Tomorrow, I depart for a seven day writer’s retreat.

In reality, it’s just a week in Montreal to assist mom while my sister is out of town, but given the fact that my mother doesn’t have internet, I’m expecting it to be a highly productive getaway.

There are two high-priority projects on the docket.  The first is a rewrite of a pilot script that requires a few…significant changes, like making the end of Act 1 the final beat of the episode.  The second project is a fast-track horror series overview I need to nail down ahead of an all-important pitch.

Other than that, it’s just me, mom, the dogs, no less than 25 digital books, and the first seven episodes of Dan Simmons’ The Terror.

Also, while in Montreal, I’m going to try and track down a cassata, a Sicilian dessert featured in a recent episode of Chef’s Table: Pastry that, despite being an Italian classic, apparently doesn’t exist in the Toronto area.  Along with great affordable sushi, a good independent bookstore, and friendly Whole Food staff.

While I’m away, Akemi will no doubt continue her extensive research into furnishings for our new home.  Now, whenever we’re out, she insists on us testing every chair, couch, ottoman, and chaise longue we happen across.  Hopefully, in my absence, she’ll be able to come to some hard decisions regarding full-length mirrors and throw pillows.

Today, I leave you with this:

Eating Chocolate Can Reduce Stress

I’m stocking up!

14 thoughts on “April 29, 2018: Writer’s Retreat!

  1. Oh no, does that mean seven days with no blogging? Joe we can’t live without you for that long!

  2. The end of Act 1 is the final beat of the episode? Sounds like a very short episode! 😉

  3. Enjoy your writer’s retreat! Hope it’s very productive. I could do without Twitter for a while but, alas, I am a full blown addict.

  4. I’m half French Canadian, but instead of Montreal, my writing retreat is in the hills of Vermont, where my parents live. In the past few years my couple weeks a year in Vermont have been the biggest and best breakthroughs while I work on my novel and other assorted projects. Anyway, have fun.

    After rewatching the last half of S3 of Dark Matter again, I miss that show more than ever! I even mentioned it in one of my recent blogs.


  5. Mom will be beyond happy, and will be cooking up a storm I bet, but you won’t gain any weight. Enjoy, relax and refresh!!

  6. Have a great trip over! Perhaps you can just activate the WiFi hotspot on your phone for when you need to update the blog?

    Say hi to your mom for us!

  7. You are a good son Joe, to help out your sister and take care of your mom for a week. My brother is too busy with his own life to help out his parents, so everything is up to me. And I am exhausted. I retired to free up my life and now those free hours are spent taking care of my parents too. Ok, I’ll stop whining now.

  8. Have a productive time away. Send our hellos to your mom. Like someone said above she’ll probably be cooking all your favorites.

  9. Say hello to your mom for us, and give, many, many hugs. Enjoy the writing!

    Amid dire televised news warnings that chocolate will become very expensive, husband and I are mulling over buying several big bags of semi-sweet chips and stashing them in our freezer. Frozen chocolate still makes tasty fudge. On the other hand, we may be nuts for considering stocking up for the Cocoa Apocalypse.

  10. That’s good of you Mr. M.! My mom lives in a cell phone dead zone. I have to drive out or walk to the road (1/2 mile) to get a signal. She does have a little Wifi now but just enough to send out a text or check email.

    Have a fun and relaxing trip!

    Happy Hunting Akemi!

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