…another opportunity for escape is thwarted and the chances of you ever leaving that locked room decreases in likelihood.

Or something like that.

Well, Friday the 13th is certainly living up to its moniker.  This morning, I was expecting news on a certain project.  I was enthusiastic about the possibility of good news, but I was prepared for the worst case scenario.  Unfortunately, as it turned out, the news was even worse than the worst case scenario I’d envisioned. Clearly, a failure of imagination on my part and, I suppose, somewhat telling…and ironic given the circumstances.

If I were to put this in marble race terminology (see this post for backstory, and this one) I’d say Glassy relinquished the lead and got caught up on that outside line, taking him out of contention.

I honestly had high hopes for Glassy.

Well, I’m bummed.  Also, my shoulder is killing me.  I remember a masseuse matter-of-factly informing me, thirteen years ago when I was visiting Hong Kong, that my left shoulder was screwed and that even though I wasn’t experiencing issues then, I certain would later in life.  Later, it turns out, is now.  A recurring twinge that runs from the back of my left shoulder to my left elbow has proven the 13 year old prophecy true!  Next week, I’m off to see a physio-therapist.  What’s next?  Acupuncture?  Reiki?  Cupping (I believe that’s the one where the therapist spoons you for comfort.).  At this point, I’m willing to try anything.

On the bright side there is no bright side so I don’t have to expend as much time and effort on completing this sentence.  That’s as good as it gets.


23 thoughts on “April 13, 2018: When one door closes…

  1. Having a similar 13th. This is the first time that I remember the day actually lived up to it’s name, and then some.:) rock on, have a better weekend

  2. Friday the thirteenth should be an official day of sleeping in and avoiding life. My day hasn’t been too awesome either. As my 1st generation British Canadian mother used to say, “chin up, things could always be worse.”

  3. I had once a problem with a shoulder until I realize I was sleeping on the side with a too thin pillow ,bought a new one thicker ,problem solve (if this can help).is that was the space project?(if you want to share the infos).I’m sad for you really 🙁
    No worries we learn things in failed to come back stronger

  4. Well, that sucks. I’d say a good solid container of ice cream is in order. Use your right arm, though. So sense in causing more pain.

    That arm pain does sound like some kind of nerve impingement. Or something. I say ice it (maybe with that ice cream container) for 15 minutes and then get thee to a good PT!

    1. NO sense causing more pain, I mean. Yeesh, WordPress. After all this time we still don’t get an edit function?

  5. Ugh I hope you feel better soon! I have bursitis in both shoulders, so I feel ya. I get tennis elbow in both elbows on and off as well. And I’m not even 50 yet. LOL But maybe I won’t ever get there, depending on what time Nibru hits…

  6. I’m sorry you got shitty news today. It might be a shoulder impingement.

    Does this fit?


    And this:


    Rotator cuff tear and pinched nerve in the neck could also cause these symptoms.

    Also this: https://www.healthtap.com/user_questions/661505-having-shoulder-pain-last-severall-wks-radiates-to-elbow-often-painful-to-move-is-affecting-stre

    I hope you get it looked at soon. I woke up on Monday morning with a pain going down the back of my upper leg and going around towards my knee. It felt familiar to my iliotibial band thing I’ve had in the past and time and gentle stretching helped but took weeks to get better. I happened to be at a doctor appointment for some other reason and he asked me where it was hurting. I showed him and he said, “no, that’s hamstring.” He said based on my description a level 2 injury. Told me to rest it for 4-6 weeks. Which for me means 4-6 months. That’s at least what happened with my meniscus stuff. They told me 4-6 weeks. It was actually more than 4-6 months. It’s been 3-4 years since I had the surgery and I was just now going up stairs like a normal human being again. And now this. I’m not in a good mood. Jeff is leaving town on Monday and isn’t returning until Tuesday so I have full Patrick care. And he is planning to go away for almost 8-9 days some time in mid-May for a visit to NY to see his family and friends. UGH. And I still have not put one single receipt into Quicken to get my 2017 tax return done. I sent in an extension in. Getting a refund, but I just don’t have time to do this.

    And 3 months and 2 weeks is all that Patrick has left of his school career. It’s kind of getting emotional.

