little procedure, one that involved the implantation of a tiny valve to relieve the pressure on her blood-engorged ear.

May 3, 2018: I’m Losing My Marbles! May 3, 2018: I’m Losing My Marbles! May 3, 2018: I’m Losing My Marbles!


Hey, you know what I hate?  Paying for a season of a show on iTunes because I won’t be able to stream Netflix while I’m away and then having that show turn out to be a solid 7.2

Also produce stickers.

And then there’s a certain suit – I won’t go so far as to say I hate the guy, but let’s just say if we were going down on the Titanic and I had an extra life vest, I’d sooner use it as a seat cushion before I’d let him have it.

Finally, there’s this $90 24-carat Gold Burger:

Chase it down with a $200 milkshake = 1 cup almond milk, 2 scoops chocolate ice cream, 2×100 dollar bills.  Blend and serve!

16 thoughts on “May 3, 2018: I’m losing my marbles!

  1. Poor little Lulu! Hematomas can be painful. I had one after a surgery a few years ago. Plus, it kept coming back a few times. I’m glad Akemi caught it early. I’d go into why it was best caught early but I don’t want to gross out anyone. Let’s just say it was very painful.

    No specifics on the show or the suit, huh? Probably best not to burn any bridges. 😉

    From yesterday, I liked Weapon X #17 (cover art by Rahzzah) best. It had humor.

  2. I watch several vet shows on cable tv and I never saw an ear hematoma treated with a valve. Usually the vet cuts into it to get the blood to drain then sews in a small tube to keep it slightly open until healing begins. Did Lulu have an ear infection that caused her to shake her head too hard? Poor baby.
    I agree with Tam that they are painful.

    I hope a project comes through for you Joe.

  3. Hope Lulu is back to herself soon! Poor baby!!

    I too dislike those produce stickers; especially the ones on thin skinned fruit, like pears and peaches. They always pull skin when I peel them off.

  4. I thought the fella was going to poke his eye out with the toothpick. Gold,, hmmm, wonder how that tastes?~ I like the onion rings on the side…
    Baby Lulu, she is in good hands!
    ~~produce stickers don’t eat them ,,,or romaine lettuce it appears.

  5. Sorry poor Lulu. Not sorry poor suit man who no doubt deserves no life preserver. But that burger is another sign that that human species should just go extinct. We’re at the point of eating and no doubt pooping gold, ‘for the experience’. I think we’re done. 😛

  6. Poor sweet Lulu. In my teens, I had a Saint Bernard mix that got those, for some reason. He would get them on his back or side or his ear. I think it happened when he would hit the area on something or scratch his ear. The swelling was huge. The vet would drain it and he’d be fine. Nothing stopped that 125 pound dog.

  7. Man, what did produce stickers ever do to you?

    Would that suit happen to work for a company with an “s” an “f” and two “y”‘s in its name, or is this some other suit?

  8. Since starting to do it with Dark Matter, I’ve found myself buying loads of shows via iTunes. You’ve got me hooked!!
    IMO, it’s much better to have the show watchable in a decent downloaded format, than trying to livestream it with dodgy apps, or even worse, having to pay for Cable TV.. Eeek!!!

    I still watch plenty via Netflix, though. This week I watched a recent addition called Happy, which was.. different..

  9. I think I remember you saying that this industry is basically a game of numbers and it’s necessary to keep a lot of pots boiling just to get one successful one. I hope one of your marbles makes it!

    Poor Lulu! I hope that’s not too painful for her. Getting old sucks.

    Back home from PEI after my visit with my friends over there. Great time!

  10. Awww, poor Lulu! Get better girlfriend.

    Agreed. Produce stickers suck.

    It’s time to STOP layering food with gold leaf to justify an exorbitant price point. If you want to load it with rare and expensive food ingredients, GREAT! Gold leaf adds nothing to the experience but cost. My .02

  11. A $90 burger? I get grumpy when I have to pay over $10. Or $15 on vacation, because somehow vacation food is magically much more expensive. If you go on vacation on any sort of island, just hang it up. They know you can’t get away.

    I hope Lulu heals well and quickly. That doesn’t look like fun at all.

  12. Please give extra hugs to Lulu, her little face! That burger made me queasy, biting into metal doesn’t sound appetizing. My aunt would sprinkle silver covered candy balls on every cake she made. I can hear her screeching “it’s edible!” every time we picked them off the frosting. No Netflix is rough, can you still watch Hulu? I’m into The Crossing, it’s fun and a mom and daughter named Reece and Leia is okay with me. I finally broke down and watched The People vs OJ Simpson and now I’m hooked.

  13. Now if only one of those marbles had been named Justify, we’d know you have a winner! I’m still cheering for Comet & all the others in the mix.

    That cheeseburger doesn’t even look appetizing. All I see is a heart attack waiting to happen…and I like cheeseburgers!

  14. Poor Lulu. I hope she is doing better by now.

    I don’t understand why people want to eat gold. That is just disgusting.

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