Back in the Stargate days, when I used to come into the office Monday mornings and people would ask me about my weekend, I would simply direct them to the blog.  It’s always been a fairly simple way to keep tabs on me.  So it comes as no surprise that I had no less than four friends reach out to me over the last day or so suggesting we get together while I’m in town.   It’s not that I’m unsociable (although, to be fair, I’m a little unsociable), but more that I’ve dedicated this weekend to mom, dogs, and rewrites.

Still, it’s always great to catch up with friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in 20 years (as was the case with two of the people I met this afternoon).

And then, tonight, I got together with my old buddy Bruce, aka Sushi Man (because he once ate over 40 pieces of sushi in one sitting). [Correction: Bruce informs he it was, in fact, 60+ pieces of sushi.  This blog regrets the error.] No sushi on today’s menu, just a lot of smoked meat and sides…

Sush aka Bruce aka Smokey (for this night only).

What is this, chopped liver?  Why, yes, as a matter of fact, it is.

The hot karnatzels.

And smoked meat of course, compliments of my favorite place for smoked meat = Smoked Meat Pete

So, yesterday, in addition to finishing a first draft of that rewrite, I also did a little reading.  I read a total of three books, allowing me to maintain my book a day average on the year.  How long can I hold this up?

Meanwhile, I’m apparently missing quite the windstorm in Toronto.  Apparently, a couple of throw pillows found their way from the hotel balcony across the street onto our terrace.  I’m holding out hope we can score a full patio set for our new place.  Fingers crossed!

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Interesting that the bread is piled next to the meat. Make your own sandwiches?


The thing about going out with friends to eat is that really, every is awesome when you’re having it with friends.

That’s great about the cushions! If you’re lucky you might wind up with a whole patio sofa! As long as it’s not through your actual patio window, of course.

Meanwhile, here in NB there’s unprecedented flooding in many areas. I’m not affected directly, but many people are. Water levels at the nearby river are very high though and are getting close to the side of the road that I take to get home. (I have a couple of alternate routes though.) Water’s supposed to keep rising until Sunday!

Tam Dixon
Tam Dixon

😳 🍀🍀🍀🍀


Not just a patio set, maybe even Mary Poppins herself to teach your dogs to take their meds with just a spoon full of sugar…

Jess T.

If he’s sushi man i just might be sushi woman…the only reason I stray away from sushi is because I probably have no limit to how much I could eat! Haha. Great post.


I hate when the wind blows hard during a storm. You gain possessions, I lose fences, tree branches, or roof shingles. Wish I could get cool stuff like you. The food looks yummy!

Tam Dixon
Tam Dixon

I have to stop reading your blog while eating breakfast. That patio comment had me spewing tea! 😆

Margaret Clayton

We got an entire canvas pagoda once. Came in over the hedge in high winds.
The neighbor didn’t want it back, and for $30 in parts, we have an originally very expensive and handsome shade structure to take camping.

Mmmmm, meat. That looks excellent.

Been watching the Hawaii eruption with some concern, I have a friend in the area. Donating to Rainbow Friends, a small animal rescue in Hilo which is helping out as people evacuate. May I post the link?


Having lived in the heart of smoked meat country after being born and raised in New England, I couldn’t agree more. In my case, slow cooked pork, chicken, beef and sausage via independent small businesses producing a mouthwatering meal that needs no other description, save for three letters – BBQ

REAL BBQ is delicious food, science, tradition and an art form.

You’re lucky to have an experience such as this. Smoked meat and friends. Exquisite food and company.

Quantum Mechanic®👽🌊 (@JamesEFinch)

Smoked meat? Dare I say, roll your own? Great that you got a couple thrown pillows (throw pillows in the past tense) and hoping you have power restored soon.


@maggiemayday I hope your friend in Hawaii is okay.

Glad you were able to meet up with an old friend.