  7. I’m sorry for the loss of your project. It’s a good time for some Bourbon. As a person with torn rotator cuff, I feel your pain daily. Best of luck with all your other projects. I’d also recommend an ice pack.

  8. Take heart Joe, you are basically a very healthy guy. Doesn’t Akemi have any home grown remedy for your shoulder? And when one door closes, go look for another one. We have faith in you.

  9. Hang in there Joe (preferably with your uninjured arm). You have an army out here believing in you and looking forward to your next show. It will happen.

  10. Maybe the way to look at this all is to admit there’s a reason for this particular project to fall through at this particular time. If your shoulder is getting worse, this gives you time to sort it out properly…
    Nobody here has suggested an osteopath yet – if its a nerve impinged you need someone to unpinge it before it can heal. Just a suggestion…
    Enbrace and enjoy joy the bourbon, ice cream and ice pack. Feel better very soon and THAT project will be coming when it’s just the right time…

  11. Well, before go and lose ALL your marbles …

    just remember Ben Gay & Bourbon tend to make for good bedside fellows
    and your ‘other’ arm is still good
    so if ya haven’t done so already, –> best get cracking on that
    really cool present for Akemi, eh.

  12. Cupping (I believe that’s the one where the therapist spoons you for comfort.). Thanks for the 🙂 this morning!

    I suggest an X-Ray and then go from there. Sorry about your shoulder. I would say something about getting older but there is a 79 year old lady in my karate class. This lady works full time (on her feet, as a hair dresser), in fantastic shape and looks 20 years younger.

    I hope today is better!

  13. Damn. For the bad news and shoulder.

    I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on tv even… but both neck and shoulder pain I know. (Torn rotator cuff right shoulder, complete tear left shoulder.. bad disk in neck.)

    Pain down arm if often a pinched nerve in the neck. I don’t much believe in chiropractors, but a slight lift on my head produced immediate relief from searing pain. I got a neck pump up pillow thing and when I start feeling any popping or pain, I use it a couple of times a day and that stops it.

    Obviously, you need a specialist to tell you.. but if Akemi will kindly place her hands under your jaw and gently lift up, it won’t hurt anything and might help.

    Shoulder… PT helps as often as surgery, maybe more.

    Hope next week is better.

  14. Twenty-seven years ago, I had knee surgery that I was told wasn’t completely necessary. I had a torn meniscus due to a football injury that hadn’t gotten better over the course of the year since it had initially occurred(again, as told by the doctors that I’d be fine over time). Well, the next season came around and my knee is bothering me big-time, even taking to “clicking” at certain movement extremes. I decide I’ve had enough of it and tell the doctors I want the surgery to fix it.

    They proceed to tell me again that it’s unnecessary and that it’ll most likely result in me getting arthritis in that knee very early in life, like in my thirties.

    Well, here I am, 43 now, and nothing. No pain anywhere whatsoever in that knee. Not even the kind that lets you know a storm is coming.

    I read in one of your earlier posts that Masked is kind of on hold. Is it effectively shelved for now? That’s too bad, sounded really fun.

    Mike A.

  15. I can’t remember which project Glassy was. I’m sorry he took that wrong descending line out of contention. Maybe there’s a rally left in him in a future race?

    Friday was a sucky kinda day. Took my 4Runner in for a new headlight & oil change and discovered she had a radiator leak, and oil leak and some other problem involving a boot. I could ignore these problems for a while but I’d have to keep check on my antifreeze & oil and top them off from time to time. Well, I have several big “driving” vacations planned this year and breaking down on “BF interstate” in Georgia, South Carolina or Florida does not appeal to me. So I had them keep
    the car over night to fix. My emergency fund cookie jar is now empty save for a few dollars. That planet/comet better keep on truckin! I’ve got plans!

  16. My left arm pain turns out to be from having a weird sided workstation that forces me to prop my left arm an inch higher than the other arm. Shifting my typing block? Keyboard is the word I was looking for, shifting keyboard, mouse and chair over helped a lot. It’s probably a repeated motion you don’t even know you do that is causing the pain; lifting a bag, three hole punch paper, any little thing could be the culprit.

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