April 30, 2018: Montreal! April 30, 2018: Montreal! April 30, 2018: Montreal! April 30, 2018: Montreal!

Well, I’m back in my hometown of Montreal for seven glorious days of writing, reading, and running occasional errands.  I have two major projects to finish up while I’m here, the first that SF pilot rewrite that, if it goes, will probably take me back to Vancouver, and the second a horror pitch that, should it move forward, will take me even further east to the home of puffins, toutons, and cod tongues.  And, if both fail to land and all of the other projects I currently have in play fall through, then I’ll be heading even further east (or west) because, well, screw it.  I don’t have (nor, frankly, require) the patience for this.

Pictured above: sis photobombs mom.

April 30, 2018: Montreal! April 30, 2018: Montreal!

Ah, it wouldn’t be home without the fried peppers and crab mousse.  Not pictured: the piece of home made apple pie the size of a George R. R. Martin paperback I had with an equivalent serving of Haagen-Dazs (vanilla, peanut butter chocolate fudge, and chocolate salted fudge truffle).

While I’m here, I will miss Akemi and Lulu and Suji and the comforts of home in Toronto, but mostly I’ll miss this daily indignant outrage at not getting out fast enough for walkies:


14 thoughts on “April 30, 2018: Montreal!

  1. Cute Suji Q. She is your little excited one. I guess you can take your mom’s dogs out for walks as a substitute. Your mama looks fabulous! Tell her that her admiring fans on your blog say “hello!”. Have a good trip Andria!

  2. Hey!!! That looks just like my microwave behind your mom! I notice because mine just went out so I have begun shopping for a new one. Hope I can live without it for a couple of days. Anybody know how to boil a hot dog?? 😆

  3. Suji is “lock” on you and very happy, even saw that smile at the end ..really.
    Very cute video ,loved it !
    and btw mom look like you I can see family resemblance 🙂
    GL with your major projects

  4. Well now I know who is the calm one. I learned from my Thailand experience to where it has become a running joke with my friend, Ratchanee. You must have extra money to burn if you are eating Haagen-Dazs.

  5. Your mom and Sis look great! And it looks like you’re mom’s already feeding you well. Those look mighty tasty.

    Good luck on the writing. I’m sure one of these project will ultimately go forward. Now, all the way or not is another question. 😉

  6. Such happy smiles! Thanks for sharing them with us. Say Hi to your family and hope the good times continue!

  7. What beautiful women, what’s in that Montreal water that produces such gorgeous folks? I need those fried peppers. Keep those amazing food pics coming.

  8. Hey, put me down for a copy for that cookbook,, yum, Momma M makes such yummy wowie dishes!!!

  9. I clearly hear Suji saying “outside” I agree with Tam Dixon — your mom needs to write a cookbook. Your mom and sis look wonderful. Fingers and toes crossed to hear something about one of your projects. If you want another option to east and west, come south. It’s already 90 degrees down here.

  10. It appears that Suji May have that trait that I now attribute to the “millennials”. I call it righteous indignation. Poor Suji!

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